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October 2017

  • Featured Project:
    Emancipation Park
  • ASLA Trade Show 2017
  • New Regional Sales Manager:
    John Geagan

  • ARINI Selected for 2017:
    IESNA Progress Report
  • Nordeon Group Wins Again
  • NEW LED Module:
    LEVO C

  • Product Update:
    BARI 80 & 130 LED
  • International Project:
    CHP-25 Cooling Towers
  • Project News

Featured Project:
Emancipation Park - Houston, Texas

"Visitors to Emancipation Park encounter a variety of experiences as they enter and move through an interwoven tapestry of buildings and landscape. In addition to the Park's recreation offerings, there are multiple cultural and historic elements in the design, some direct and visible, and others more nuanced." - lead project architect
Established in 1872, shortly after the abolition of slavery, Emancipation Park in Houston's Third Ward represents the City's oldest municipal park. The park was donated to the City in 1918 and has undergone several transformations over time as it adapted to the needs of its patrons. Throughout its rich history, the 11.8 acre site has served the local community, acting as a center for public gatherings, recreation, concerts, and celebrations. Through the efforts of local community groups and financial support from local and federal funding, as well as gifts from community benefactors, the park received a $34 million makeover to take the park into the 21st century. Sierra 4000 QG columns and Sera G pole mounted luminaires installed throughout the revitalized site highlight this HessAmerica featured project.
The park boasts several structures including a state-of-the-art LEED certified recreation center with classrooms, a cultural center, and an indoor basketball court. Outdoor amenities include a new swimming pool, a canopied plaza area for community events, an event lawn, baseball field, tennis courts, and outdoor picnic areas with shelters. The structures and outdoor areas are interconnected by pathways and promenades knitted together with well-appointed pavers echoing natural materials laid out in contemporary fashion. Thirty-two Sierra 4000 QG columns with neutral white LED sources with 4000K color temperature illuminate the corridors, providing soft comfortable illumination for old and young visitors alike while adding ambience in the early evening hours.
Emancipation Park occupies one square block and offers numerous facilities for people of all ages. Credit: Emancipation Park Conservancy
To accommodate visitors now and into the future, the off-site parking area located next to the park was designed with provisions for expansion at a later date. Sera 740 G pole mounted luminaires in single and twin configurations on 20' round tapered steel poles illuminate the parking area for safety and security. The luminaires are equipped with multiple LED modules with a Type III distribution and 4000K color temperature. HessAmerica application engineers produced a single lighting layout to accommodate both the current configuration as well as the future addition without the need to relocate any poles.
HessAmerica application engineers developed a single layout to accommodate future expansion using the Sera G LED luminaire.
Special thanks go to Lighting Associates in Houston for their efforts in supporting the landscape architects during the specification phase of the project. Houston has yet another municipal park the City can be proud of.

2017 ASLA Expo

HessAmerica will be exhibiting at the 2017 ASLA Annual Meeting and Expo being held in the Los Angeles Convention Center later this month. The Expo portion of the show will take place on Saturday and Sunday, October 21 and 22 between 9AM to 6PM. If you or your specifiers are planning to attend, be sure to include a stop at Booth 947 to see our latest products. We will have a number of new products on display including Arini, Parco pole mount and bollard, and the Portal family of illuminating columns and bollards.
We will also be showing a new illuminated architectural element for public or private spaces. The 12' tall square pillaresque column features cast aluminum latticework panels on each side and is well suited as an architectural embellishment for adding structure or delineating outdoor spaces. The column creates an interesting visual display during evening hours when illuminated from within by a concealed projector using colored or white light LED sources. The new column also has provisions to add RGBW projectors for accenting or highlighting landscaping or architecture.
As a corporate sponsor and exhibitor, complimentary passes are available for entry into the exhibition hall. Simply click on the link below, scroll down to the Exhibit Hall Only Pass selection at the bottom of the page, and complete the form. Remember to bring your confirmation with you when you go to pick up your badge at the on-site ASLA registration desk, located in the South Hall Lobby at the convention center.
We look forward to seeing you at the show!

