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November 2018

  • Featured Project:
    Ampersand San Diego
  • PORTAL EXIT Bollard
    2018 IES Progress Report
  • PORTAL Column:
    Triple crown winner

  • Nordeon Group:
    Wins Honors - PIA-18
  • ASLA Tradeshow +
    Future Venues
  • International Project - Hess:
    Zandvoort - The Netherlands

  • International Project - Griven:
    Sanctuary of Loyola - Spain
  • Project News

Featured Project:
Ampersand - San Diego, California

“An ampersand is the last figure in a typesetter’s alphabet. When the newspaper stopped its presses for the final time in 2016, an ampersand was the last character printed.”
Early-70’s industrial architecture gets a modern make-over in the form of Ampersand, a newly renovated San Diego property that opened for business in May. Formerly the site of the Union-Tribune in San Diego, developers purchased the property to repurpose the site as a world-class, amenity rich corporate campus to address today’s trend of agile and contemporary workplaces. Ampersand encompasses two buildings with over 330,000 square feet of office space set on 13 acres. The reimagined creative work space includes top of line amenities such as valet parking and concierge service, an indoor-outdoor fitness center, a courtyard with a small outdoor amphitheater, and nine outdoor patios for employees to congregate. At night, these outdoor spaces are illuminated by Linea 950 bollards, making this our latest featured project.
Linea 950 bollards provide ample illumination for pedestrian pathways around the buildings and courtyard.
The buildings are separated by a courtyard and joined together overhead by a glassed-in pedestrian skywalk connecting the second and third floors. Linea 950 bollards with high-output light engines in 3000K warm white color temperature effectively illuminate the numerous pathways throughout the site as well as in the courtyard. The fully-shielded high-performance bollards produce wide spacings while generating effective, uniform illumination with high visual comfort for the patrons. .
Linea 950 bollards were used extensively throughout the courtyard as the main source of illumination.
Special thanks go to David Silverman and Associates in Los Angeles for their part in the specification process and to San Diego Lighting Associates as the territory representative for their support in the order process and follow-up after the sale.
Product information | LINEA Illuminating Bollard

Selected for Inclusion in 2018 IES Progress Report

HessAmerica is pleased to announce PORTAL EXIT has been selected for inclusion in the Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) 2018 Annual Progress Report. The IES Progress Committee selected PORTAL EXIT based on criteria of uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the advancement of the state of the art and science in the lighting industry.
PORTAL EXIT was developed to provide a new solution for outdoor applications where none currently exists. The PORTAL EXIT bollard is a ground mounted exit sign for outdoor applications where wall or ceiling mounting methods are not possible or desired. The architectural wet-location LED exit bollard provides visual guidance towards exits for exterior settings such as courtyards, patios, roof-top gardens and swimming pool decks, or other spaces requiring wayfinding. The slender rectangular bollard is extruded aluminum and includes refined styling details such as a beveled top, minimized visible hardware, and flangeless mounting. PORTAL EXIT is available with green or red lettering to meet local or state codes, is CSA Certified for Wet Locations, and complies with UL924 standards for exit signs. The bollard may also be customized to incorporate other signage, logos, or patterns on request.
Product information | PORTAL EXIT Bollard

PORTAL Column:
Wins Triple Crown for Lighting Product Design

We are happy to announce the PORTAL illuminating column received three prestigious recognitions this year. In each case, an independent panel of lighting industry professionals selected the luminaire on the basis of innovative design, lighting performance, and technological advances. These accolades include:
  • 2018 LightFair Innovation Awards
    Best of Category for Sports, Step, Landscape, Pool, and Fountain Luminaires
  • 2018 Illuminating Engineering Society Progress Report - Luminaires category
  • 2018 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Award (PIA) – Area/Exterior Lighting

PORTAL is a slender architecturally styled column available in 8’ or 10’ heights. Its striking design accents public and private spaces while providing flexible lighting options ranging from a single source for general illumination to the addition of optional low-level marker lights for accenting or pathway illumination.
Optional low-level marker lights on one or both of the column’s narrow sides enhance versatility.
The unique primary optical system of PORTAL employs a combination of edge lighting, refraction, and reflection principles to generate functional illumination from its ringed lens with characteristic circular opening. Four high-power LED light engines with specialized refractive lenses are regressed within the column top to produce a narrow elliptical beam that is directed to and captured by the multi-layered ringed lens. The molded optical-quality lens then refracts light downward to the ground and outward to be reflected by the satin anodized aluminum bezels, resulting in a bi-directional forward throw distribution with uniform coverage at grade.
(l) View of primary optical system. (r) Portal produces a bi-directional forward throw distribution with uniform coverage.
Optional low-level marker lights grouped in clusters of three may be integrated on one or both of the column’s narrow sides for subtle highlighting or added pathway illumination. The marker lights may have diffused lenses to create a pool of light or controlled optics with forward throw or asymmetric distributions. The column can be configured with different distributions on each side to achieve the desired effect or as required by site lighting requirements.
Additional information including specification sheets and photometric files may be found at PORTAL Column

Nordeon Group Companies
Win Honors in 2018 Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards

Nordeon Group companies, Griven and Nordeon, were recently honored in Architectural SSL magazine’s annual Product Innovation Awards (PIA) with each company earning individual product recognitions. The program highlights innovative solid-state luminaires on the market, while also spotlighting the players behind the components that make up these products. A distinguished panel of 14 designers and lighting specialists skilled in luminaire evaluation made the selections based on a product’s attributes, functionality, and/or performance beyond industry standards.

