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November 2019

  • Becky Smith:
    An Icon Retires
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  • MOSAIC captures the night!
  • International Project - Hess:
    Newcastle, NSW, Australia
  • International Project - Griven:
    thyssenkrupp Tower
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Becky Smith: An Icon Retires

We begin this newsletter to first take a few moments to recognize the retirement of a very special person and very dear part of the HessAmerica family, Becky Smith. Since the beginning of HessAmerica in 1997, Becky has been a mainstay at the company, the bedrock of customer service and technical support that representatives, specifiers, and fellow employees alike could go to for answers and solutions. She has seen the company grow from a skeleton crew of just a handful of employees with HessAmerica to a thriving and agile conglomerate of several divisions under the Nordeon Group.
Over the years, Becky has mentored numerous employees including those that will take the reigns as she moves on. Her presence leaves an indelible mark on the fabric of the company. She is and will forever remain an inspiration to us all.
We wish her the best in her new chapter as she moves forward to the sandy beaches and crystal-clear blue waters of a well-deserved retirement!

Featured Project:
Corporate Campus, Southern California

A successful Southern California-based development company hits its stride with the selection of Linea pole mounted luminaires and bollards installed across key areas of several thriving corporate campuses. Known for its innovative and progressive architectural philosophy, the owners generously make use of Linea pole mounted luminaires for area and street lighting, as well as Linea bollards for the illumination of the pedestrian pathways, making this our latest featured project.
The main criterion driving the selection of Linea was dictated by aesthetics. Buildings of glass and steel are distinguished by strong linear architectural lines to which Linea readily complements. As visitors and employees enter the properties, the dayform of Linea pole mounted luminaires echo the lines of the contemporary buildings, contributing to the subliminal visual language of a well-designed, cohesive site.
Linea poles and bollards complement the architecture by day while providing effective illumination at night.

Linea pole assemblies in single and twin mount configurations with varying pole heights of 16', 20', and 26' are used extensively throughout for the illumination of major streets, entrance roadways, and parking areas. All luminaires are equipped with 0-10v dimming modules where output is controlled by wireless control systems via antennae attached to the pole top or through 7-pin wireless smart lighting controllers. All of the poles installed in these coastal campuses are steel, hot-dip galvanized inside and out prior to painting, to provide an extremely effective duplex system of corrosion protection for enhanced longevity.
(l) View of Linea pole top with 7-pin wireless controller receptacle (luminaire removed) and installed on site

Linea bollards also play an important role through versatility and performance. Pathways interconnecting buildings and outdoor amenity spaces make extensive use of Linea bollards in single or twin configurations. High-performance optics allow the bollards to be spaced further apart than typical competitive products, resulting in fewer fixtures and a corresponding lower installation cost. In many instances, the bollards are spaced up to 30' on center while providing the desired illumination levels and uniformity. Integrated occupancy sensors with 0-10 volt dimming capability are programmed to lower fixture output to 40% during night-time hours to comply with California's Title 24 requirements. The successful implementation of these bollards dramatically reduces energy consumption and delivers significant energy savings by providing illumination only when it is needed.
(left) Twin head bollards near building entrances provide 360° illumination at vehicular drop-off areas.
(right) Linea bollard with integrated occupancy sensor delivers significant energy savings.
For additional information on these luminaires, following the corresponding links for access to specification sheets and photometric files:

2019 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture

Mark your calendars! HessAmerica will be exhibiting at the 2019 ASLA Conference on Landscape Architecture on November 16 & 17, 2019 at the San Diego Convention Center. The annual exhibition is the largest landscape architecture show in the world, drawing over 6000 visitors and 400 exhibitors.
If you or your specifiers will be attending, be sure to stop by booth 1127 to see the latest products and say hello to the team. John Geagan, Fred Butler, and Wes Lane will be happy to meet with you and bring you up to speed on the newest offerings. On display will be a selection of the award-winning and popular columns, bollards, and luminaires including Parco, Portal, Portal EXIT, and multi-functional City Elements and Reno Elements columns. The recently introduced MOSAIC column will be featured. At day’s end on the first day of the show, HessAmerica will co-host a social event at the booth with local San Diego representative agency, San Diego Lighting Associates, from 4pm to 6PM. We look forward to seeing you!
Complimentary Exhibit Hall passes for free entry to the show floor are available online by signing up via this link:
  • Step 1
    In the Registration bar, click Get Started.
  • Step 2
    On the Welcome Page, click First Time Here? Enter your name and email address Click Create New Record.
  • Step 3
    Enter your profile information, set a password, and answer five brief Show Questions.
  • Step 4
    Click Next. Your registration will show a zero balance for your complimentary EXPO Only pass.
  • Step 5
    Click NEXT Confirmation. Please bring your registration confirmation email with you to the convention center. Scan the barcode at the quick scan-and-go counters at registration to secure your complimentary EXPO Only badge.