New Regional Sales Manager
Northeast Region

HessAmerica has appointed John Geagan as Regional Sales Manager for the Northeast region, reporting directly to Terry O'Toole. In his position, he will be responsible for growth and management of specifications and sales in his territory.
John is a graduate of Manhattan College and is a member of the Designers Lighting Forum of New York (DLFNY), as well as the International Interior Design Association (IIDA). His professional background includes key sales positions representing architectural product manufacturers in metropolitan New York, and most recently as Regional Sales Manager for Louis Poulsen.
John has completed his product familiarization and has already started making visits to agencies in his territory. He is based in New York City and well positioned for travel to all agencies within his region. Expect to hear from John soon if he has not already made contact with your firm. He may be reached at john.geagan@hessamerica.com or by cell phone at (516) 946-7603.
Please join us in welcoming John Geagan to the HessAmerica team!

ARINI Selected for 2017
IESNA Progress Report

We are pleased to announce ARINI has been selected for inclusion in the 2017 Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) Progress Report. The IES Progress Committee is directed to keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world, and prepare a yearly review of achievements for the IES. The IES Progress Committee recognized the multi-functional architectural LED system on the criteria of its uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the advancement of the state of the art and science in the lighting industry. The official announcement was made last month at the IES Annual Conference held in Portland, Oregon. A summary of the report will be published in the November 2017 issue of LD+A magazine, as well as presented at local IES chapters throughout North America in the coming months.
ARINI, a stylized flood and accent luminaire, combines illumination with striking design to bring a sense of place to convention centers, fairgrounds, stadia, theme parks, and other large scale gathering areas. Multiple luminaires paired with artistically styled poles add visual interest to feature spaces while generating functional illumination.
Illumination is generated by six high-power LEDs in warm or neutral color temperatures. Optics include three rotationally symmetric distributions and two elliptical beam patterns to meet varying site lighting requirements. An optional flowing teardrop accent on the rear of the luminaire housing is available to provide colored LED highlighting or waymarking.
Future enhancements for ARINI will include outdoor rated speakers for communication, enabling broadcasting of messages to contribute to active site dynamics. For security and connectivity, options for integrated CCTV cameras or Wi-Fi are planned to contribute to the overall site experience.
For additional product information, follow this link:
Product information | ARINI

NORDEON Group Companies Win Again

August proved to be a very successful month for NORDEON Group companies in the US. HessAmerica, Griven USA, and Nordeon USA each received accolades in two different product competitions including the 2017 IESNA Progress Report and the 2017 Architectural SSL Magazine's Product Innovation Awards (PIA). Griven USA did exceptionally well, having received product recognition in both competitions.
The compact form factor of Eklipse from Griven integrates easily into architectural elements.
Eklipse, from Griven, is a compact LED light-shaper specifically designed to visually highlight architectural elements such as windowsills or balconies. The specialty luminaire was recognized for its innovation by the IES Progress Committee and selected for inclusion into the 2017 IESNA Progress Report. The luminaire's ability to illuminate architectural features in dynamic white or RGBW was considered to be an advancement to the art of lighting design.
GoboLED projects bright and accurate renditions of graphic designs or logos with a single high-brightness 80w CoB LED.
Griven's GoboLED was selected a winner under the Specialty Luminaire category in the 2017 Product Innovation Awards, an annual product competition hosted by Architectural SSL magazine. The exterior rated image projector's ability to accommodate a second gobo to generate the abstract appearance of water, fire, or other kinetic images was of special interest to the judging panel. One of the judges remarked, "A great product for bringing artistic vision to life." Each entry in the annual competition is evaluated on its merit by a panel of peer professionals representing lighting design, lighting sales and distribution, architecture and design, and lighting publishing.
For further information on Griven USA GoboLED, follow this link:
Transparency projects a spatial contrast in interior spaces. Clear when off, it allows architecture to be the focal point. When energized, it transforms into a functional design element, providing glare-free illumination with high visual comfort.
Transparency, a Wila product under the Nordeon USA brand in North America, was designated a winner in Architectural SSL's Product Innovation Awards in the Linear/Ambient luminaire category. Judges commented, "Very stylish design, especially as it appears to simply be clear glass when not illuminated." Introduced at LightFair earlier this year, the luminaire has generated a lot of interest so far.
The recognition received is validation of delivering innovative products to the market at the right time. We look forward to continued success for each of the companies moving forward!

