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ELLIPSIS is a high performance recessed wall luminaire family available in single, twin or triple aperture models. Suitable for low mounting heights, the optics deliver excellent spacing and forward projection while controlling perceived brightness at normal viewing angles. The luminaire installs into a stainless steel rough-in back box which may be shipped in advance on request.

Luminaire housing is extruded aluminum. End caps are fastened to housing with stainless steel hardware and gasketed for a weather-tight seal when installed. Luminaire is available in three sizes corresponding to one, two, or three circular apertures measuring 1.75” diameter each. The cast aluminum faceplate is 3.75” tall and projects from the surface of the finished wall by 0.5". The faceplate widths are 4.3", 8.25,” 11.8” corresponding to single, twin, and triple apertures, respectively. Faceplate features an indented relief around the inside perimeter at the contact point to the wall surface to allow for painting of the wall surface after installation of the luminaire. The luminaire mounts into a recessed stainless-steel back-box with 3.5” depth making it suitable for installation in a wide variety of wall constructions. Luminaire is ADA compliant.

Optics per aperture consist of one light engine with metal core PCB populated with a single Nichia 144 LED. CRI is 80 with standard CCTs of 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K. The clear lensed optical system controls vertical distribution to achieve low visual brightness at normal viewing angles.

Single aperture luminaire is available in standard output only with drive current of 350mA for simplified on/off operation. Power consumption is

4.6 watts.
Twin and triple aperture models with standard output operate with drive current at 350mA and power consumption of 8.4 watts or 14 watts, respectively. High output models are driven at 700mA with power consumption of 18.6 watts or 28 watts, respectively. The twin and triple aperture models feature dimming capability for 0-10v, TRIAC, or ELV protocols as standard. Dimming wires may be terminated if only on/off operation is desired. An optional inline 20KVA rated surge suppressor for installation in the rough-in box is available on request.

Aperture: Standard Output / High Output
Single: 545 lumens (Standard Output Only)
Twin: 1090 / 2180 lumens
Triple: 1635 / 3270 lumens
*Pending final photometry. Values shown indicate LED flux.
NOTE: Due to rapid and continuous advances in LED technology, LED luminaire data is subject to change without notice and at the discretion of HessAmerica. Consult factory for current technical data.

Standard PRIMAR finishes are finely textured dark grey, graphite grey, silver grey, black, or dark bronze. Special RAL colors available on request.

CSA Certification for Wet Locations

Limited product warranty period including LEDs is five years. Driver shall carry the manufacturer's limited warranty.




ELPS1 - Single Aperture  |  ELPS2 - Twin Aperture  |  ELPS3 - Triple Aperture

LED Module

SO - Standard output  |  HO - High output

Color Temperature

30K - 3000K  |  35K - 3500K  |  40K - 4000K


ON-OFF - On-Off  |  DIM - 0-10v Dimming


UNV - 120-277V




BL - Black  | DB - Dark Bronze  |  DG - Dark Grey  |  GG - Graphite Grey  |  SG - Silver Grey  |  CC - Custom RAL Color


TVSS20 - 20KV Surge Suppressor

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