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SHADOW LIGHTS is an innovative light column system that blends shadow and light to craft a highly adaptable solution capable of elevating any outdoor environment with its distinctive optical configurations. This system, tailored to enhance outdoor spaces by accentuating landscape features, parks, and architectural elements, offers an extensive array of customization options.

With three progressive stages of capability from simple to intricate, SHADOW LIGHTS facilitates meticulous design and illumination profiling to meet diverse preferences and the intended needs of pedestrian spaces. From columns with preset modules and factory aimed luminaires to fully rotatable modules with individual adjustability and control, SHADOW LIGHTS caters to various scenarios.

In STAGE ONE, simplicity reigns. Users need only determine the application—whether it be a path, street, boulevard, or area. The integration of inserts into the column ensures a seamless appearance and straightforward installation. Pre-aimed luminaires are fixed in place and the column is easily controlled by simple on/off switching or 0-10v dimming for cost effective installation. STAGE ONE columns may have from two to five modules in fixed column heights up to 16.5’ to 26’ depending on the configuration.

STAGE TWO introduces basic customization capability, where individual modules may be oriented at any point 360° around the column. Luminaire aiming is factory set and fixed in place. Modular options are accent, ambient, area, key, and unique, with varying optical distributions. Each module of four luminaires is controllable through 0-10v dimming or simple on/off switching. STAGE TWO columns may be configured with one to five modules, up to a maximum height of 27’.


STAGE THREE represents the premium offering featuring individually adjustable and addressable luminaires through DMX/RDM while maintaining the 360° rotatability offered in Stage Two. Premium luminaires with 19° or 24° optics are available. Columns may be configured with one to five modules up to a maximum height of 27’.

Elevate your outdoor lighting experience today with the sophistication and versatility of SHADOW LIGHTS, setting the stage for a captivating illumination spectacle.

Cue the lights. It’s time to raise the curtain!


STAGE 1 features simplicity. Due to preset modules, only the number of inserts and the height of the SHADOW LIGHTS need to be planned. Everything else is already done – so this option is ready for the most common applications!


The STAGE 2 version offers you a high level of variability. In contrast to STAGE 1, you can combine different modules and lighting characteristics and rotate the modules up to 360 degrees as required. Immerse yourself in the design of your stage set!


STAGE 3 – Our premium product with a maximum of creativity! Choose from a variety of elements and heights and enjoy the benefits of full variability for each spotlight – to achieve an unique stage setting according to your requirements. STAGE 3 – Let the show begin!

ShadowLights_3 Stages.jpg


Stage One offers a simple selection of between 2 to 5 modules with light inserts containing four fixed and pre-aimed luminaires per insert. Modules are seamlessly integrated into the column shaft for a seamless appearance and straightforward installation. The column is controlled by simple on/off switching or 0-10v dimming. Height of column depends on number of modules; select between 2 (16.4') up to 5 modules (26.2').

Individual luminaire housings are die-cast aluminum. The diameter of the aperture is 3.1". Flat lens is clear tempered glass. The mounting bracket for attachment of the luminaire to the column inserts is fabricated from 1/8" aluminum sheet and welded into place. Four spot luminaires are provided for each insert and are finished in finely textured black Primar® paint. Custom RAL colors are available on request.

The column shaft is extruded 6061 T6 aluminum with nominal diameter of 7 7/8” and thickness of 3/16”. Cutoffs to accommodate luminaire inserts at predetermined locations are precision cut into the single-piece shaft to maintain a seamless appearance. The shaft may accommodate two to five luminaire inserts are available, each with four pre-aimed luminaires factory-set aiming angles. The handhole at the base of the shaft is oriented at 0° horizontal inline with one of four anchor bolts. Flush mounted handhole cover is plasma cut with kerf not to exceed 1/8'' and includes triangular tamper-resistant locking device. Nominal column height determined by the quantity of modules specified.

2 Modules = Path = 16.4' • 3 Modules = Street = 19.69' • 4 Modules = Boulevard = 22.97' • 5 Modules = Area = 26.25'

Solid-state LED light source is available in 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K color temperatures with CRI > 80. Optical choices for the assembled column include Path, Street, Boulevard, or Area configurations and consist of luminaires with 19° or 24° beam distributions. See page four for further information.

Inserts are pre-wired for ease of installation. Each insert consisting of four luminaires operates from single driver. Universal LED drivers are mounted in a weather-proof enclosure at the rear of the insert. Input voltage to universal driver is 120v through 277v AC, 50/60 Hz. Power consumption is 24 watts per insert. Drive current is 500mA. Column is easily controlled via On/Off switching or 0-10v dimming.

19° Spot: 720 lumens / 120 lumens per watt / 6 watts per luminaire
24° Wash: 609 lumens / 101.5 lumens per watt / 6 watts per luminaire

Internal Flange is available for columns 16' or less (2-Insert configuration only). Internal flange includes four hot-dip galvanized anchor bolts (Ø5/8" x 18" x 3") with two leveling nuts and washers per bolt.

External Flange with Base Cover is available on all column heights. 3" base cover is fabricated aluminum and is finished to match column. Four hot-dip galvanized anchor bolts are included with two leveling nuts and washers per bolt.

External Flange with Soil Insert for embedment into concrete foundations is available on all column heights. Column mounts to fabricated steel soil insert. Soil insert is hot-dip galvanized prior to painting for long term corrosion protection. All hardware is stainless steel. Anchor bolts or soil insert may be shipped in advance upon request.

Standard Primar® finishes are finely textured matte silver grey metallic, dark grey, graphite grey, matte black, or dark bronze. Special RAL colors available on request.

CSA/US Certification for Wet Locations. Limited product warranty period including LEDs is five years. Driver shall carry the manufacturer's limited warranty.




SHADO-S1-IF - w/ Internal Flange  |  SHADO-S1-EF - w/ External Flange |  SHADO-S1-EFSI - w/ EF and SI for Concrete Embedment


2 - 16' Path Optics  |  3 - 20' Street Optics  |  4 - 23' Boulevard Optics  |  5 - 26' Area optics


SO - Standard Output


27K - 2700K  |  30K - 3000K  |  40K - 4000K


DIM - 0-10v Dimming


UNV - 120-277v

Base Cover

BC - Base Cover  |  NC - No Base Cover

Mounting Kit

MK - Mounting Kit w/ Anchor Bolts and Paper Template


BL - Black  |  DB - Dark Bronze  |  DG - Dark Grey  |  GG - Graphite Grey  |  SG - Silver Grey  |  CC - Custom RAL


GFCI - GFCI Receptacle  |  TVSS20 - 20KVA Surge Suppressor




Base Shield for Single Luminaire



Sky Shield for Single Luminaire



Baffle for Sky Shield


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