HessAmerica Newsletter

June 2016

  • Featured Project:
    Charlotte Douglas
    International Airport

  • Nordeon Group:
    Architectural SSL
    Award Winners
  • New Product:
    Portal Bollard
  • LEVO 4.0 LED Upgrade
  • ASLA Trade Show
  • International Project:
    Palace Bridge, Netherlands

Featured Project: Charlotte Douglas International Airport
Charlotte, NC

The growing city of Charlotte, North Carolina is home to one of the ten busiest airports in the US. With the increased influx of travelers and residents, Charlotte Douglas International Airport continues to expand its facilities to accommodate the twenty-one million passengers who pass through annually. The long-term plan will include an expansion of existing terminals and lobbies, an improved roadway network surrounding the airport, and construction of new parking structures to support the increased capacity. Morocco bollards illuminate pathways surrounding the newly constructed main terminal parking structure, making this our latest featured project.
Bollards with warm white light sources complement the highlighted elements of the parking structure
The simple styling of Morocco is timeless and harmonizes with a wide range of architectural settings. Fabricated from extruded aluminum, the slender bollard displays crisp edges for a well-defined appearance. Refined styling details include an absence of visible hardware and a cleanly designed mounting arrangement that complements the slender dayform.
Louvered optics generate soft illumination with high visual comfort.
Morocco is available with three windows to produce an asymmetric distribution, or with four windows for even illumination around the bollard. The luminaire head features integral louvers to conceal the light source from normal viewing angles, while producing illumination with high visual comfort. The louvered optics generate less than 1% uplight making is suitable for most LEED applications. An optional top lens for accenting is available on request.
Product Information | MOROCCO Bollard

Nordeon Group Companies Win Architectural SSL Awards

We are pleased to announce HessAmerica, along with sister companies Griven and Nordeon, each garnered honors in the 2016 Architectural SSL magazine's Product Innovation Awards.
Accadia from HessAmerica was highlighted as a top selection in the outdoor lighting category for Architectural/Grazers. The luminaire adds a new dimension to refined lighting design as a stylish, high-performance linear inground. From the use of premium materials in its construction to the sophisticated reflective optics developed especially for SSL sources, the luminaire exceeds the rigorous demands of architectural façade lighting. Adjustable optics accommodate varying façade heights, delivering precise beam control and uniform indirect illumination, while minimizing glare at normal viewing angles. The judges remarked, "The wall wash optic is ingenious and a significant improvement over what is in the market today".
Accadia is available as a linear inground in 12", 24", or 36" lengths, or as a round luminaire in 9" or 12" diameters. Fixed optics with symmetric narrow or medium beams for uplighting are also available.
Follow this link for further information or downloads:
Accadia asymmetric optics may be factory set to -10°, 0°, 10°, or 20° tilt angles.
Griven USA's Onyx was one of four luminaires selected for the Architectural/Grazers category of outdoor luminaires, sharing accolades with Accadia. The high performance projector features specialized optics to produce a very narrow 4° beam suitable for grazing taller facades or illuminating objects from unparalleled distances. The judges commented, "Stellar performance and new to the industry". Onyx features 96 high-power LEDs in RGBW, dynamic, warm, or cool white, and is capable of delivering 3 footcandles at a distance of 700 feet.
Visit the Griven USA website for further information.
Griven USA Onyx
Onyx from Griven USA raises the benchmark for ultra-narrow beam projectors.
The Baldur LED light line system from Nordeon USA was recognized as an award winner in the General Ambient category for Indoor Lighting. The panel of judges noted the versatility of the plug-and-play system as being very attractive to retail store owners and operators, allowing them to reconfigure luminaires to accommodate changes in sales floor layouts for seasonal merchandise or promotional inventory. Modules for general illumination, accent spots, lighting controls, emergency lighting units, and blind covers deliver maximum design flexibility. Once installed, it is easily reconfigured without the use of tools.
Follow this link for further information or downloads:
Nordeon USA Baldur
The Baldur light line system is a multi-functional platform for general illumination and accenting.
A distinguished panel of fourteen judges consisting of lighting consultants and lighting industry insiders made the selections. The awards determine and honor the most innovative LED and solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the players behind the components that make up these light sources. The Architectural SSL Product Innovation Awards also recognizes leaders in categories ranging from those conducting cutting-edge R+D, to those helping in the development of standards, to those pushing to make solid-state lighting a truly sustainable technology. Award winners represent a peer-recognized selection of quality products that the architectural and lighting design community can feel comfortable specifying.
We are obviously pleased to have such a strong showing with all three division's products being recognized.

