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US - Baybrook Mall, Houston


Project: US - Baybrook Mall, Houston

Location: Friendswood


     CAMPONE Pole Mounted Luminaire

     CITY ELEMENTS Illuminating Columns

Baybrook Mall, located near NASA's Johnson Space Center and just south of downtown Houston, completed a multi-million dollar expansion of its property in November 2016. Recognized as the second largest mall in the metropolitan area, the upgrade includes an outdoor lifestyle center surrounded by ten new retail buildings. With nearly 1.8 million square feet of retail space at almost 100% occupancy, the mall is one of the most profitable properties per square foot in the region. Campone pole mounted luminaires and City Elements columns provide the outdoor lighting for the new addition to this featured project.

The outdoor lifestyle center is a vibrant multipurpose space with numerous dining and entertainment options. The expansion adds 30 new retailers and 10 new restaurants along patios overlooking a football field sized grassy area known as The Lawn. The green space features leisure amenities such as outdoor seating, a large-scale digital screen, and a stage to provide a welcoming community gathering spot for events and shows. The pedestrian friendly design concept embraces the outdoors through shaded paths for solace from the bright Texas sun during the day, and warm white illumination provided by Campone pole mounted luminaires during the evening hours.

Campone pole mounted luminaires equipped with twin LEVO LED modules in a back-to-back configuration produce a symmetric rectangular distribution for uniform illumination well suited to the pedestrian areas. Warm white LEDs enhance the ambience of the site for nighttime activities.

Twelve-foot tall City Elements columns with an AR900 top element utilize a single LEVO module with Type III distribution to illuminate the areas surrounding the stage and other selected open areas. The nine-inch diameter columns include internal flanges to produce a clean, uncluttered transition from grade to the column.


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