EKLIPSE from Griven USA

EKLIPSE adds visual depth and drama to buildings with an ultra-narrow controlled beam to highlight the inner frames of windows and other similar architectural elements.
A winner in the Specialty Luminaires category, EKLIPSE is a miniaturized LED “effects” luminaire designed to highlight repeating architectural elements such as fenestration on commercial, institutional, and municipal buildings. The low-profile cast aluminum luminaire features four high-power LEDs in static white, dynamic white, or RGBW with DMX control capability. Specialized optics produce an ultra-narrow 160° elliptical beam to illuminate the inner frames of fenestration with little spill, leading of the judges to comment, “Well-designed optics for highlighting windows and balconies.”
EKLIPSE die-cast aluminum housing is compact, measuring less than 6 ¾” x 4” x 2” high. Dollar shown for scale.
The luminaire’s diminutive housing integrates unobtrusively into building architecture while adding visual depth and drama when illuminated at night. EKLIPSE is CSA listed for wet locations and is suitable for interior or exterior applications. Power consumption is 10 watts from a remote driver.
Product information | EKLIPSE

Stormbell from Nordeon USA

“Simple and elegant design for a pendant-mounted downlight.”, remarked the judges upon their selection of Stormbell in the Decorative / Pendant luminaire category.
STORMBELL’s timeless styling combines classic form with state-of-the-art LED function. The configurable indoor luminaire system consists of two housing styles, several shade finishes, and optional light control accessories. Suspended by stainless steel aircraft cable, the pendant luminaire becomes a focal point in any setting.
The standard STORMBELL model features an extruded aluminum housing with a high-gloss white finish and polycarbonate shades in a choice of white, black, or opal finishes. Optional accessories include honeycomb louver, clear tempered glass lens, or opal glass lens for diffusion and added light control.
Stormbell Deco features an illuminated reveal at the transition from housing to shade adds a unique accent to any setting
STORMBELL DECO includes an illuminated reveal between the housing and shade to create visual interest and ambience. The housing is available in a choice of high-gloss black or white finishes which may be mixed or matched with white, black, or opal shades in various combinations to create a unique look tailored to the space.
STORMBELL uses a single CoB LED with reflective optics nested within the luminaire housing to provide medium or wide beam distributions. Two lumen packages are available in warm or neutral white color temperatures at a CRI of 80. Optional high CRI LEDs and 0-10V dimming are available on request.
Product information | STORMBELL

Trade Show News

HessAmerica wrapped up the 2018 show season with an extensive showing of new and popular products at the recent ASLA Expo in Philadelphia. Held over the October 21-22 weekend, the event was heavily attended by over 6,000 landscape architects from across the US.
The open floorplan of the booth allowed landscape architects to see first-hand the unique design, fit and finish of the various products in scale and context. The range of products on display included low-level bollard and columns, multi-functional Arini pole mounted luminaires and City Elements columns, as well as a sampling of pole mounted luminaires in both post-top and arm mounted configurations.

Sales leads have already been sent to agency principals if there were any generated from the show.

Be sure to mark your calendars for 2019 for the following shows, where HessAmerica will be exhibiting along with sister companies of Griven and Nordeon.

  • LEDucation – New York – March 12 & 13, 2019
  • LightFair International – Philadelphia – May 21-23, 2019
  • ASLA Expo – San Diego – November 19-22, 2019

Details will be announced as the actual show dates approach.

International Project – Hess:
Entree Zandvoort
Zandvoort, Netherlands

Defined by long stretches of sandy beach bordered by coastal dunes, Zandvoort aan Zee is considered one of the largest resorts in the Netherlands. Just 30 minutes by train from Amsterdam, the town has long been a popular vacation destination for the Dutch. City officials recognized the need to revitalize and transform Entrée Zandvoort, the 700 foot pedestrian way stretching from the rail station to the beach, into a welcoming passage with a memorable design signature. The landscape architect selected the ARINI lighting system for its high design and distinctive styling to deliver an iconic lighting solution.
ARINI luminaires on shorter pedestrian scale poles illuminate the boulevard leading to the beachfront
Upon exiting the station, visitors enter an open plaza illuminated by ARINI luminaires on 35’ tall round tapered poles culminating in a spire at the top. The poles are equipped with four directional Arini luminaires mounted at varying heights to provide illumination on the ground or to highlight groups of trees within the space. Pole assemblies decrease to 25’ height with three luminaires along the adjacent pedestrian boulevard to provide a sense of transition as visitors proceed to the beachfront. Warm color temperature LEDs were used throughout the entire project.
Special ARINI G curved poles along side streets and parking areas add a distinctive appearance to the area.
For sidewalks and parking areas adjacent to the station, the designers made use of special 23’ tall ARINI G round curved poles with two luminaires per assembly. The poles were customized to incorporate a more pronounced curvature than the standard offering and were fabricated with the same spire styling at the pole tops to match the other ARINI assemblies.
While all of the ARINI housings are illuminating elements, the possibility exists for a future upgrade to incorporate non-illuminating functions such as wi-fi, CCTV, or audio speakers as needed.
Product information | ARINI