MOSAIC captures the night!

MOSAIC epitomizes stately elegance through crisp detailing and subtle design elements day or night. The column’s unique use of illumination creates a dynamic palette of light and shadowing with static or dynamic color-changing LED sources. Available in 10’, 12’, or 14’ heights, the illuminated column features a choice of five precision laser-cut panel designs ranging from woven palm fronds to organically inspired motifs of the nautilus or the formation of ice blooms. The columns are constructed from high-quality aluminum extrusions and machined aluminum components for superior fit and finish to satisfy even the most demanding needs of pedestrian-scale applications. Minimized external hardware, flush mounted access door, and flangeless mounting deliver a clean architectural presentation. Custom panel designs are available on request to complement site aesthetics or provide messaging through graphic expression.
MOSAIC Palm enhances areas from roof-top amenity spaces to plazas and walkways.

A single IP-66 rated luminaire backlights the decorative panels from within. Monochromatic sources in warm or cool white, as well as single colors are possible depending on availability of diodes. Light sources may also be RGB, RGBW, or dynamic white. The color-changing luminaires feature onboard controls which may be programmed via an infrared remote controller to utilize onboard sequencing capability or interfaced with external DMX control systems to produce sophisticated scenes. Two lumen packages are available to satisfy varying illumination requirements, consuming 24 watts or 41 watts, respectively. Standard finishes are finely textured matte silver metallic, dark or graphite grey, black, or bronze. Custom RAL finishes are available on request.
MOSIAC Ice Bloom rendering of a public plaza for corporate or university campus.
(Renderings ©hess)

The MOSAIC family will include a top module for general area lighting as well as complementary bollards.
Follow the for further information on MOSAIC:

International Project - Hess:
City of New Castle, New South Wales, Australia

In 2017, local government leaders in the harbor city of Newcastle in the Australian state of New South Wales formulated an ambitious Smart City plan to transform the region’s economic base from waning coal and steel industries to a technology-driven manufacturing, services, and entrepreneurial hub. As a result of its efforts, the city has been recognized for having the largest, integrated, multi-functional lighting installation in the country. Barely halfway through its 4-year plan, the results are already proving to be successful with the help of multi-functional City Elements 230 modular light columns.
Newcastle’s Smart City initiative calls for an intelligent and versatile public lighting system comprised of energy-efficient LED technology and lighting controls, combined with an assortment of functions including public Wi-Fi for access to high-speed internet, cameras, loudspeakers, convenience outlets, or sensors. Column configurations are determined by installation locations and the planned requirements for each of the spaces.
City Elements are configured with Dalvik luminaires for supplemental street and pathway lighting where needed.

As a lighting platform, the versatility of City Elements excels in meeting the national standards for street, area, parking, sidewalk and bicycle path illumination. In the most basic configuration, City Elements columns are equipped with a single top element to provide general area lighting. For complex applications where streets, light rail lines, and pedestrian pathways converge, columns are configured with Dalvik luminaire elements to address specific lighting requirements. Dalvik luminaires designated for street lighting are equipped with three LEVO modules to provide increased light levels for high-traffic thoroughfares, while luminaires for pedestrian pathways or bicycle paths have only a single LED module. Columns for parking areas utilize intermediate accent elements with medium flood optics to provide the required illumination and uniformity. All of the columns are controlled wirelessly from a master control station for dimming during off-peak hours for added energy savings.
Many of the columns incorporate non-lighting functions for added versatility in satisfying the City’s requirements. CCTV cameras are integrated into columns common to all areas of the central business district for security, as well as for monitoring vehicular traffic to better manage congestion. WLAN systems provide free public Wi-Fi while supporting the infrastructure for local area smartphone apps such as parking space finders, events calendars, and informational programs for tourists, shoppers, and locals. Main event areas and parks incorporate speakers for public service announcements, music, and events-related audio messaging.
The future of Newcastle’s Smart City initiatives remains strong and is now an integral part of life in the city. Despite the many configurations used in the central business district, now and into the future, the columns maintain a consistent, uniform appearance throughout.

