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Fulton Street Mall Brooklyn


Project: Fulton Street Mall Brooklyn

Location: USA - New York


     CANTO G Pole Mounted Luminaire


The historic Fulton Street Mall recently underwent a major streetscape renovation to modernize Brooklyn's main shopping thoroughfare. The design objective was to bring "a fresh face to the urban realm and beautify the area", while maximizing community interaction and the role of public spaces for the nearly 100,000 shoppers that visit the area every day. A diverse team worked together towards this goal, and in the process, added a new streetlight option to the NYC DOT Street Design Manual. Canto G assemblies were selected for the project.

The main challenge for the eight-block corridor was to shed light on both pedestrian pavements and street thoroughfares from a single structure. The solution was an energy-efficient lighting system comprised of one 33' Canto G pole with two heads mounted at different heights. This reduced the pole structure count and produced a cleaner street profile. The gently arching poles, in turn, create a visual portal to frame the mall.

Albee Square Public Plaza

The street side fixture is mounted at 30' above grade and lamped with 250w metal halide to illuminate the thoroughfare to the required light level. The pedestrian side fixture, mounted at 16', illuminates the sidewalk, but also serves to illuminate the facades of the adjacent buildings, highlighting the store fronts. Each pole is equipped with two banner arms to create uniform signage for the streetscape. Other modifications include GFCI outlets for use with holiday lighting , and an LED marker light mounted on the pole top to provide a sense of rhythm as visitors look down the retail corridor.

Albee Square Public Plaza along Fulton Street encompasses 20,000 square feet and received a major makeover during construction. Within this plaza, Canto 450G assemblies at 17' in standard single mount and custom twin pole configurations provide warm, inviting lighting for the pedestrians during the evening hours.

With construction completed in 2011, the Fulton Mall is open for business with a fresh new look. Community feedback has been positive, with many applauding the addition of contemporary luminaires as a welcome enhancement to the area.

Photos: Angelique Sonnier


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