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FREIGHT TERMS - Single shipments of light fixtures and brackets totaling $3,500.00 net or more will be freight prepaid and allowed to any free delivery point within the Continental United States. All shipments that include poles, columns and/or site amentities (bench, bicycle racks, receptacles, etc) will be freight Prepay and Add. Freight charges for partial shipments at the request of the customer shall be Prepay & Add. Shipments outside the Continental United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, will be prepaid to a port of
embarkation.United States, including Alaska and Hawaii, will be prepaid to a port of embarkation. Freight on shipments less than $3,500.00 net will be prepaid and billed to the customer.

PRICES - Prices are subject to change without notice. Merchandise will be invoiced at current published price at time of invoicing. Written quotations are firm for thirty (30) days unless otherwise noted.

PAYMENT TERMS - Payment terms are Net 30 Days.

MINIMUM ORDERS - All orders are subject to a minimum billing of $100.00, plus sales tax and freight charges if applicable.

FREIGHT CLAIMS - Shipments travel at purchaser's risk. Title passes to consignee on delivery to carrier. All claims for loss or damage in transit must be made to the delivering carrier by the consignee

ROUTING - HessAmerica reserves the right to select carrier on all shipments. Special routing will be made at customer's request providing customer assumes any extra transportation costs.

ACKNOWLEDGED SHIPPING SCHEDULES - The shipment date indicated on the order acknowledgment, if any, is the best approximation of the probable shipment date and shall not be deemed to represent a fixed or guaranteed shipment date. HessAmerica shall not be responsible of any penalties or labor charges resulting from delayed shipments due to acts or causes beyond our control, or its ability to ship by the acknowledged date.

HOLD ORDERS - Orders received as a Hold for Release without a requested shipping date will not be processed for production until a formal/written release date is received. For shipment of any type of anchorage, rough-in components, etc. that are released in advance for shipment while the balance of the order remains on hold, the balance of the order is subject to 100% cancellation charges. The release of accompanying components is to be considered confirmation of a guaranteed release on the balance of the order. Once a
hold order is released by the purchaser, it will be subject to cancellation charges if returned to hold-for-release status. Pricing on a hold order is firm for sixty (60) days, thereafter subject to escalation.

CANCELLATION CHARGE - HessAmerica reserves the right to assess a minimum cancellation charge of 50% of the order value if a order is canceled after it has been placed or released for manufacturing and/or processed for shipment.

STANDARD FINISHES - Standard finishes will be supplied, unless otherwise specified.

MISCELLANEOUS - Every effort is made to avoid errors and omissions in catalogs, price sheets, and other literature. HessAmerica does not assume responsibility for errors or omissions, nor is any warranty implied.

All invoices are subject to federal, state and local taxes. These taxes will be added to invoice where applicable.

Prices and terms are subject to change without notice.

HessAmerica will not be held responsible for difference between published weights as compared to actual weights, due to the normal variance in the specific density of metals,
glass, and packing material provided.


HessAmerica warrants its products against defects in materials and workmanship for proper usage for a period of three (3) years from ship date, when properly installed, and appropriately specified on Ledia Series and all non-LED products. HessAmerica warrants its products produced with LED technology, with the exception of the Ledia Series, against defects in materials and workmanship for proper usage for a period of five (5) years from ship date, when properly installed, and appropriately specified. 

The customer shall notify HessAmerica within ten (10) working days of observing any defects, other than normal wear and tear, by e-mail, phone at 864-487-3535 or fax 864-487-3175 or by mail. Upon preliminary determination of warranty validity, and actual confirmation of defects, a Return Goods Authorization number will be issued. If so advised by our warranty department, the customer shall, at their expense, return the product to the factory where a final determination on validity of the warranty claim shall be made. HessAmerica reserves the right to repair or replace the product as it deems appropriate for each individual situation or product. The repaired or replaced product will be returned to the customer in a timely fashion, freight collect or prepaid by the customer. The warranty for the replaced or repaired product shall continue for a period of three (3) years from the ship date of the repaired or replaced product.

This warranty applies only to product manufactured by HessAmerica and does not apply to products manufactured by other manufacturers used in conjunction with products, such as electrical components, ballast, drivers, LED’s, dimming systems, etc. HessAmerica uses the highest quality electrical components, which are warranted by their respective manufacturers. HessAmerica shall not be responsible for any liabilities incidental to the warranted product including, but not limited to, freight charges to deliver the product to or from the factory, penalty or late charges, labor to remove or install warranted products. 

Installation of a pole without a fixture, the unauthorized attachment of decorations, banners, flags, etc. or supplying incorrect wind loading or application information shall void the warranty. 

Poles supplied by HessAmerica specifically excludes warranty against fatigue failure or similar phenomena resulting from induced vibration, harmonic oscillation or resonance  associated with movement of air currents around the product or by any other local conditions.

The paint finish is warranted in accordance with the above policy for a period of three (3) years. 

Warranty on all products supplied by HessAmerica is not covered for damage caused by improper installation, overloading, accident or neglect. Warranty is null and void where any field alterations, modifications, or additions are made, unless the change is specifically acknowledged, in writing, by HessAmerica.


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