International Project – Griven:
Thyssenkrupp Test Tower Rottweil, Germany

The Thyssenkrupp Test Tower in Rottweil adds an iconic signature to the City’s landscape and is a source of local pride for the community in southwestern Germany. The striking 807’ tall tower is the testbed for the Thyssenkrupp’s elevator division to certify high-speed elevators and is one of the country’s tallest structures. Completed earlier this year, the structure consists of a reinforced hollow concrete tube encircled by steel tubes and wrapped with a special polymer fabric to form the tower’s unique helical appearance. Griven PowerShine projectors illuminate the structure to achieve an attractive, yet subtle effect.
Three circular arrays of PowerShine projectors with RGBW light engines are positioned around the base of the tower. Luminaires in the two innermost rings use wide beam optics to illuminate the lower half of the tower. The outer ring consists of projectors with medium beam optics to illuminate the upper half. The lighting design placed special emphasis on the upper portion of the tower to purposely dim the light levels to lend a sense of visual lightness to the overall structure. A DMX control system provides the versatility required to control the illumination levels, while providing options for changing color as desired for holidays or festivals. Special sensors interact with the control system to shut the luminaires off when visibility during fog falls below 300 feet to prevent an undesirable dome and haze effect. The successful implementation of the design was the result of the collaborative efforts of Griven and Hess to provide the client with technical support and service.
PowerShine luminaires combined with lighting controls produce subtle illumination effects.
(photo: copyright Thyssenkrupp Elevator)

For further information on the Griven PowerShine luminaire, follow this link:

Project News

In this latest review of recently shipped orders, we give you a snapshot of where HessAmerica products are being installed. These examples highlight a variety of sectors including transportation, entertainment, medical, and government facilities.

Warm Springs BART Plaza - Freemont, California

ARINI will illuminate a new public plaza next to the Warm Springs BART station in the rapidly growing, technology-driven city of Freemont, California. Round tapered curved poles configured with 3, 4, or 5 luminaires will illuminate the pedestrian areas when completed in Spring 2020.

Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts - Lubbock, Texas

LINEA pole mounted luminaires in single, twin, and bi-level configurations will provide street and area lighting at the Buddy Holly Hall of Performing Arts and Science in Lubbock, Texas. The grand opening is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020 and represents an integral component of the city’s revitalization efforts.

Iowa State Fairground - Des Moines, Iowa

Often in the limelight as an essential campaign stop, the Iowa State Fairground in Des Moines continues with renovations across its 315-acre area site. CITY ELEMENTS 230 modular light columns provide general area lighting and feature an illuminated green marker light for wayfinding. The renovations will be done in time for the start of the state fair in August 2020.

Monroe County Hospital - Albia, Iowa

Monroe County Hospital in Albia, Iowa renovates and expands its facility to better service the local community. RENO illuminating columns and bollards will illuminate areas along the buildings and pathways when complete.

Salt Lake City International Airport - Salt Lake City, Utah

The first phase of the new Salt Lake City International Airport will utilize CAMPONE pole mounted luminaires around the parking garage when it transitions to the new central terminal in 2020. Completion of all construction is expected in 2024.

Virginia DOT & State Police Operations Center - Richmond, Virginia

The Virginia DOT and Virginia State Police Operations Center will combine the services of the two agencies into a single location in Richmond upon completion of a new facility in February 2020. LINEA 900 S bollards will illuminate paths and sidewalks on the new site.

Emerald Queen Casino - Tacoma, Washington

MORANO 900 barrier bollards will delineate pedestrian areas along streets and vehicular drop-offs at the Emerald Queen Casino in Tacoma, Washington. The new casino opens December 2019.

St Jude's Research Hospital - Memphis, Tennessee

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee will be a state-of-the-art advanced research facility dedicated to foster a new era of scientific development. PARCO bollards, POSITANO benches, and LEDIA LL OD strips will add a unique character to the facility when it opens in 2021.
Many thanks to all of the sales agencies involved from specification to installation. Your efforts make design visions a reality! Keep up the great work!