International Project – Griven:
The Sanctuary of Loyol, Spain

Dedicated in 1738, the Sanctuary of Loyola in the Municipality of Azpeitia, Spain stands out as a historically significant Catholic heritage site. The structure has stood the test of time and recently underwent renovation in preparation for the 500th year anniversary of the Jesuits Order Foundation to be celebrated in 2021. A complete retrofit of the lighting system was required as the old system was in a state of disrepair, consumed too much power, and had depreciated to where it was no longer a viable lighting solution.
The local distributor reached out to LAMP Lighting, a Nordeon Group company, to assist with the design of a new lighting system. LAMP consulted with sister company Griven for the selection of precision lighting instruments to bring new life to the site.
The lighting scheme was challenging at the outset, as the original luminaire locations had to be utilized to preserve the visual integrity of the facade. Additionally, the dome required perfectly uniform coverage when viewed from the front. Lastly, the lantern atop the dome and two bell towers on either side had to stand apart. Warm white 3000K LEDs were selected as the light source to be used throughout the design.
Illumination of the portico columns was accomplished using narrow beam Jade 16 luminaires. The compact luminaires integrate unobtrusively into the architecture while grazing the columns and highlighting the architectural relief directly above.

Moving upward to the dome, four Powershine MK2 S projectors with wide beam optics were installed on the front side to provide uniform lighting across the entire surface. Projectors with medium beam optics were utilized for the remaining perimeter of the dome along the sides and rear.
The bell towers bookending the dome were illuminated using Emerald luminaires with extra wide beam optics installed at the base of the turrets. The pinnacles of the small belfries each were highlighted using four Jade 16 luminaires with extra wide optics. Additional narrow beam Jade 16 luminaires were used to provide supplemental illumination to areas in shadow behind the bell towers.
At the very top of the dome, six narrow beam Jade 16 units graze each of the columns of the lantern, while luminaires with extra wide optics accent the pinnacle. A single Jade 16 luminaire with a narrow beam punctuates the cross at the very top.
The sum of the individual luminaires, each precisely aimed with carefully selected optics, delivers a dramatic rendering of the basilica for all to enjoy.
Click on the link for a short video of drone footage capturing the final design at night. Be sure to select the 1080p HD resolution setting for maximum impact.

Project News

We present you with a sampling of recently shipped projects to give you a snapshot of where HessAmerica products are being employed. These installations include mixed-use developments, corporate campuses, retail and entertainment venues, and educational facilities.

St Sebastian’s School in Needham, Massachusetts

St Sebastian’s School in Needham, Massachusetts broke ground last year on the school’s new West Campus Center and recently completed construction in time for 2018 academic year. Residenza S wall mounted luminaires illuminate areas adjacent to the new building.

Tanglewood Music Center, Lenox, Massachusetts

Tanglewood Music Center, the summer home to the Boston Symphony, will be adding four new buildings to its current facilities to provide expanded learning and performance opportunities to visiting musicians. Athens pole mounted luminaires in single and twin mount configurations will illuminate outdoor areas of the new addition.

America Airlines Corporate Campus in Fort Worth, Texas

Construction progresses on the America Airlines Corporate Campus in Fort Worth, Texas. Linea 610 S bollards will provide illumination along pathways that will connect five buildings currently under construction. The 1.8 million square foot campus on 300 acres is expected to open in the summer of 2019.

CityPlace, Spring, Texas

CityPlace, a 60-acre mixed-use community located in the Springwoods Village development 20 miles north of Houston, continues construction with a target completion date of summer 2019. Linea S bollards in 24” and 30” heights will illuminate entry pathways and building entrances when construction is completed.

The Collection at Chevy Chase in Maryland

The Collection at Chevy Chase in Maryland is undergoing redevelopment to enhance existing spaces and improve access with sweeping public spaces, vibrant storefronts, and improved connectivity to public transportation. Trapez pole mounted luminaires in single and twin mount configurations will illuminate the improved areas when construction is completed in early 2019.

The Belvedere at Springwoods Village in Houston, Texas

The Belvedere at Springwoods Village in Houston, Texas are luxury apartments centrally located within a mixed-use development. Linea 600 pole mounted luminaires will illuminate parking areas. Linea 950 bollards with high-output light engines will be used to provide lighting for pathways and sidewalks.

Churchill Downs racetrack in Louisville, Kentucky

Churchill Downs racetrack, home to the Kentucky Derby, recently completed $70 million in upgrades to its facility which included installation of Amalfi 360 LED pole mounted luminaires throughout the newly constructed Paddock Gate entry plaza.
We greatly appreciate the efforts of all agencies involved, from specification to implementation. We look forward to continued promotion of HessAmerica products now and into the future. Great job!