New Product Introduction
Portal Illuminating Bollard

The new Portal bollard made its debut at LightFair earlier this year, garnering a lot of attention and interest from designers and representatives alike. Punctuated by a circular opening, the slender rectangular form creates a striking visual well suited to many feature spaces. LEDs recessed above the acrylic band are concealed within a beveled satin anodized ring, producing a corona-like effect while providing low brightness illumination. The bollard is available in warm or neutral color temperatures with a CRI greater than 80. Power consumption is eleven watts.
Portal is fabricated from high strength aluminum alloy extrusion with well defined edges. The fabricated aluminum top plate provides access to the LEDs and electrical components, and is secured with tamper-proof hardware. A concealed mounting plate assembly delivers a clean, flangeless appearance.
Static color bollards with a circular infill lens to highlight red, green, or blue LEDs are currently in final development with information to be available soon.
Further information including specifications and photometry are available for download at the following link.
Product Information | PORTAL bollard

LEVO 4.0 LED Upgrade

The transition to the newest generation of LEDs for the LEVO module across all applicable product lines has now been completed. LEVO version 4.0 represents the latest upgrade to state-of-the-art solid-state technology, delivering approximately 20% higher lumen output with only a 2 watt increase per module. Available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures, the LEVO module is used in a wide range of pole and wall mounted luminaires, as well as illuminating columns. Optics include a choice of Type II or Type III distributions. Select illuminating column and post top models offer symmetric rectangular light patterns when modules are configured in a back-to-back arrangement.
Updated specification sheets and IES photometry are online and available for download. Follow the link below to download the complete HessAmerica photometric database with the latest data.
IES files | DOWNLOAD (ZIP, 12.18 MB)
Product Information | LINEA
Product Information | CITY ELEMENTS
Product Information | RESIDENZA
Product Information | NOVARA ML

ASLA Trade Show
New Orleans, LA - October 22 & 23, 2016

As a Corporate Member of the American Society of Landscape Architects, we are looking forward to exhibiting at this year's ASLA Expo on October 22-23 at the Ernest Morial Convention Center in New Orleans. Be sure to mark your calendars, and if you are attending, visit us at booth# 1351, where we will have the latest products on display. The annual event is billed as the largest landscape architecture trade show in the world, drawing more than 6000 attendees and 450 exhibitors each year.
Complementary passes for entry into the exhibit hall will be available to you and your specifiers in the near future via electronic invitation. To get on the list, please send an email to Wes Lane at wes.lane@hessamerica.com with the names and email addresses of the interested parties. Future announcements will be made when the program goes online.

International Project:
Palace Bridge Den Bosch, Netherlands

Credit: Jannes Linders
The new Palace Bridge in Den Bosch, Netherlands combines the functional aspects of a pedestrian and bicycle pathway with the natural elements of a park. Constructed from weathering steel, the bridge connects the old city center with the new Palace district, acting as a pedestrian overpass of a major rail line. Plants, shrubs, and trees in planting beds are interspersed at key points along the length of the bridge, connecting nature with the built environment. City Element columns and bollards in several configurations provide illumination, as well as provision for non-lighting functions.
Palace Bridge connects old with new, and nature with the built environment.
Credit: Paleiskwartier.nl
The landscape plan is comprised of several distinct areas, each with its own character. The city center side of the bridge incorporates numerous planting beds with high shrubs and trees along meandering pathways, with benches generously located throughout the space. This section transitions to the center of the bridge, where the pathways open up to the full width of the structure. Finally, at the Palace district side, isolated trees and low-level vegetation complete the design.
To accommodate the unique lighting requirements of pedestrian lighting and landscape accenting, the designer chose City Element columns. Modular in design, the system allowed the lighting consultant to configure columns as needed based on the needs of the immediate area, while maintaining a consistent appearance throughout. All lighting modules were equipped with warm white LED sources and DALI controlled drivers. Light output was set to 70% of full output, allowing adjustment over time to compensate for lumen depreciation.
Columns and bollards included adjustable LED accents to highlight shrubs and tree canopies.
Credit: Hess
City Element columns within the landscaped areas utilized top elements with 240° windows along the perimeter to minimize spill light and effectively direct light where needed. Adjustable accent modules with 20° beams integrated into selected columns and bollards at various heights highlight the shrubs and tree canopies. Special care was taken to ensure the accent modules were directed to the vegetation and out of the pedestrian line of sight. For the open areas, columns required only a single top element to provide general illumination.
Four columns equally spaced along the bridge's span incorporate convenience outlets to provide power as needed by maintenance personnel or for outdoor events.
The park has been well received by local residents. Accessibility between the two districts has dramatically improved and further development of the area is expected as a result of this well-planned project.