New LED Module

Over the next two months, the new LEVO C light engine will be integrated into a wide range of products. The new offering will replace the existing triangular LEVO module when fully implemented.
The LEVO C module delivers approximately 50% higher lumen output over the legacy LEVO module. As a basis of comparison, the Linea 450 with two LEVO modules delivers 3300 lumens at 3000K, while LEVO C generates 5000 lumens. Accordingly, power consumption increases from 50 watts to 72 watts with the new light engine. Available color temperatures are 3000K and 4000K at 80CRI. For horizontal, flat glass lens products, the LEVO C is available with Type II, III, and IV distributions.
The following products are already online with the LEVO C light engine.
· Athens
· Canto / Canto G
· Dalvik / City Elements with Dalvik
· Linea
· Novara S / SAL / SL
· Parco
· Sera
· Trapez
· Varedo
Specification sheets and IES files may be downloaded by visiting the individual product pages on the website. The complete HessAmerica photometric database has also been updated to include the new photometry and may be downloaded at this link:
The final phase of the transition to the new module will include vertically oriented luminaires such as Campone, City Elements, Residenza, Village, and Varese. These products will be available with Type II, III, IV, and V distributions where applicable.
Please contact Wes Lane on extension 225 or by email at wes.lane@hessamerica.com should you have any questions or need assistance.

BARI 80 and BARI 130
Now Available in LED

BARI is now available as an LED luminaire in two sizes to meet a variety of scale requirements. Characterized by precision machined cooling grooves and a natural anodized aluminum finish, the luminaire is a perfect accent to contemporary interior environments. The LED models include the Bari 80 series with solid-state MR16 lamping and the Bari 130 series with CoB LED technology. Mounting options for both models include ceiling or surface mount luminaires with fixed or adjustable mounting, as well as pendant models in a choice of styles. The larger BARI 220 series for larger interior spaces will be available in LED in the near future as development work is completed.
The BARI 80 LED uses a low-voltage MR16 LED lamp. It is available in a warm white 3000K color temperature at 80 or 95 CRI, or neutral white 4000K with a CRI of 95. Available distributions include a 10° spot, 25° medium, and a 36° wide beam. The LED source generates between 420 to 530 delivered lumens and is equivalent in output to a 50 watt halogen lamp. Power consumption is only 7.5 watts. The low voltage luminaire uses an industry-standard remote 12 volt low voltage transformer.
Bari 130 LED with CoB LED technology is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures with an 80 CRI. Optics include 13° spot, 27° medium, and 59° wide beam distributions. The luminaire features an integral universal driver for 120v through 277v operation. Delivered lumen output is in the 1400-1500 lumen range and is equivalent to 75w halogen with only 14 watts power consumption.
Follow these links to see the available models:
Product information | Ceiling Mounted Luminaires
Product information | Pendant Luminaires

International Project:
Mosenergo CHP-25 Cooling Towers
Moscow, Russia

Mosenergo's CHP-25 represents one of the power company's largest combined heat and power plants in Russia. Built in the early 1970's, it was constructed and subsequently expanded several times to address the fast pace of industrial and residential growth in southwest Moscow. Continuous upgrades to equipment and control systems over the years have maintained the plant's high operating standards. In 2016, the power company repainted the number 4 and 5 cooling towers with a specialized coating and outfitted it with a new state-of-the-art architectural lighting system from Griven.
The cooling towers stand 270' in height with the lower part of the structure painted gray and the upper section in blue. The towers are 240' in diameter at the base, narrowing to a diameter of 135' above. The lighting design concept takes into account both the color and texture of the surface, while also providing illumination of the steam emitted by the cooling towers. Designers conceived a solution using PowerShine MK2 S and two configurations of Zaphir to accomplish the task.
Griven PowerShine MK2 S (left) and Zaphir (right) are available in dynamic white, RGBW, or static white LED sources.
Illumination of the cooling towers was accomplished using PowerShine projectors installed at the base of the structures and Zaphir luminaires below each catwalk at the top of the towers. The PowerShine luminaires in RGBW are equipped with spot, narrow, or elliptical beam optics to bathe the structures in uniform colored light, while Zaphir luminaires in dynamic white coax various shades of blue from the upper tower sections with an adjustable color temperature range from 2700K to 6500K.
Zaphir RGBW luminaires with elliptical beams are mounted on the catwalks and aimed upward to provide an ever-changing display of colored illumination as clouds of water vapor dance within the currents of the wind.
The utility structures become monumental canvasses with the simple application of dynamic white and RGBW illumination.
The lighting system is managed by an automated DMX512 control system to synchronize the luminaires for various lighting scenes. Power consumption ranges between 8 to 34 kilowatts depending on the operating mode.
For further product information on these Griven USA products, follow these links:

