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CITY ELEMENTS, a comprehensive lighting system, answers virtually every urban lighting need and even more. A product with an illustrious record of global success. Proportionate to its surroundings. The variety and versatility of its elements, diameters, and up to 30' height, the system easily configures to match its specific architectural environment proportionately.

CITY ELEMENTS | Modular Light Column System

The NIGHT ELEMENTS modular, column-based lighting system has evolved into CITY ELEMENTS and is now available in 7" and 9" diameters. The new 7" diameter is available in heights up to twenty feet and blends perfectly into settings where the scale and proportion of a smaller diameter column enhances the architecture. Column configurations may be single purposed lighting instruments for general area lighting and may include up to two lighting modules stacked below the top lighting element for accenting and highlighting of architectural elements. Convenience outlets with in-use covers are available, expanding the flexibility of the new product offerings. A low-level bollard with 7" diameter completes the product line expansion.
The original nine-inch column continues to offer combinations of up, down, and lateral light distributions for area or street lighting, pathway illumination, accenting, and zonal definition. Specialty modules to accept security cameras or convenience outlets with in-use covers expand its versatility. The nine-inch version is available in heights ranging from low-level pathway bollards to columns with an overall height of thirty feet.

The CITY ELEMENTS Configurator

The City Elements Configurator allows you to quickly configure a light column tailored to specific requirements based on the product's capabilities. The program guides you through logical steps in making housing and optical system selections in a building block format but from top to bottom. Once the desired options have been selected, a PDF document can be produced with details of the system, complete with catalog numbers and product specifications. As an added convenience, the Configurator also provides you with the ability to email the column details in text format.
The Configurator includes the following variations:
City Elements 180
  • 7" diameter column with heights ranging from low-level bollards to 20' tall columns

City Elements 230
  • 9" diameter column with heights ranging from low-level bollards to 30' tall columns

City Elements Bollard
  • 7" diameter bollard
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