Project News

We are pleased to share a sampling of recently shipped projects to give you an insight into where HessAmerica products are being specified. Spanning the continent from coast to coast and from Canada to the Caymans, the applications range from civil architecture to public transportation, from academia to entertainment, and resort properties to retail establishments.

Great America amusement park in Santa Clara, California

The new amenities area at the Great America amusement park in Santa Clara, California will sparkle with the glow of warm white LED inground accents produced by LEDIA tiles and strips in 18" and 36" linear lengths and 4" squares. Construction should be finished before the start of the 2018 season. Over one hundred tiles and strips will be installed throughout the space.

Shoppes at Carlsbad, California

The Shoppes at Carlsbad in California are undergoing a multi-phase renovation of its interiors and streetscapes to enhance its position as an overall shopping, dining, and entertainment destination. Exterior improvements will incorporate Sierra 4000G columns and complementary bollards, as well as the Genua wall mounted luminaires, all with warm white LED sources. The mall anticipates completion by the end of 2017.

Conrad Sauer Detention Basin, Houston, Texas

Landscape architecture transforms an unassuming holding pond for water management into a community jewel by converting non-critical areas into a green space complete with pedestrian and bicycle pathways. The two-acre Conrad Sauer Detention Basin on the outskirts of Houston will feature Avalon 650 LED pole mounted luminaires on hot-dip galvanized poles for proven long-term corrosion protection.

Metropolitan State University -
Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building in Denver, Colorado

Construction on the new Aerospace and Engineering Sciences Building at the Metropolitan State University in Denver, Colorado is fast moving toward completion in time for the Fall 2017 semester. The new building will support the growing needs of the community for highly trained technical personnel, which boasts the second largest aerospace workforce in the US. City Elements 230 columns configured with an AS300 top element with adjustable LED accent, a custom BS900 element with a single 6' lens directly below, and a low-level BS300 element with LED pathway optics feature individual luminaires wired on separate circuits for expanded site lighting options tailored to specific academic and event schedules.

Greens Farms Academy, Westport, Connecticut

Greens Farms Academy is a fast-growing pre-K to grade 12 independent preparatory day school in Westport, Connecticut, as confirmed by the approaching completion of its 15th construction project in twenty years. The 40-acre campus will soon have new athletic facilities to accommodate a variety of sports in its curriculum. Linea 450 pole mounted luminaires in single and twin configurations will provide site lighting for the new areas.

VIA Rail in Ottawa, Canada

VIA Rail in Ottawa, Canada is undergoing major construction upgrades as part of its 50th year anniversary and expansion of new service between Ottawa and Toronto. Twin mount Linea 450 LED pole mounted luminaires will illuminate expanded parking facilities at the historic station when construction concludes at the end of the year.

Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island

And lastly, we take you away to Seven Mile Beach on Grand Cayman Island, where final work on a connector road within the exclusive resort area progresses to completion. Sierra Q bollards in warm white LEDs will illuminate sidewalks and pathways along the new road.
Special thanks go to all involved representative agencies for their efforts in supporting the visions of designers who specify HessAmerica products. We appreciate the efforts and hard work that go into making these projects come alive. We look forward to your continued support and success into the future.