HessAmerica Newsletter

October 2015

  • Featured Project: ARTIC -
    Anaheim Regional
    Transportation Intermodal Center

  • New Products
  • PARCO wins Architectural
    SSL PIA Award
  • New Regional Sales Manager
  • NordeonGroup Factory Trip
  • Darc Award:
    Romare Bearden Park
    on Shortlist
  • International Project:
    Kö-Bogen Düsseldorf

Featured Project: ARTIC
Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center

Photo: John Linden
Soaring architecture, dramatic presence, and scale reminiscent of grand terminals from days gone by are hallmarks of the new Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center. Known locally as ARTIC, the contemporary $185 million dollar LEED Platinum facility serves as a major public transportation center for Southern California. It links bus, trolley, rail, and other transportation services within a single convenient hub, and lays the groundwork as an anchor for California's long-intended high speed rail network. The multi-use facility offers unique access to a variety of dining, retail, sports, and entertainment options nearby, setting itself apart from traditional transportation venues. City Elements columns in two different configurations highlight the entrance and surrounding areas, earning its place as our featured project.
City Elements columns guide travelers to the terminal.
Photo: John Linden
Eight 30' columns prominently line the main promenade leading to the facility entrance. The nine inch diameter columns complement the immense facade and signature catenary arch of the structure. Top elements with 360° cylindrical lenses are lamped with 150w ceramic metal halide sources to bathe the area in warm white illumination. Two LED elements with matte acrylic translucent windows located near the base of the columns provide soft accenting at the pedestrian level. Optional GFCI receptacles with in-use covers provide power as needed for events planned throughout the year. Shorter twenty foot columns configured with single illuminating top elements are installed in the surrounding areas to provide general site lighting for safety and security.
The setting sun filters through the translucent structure, highlighting City Elements columns in silhouette.
Photo Courtesy of ARTIC
David Silverman and Associates (DSA) in Los Angeles worked with the local architect and lighting design firms, assisting the designers in delivering stellar results. Congratulations! Great job!

New Products

HessAmerica continues to innovate with relevant new offerings, while updating and integrating LED sources into numerous existing products across the range. Here is a summary of the latest developments:

PARCO Bollard

The PARCO Bollard expands the family, enhancing application opportunities. Like its pole mounted companion, it integrates a compact, self-contained luminaire within its gently arched shaft. Consuming only 11 watts, the light engine produces a uniform asymmetric light distribution well suited for pathways and sidewalks and is available in warm or neutral color temperatures. The semi-regressed housing is fully shielded at normal viewing angles and emits zero uplight, allowing use in all LEED lighting zones. The Dark-Sky compliant bollard is crafted from high quality 6061-T6 aluminum with subtle design features such as concealed anchor bolts and an absence of visible welds. Follow the link for detailed specifications and downloads. A couple of sample cases are available, so contact Victor or Fred to set-up calls.

LINEA S Bollard

Slender, well-proportioned styling is emblematic of the new LINEA S Bollard. The bollard responds to designer's requests for a smaller scaled version of the LN950, with illumination performance tailored to more intimate pedestrian scale spaces. A choice of single or twin configurations in heights of 36", 30", or 24" sets the Linea S apart, providing greater design flexibility through its range of standard options. The light engine consists of three multi-chip arrays with prismatic lenses to produce uniform illumination of pathways. The LEDs are available in warm or neutral color temperatures with a CRI greater than 80. Power consumption is 16 watts. The new offering complements and expands the series. Sample cases are available in limited supply.

RENO LED Bollard

The RENO LED Bollard makes its debut as one of two new developments in this product series. The bollard maintains the same width as the existing column, with an appropriately scaled depth more suitable for a bollard. With a cross section of 11.6" by 5", it creates a family for application continuity. The bollard incorporates the same specification features such as an extruded aluminum body, flangeless mounting, and matte acrylic lenses for diffused illumination with high visual comfort. It is available in warm or neutral white LED with power consumption of 24 watts. Dynamic RGBW LED is available on request.


The RENO Column is now available in LED. It is available in standard or high output models, consuming 40 watts and 56 watts, respectively. The standard light engine provides levels similar to 70w ceramic metal halide. The CoB diodes are available in warm or neutral color temperatures with CRI greater than 80. RGBW models with DMX control capability are available on request to create an elegant wayfinding marker. Contact us should you need additional information in the interim.

Avangardo 2 Mounting Options

FIDENZA, GENUA, and PADUA wall mounted luminaires now include a slim line CSA certified junction box as a standard offering. The electrical box was developed to preserve the luminaire profile while maintaining compliance with local electrical codes. Optional mounting adaptor plates for use with 3.5" or 4" octagon boxes are available on request.

PARCO Wins Architectural SSL PIA Award

PARCO was selected as a winner in Architectural SSL's 2015 Product Innovation Awards in the Area and Exterior Lighting category. The awards determine and honor the most innovative solid-state luminaires on the market.
Remarked the judges, "Very attractive design and a good attention to night-sky optics; Beautiful sculptural form and function, low glare and backlight make this pedestrian light a great addition to the Hess product line; Good attention to craftsmanship in both optics and packaging should make for great performance in the field."
Tim Shea - Architectural SSL Magazine (center) presents the PIA Award to Wes Lane (L) and Terry O'Toole (R) at a recent industry trade show.
The PARCO pole mounted LED luminaire illuminates with gracefully iconic styling and state of the art LED technology. The luminaire is integrated into the curvilinear aluminum pole, creating a gentle ellipse in pedestrian scale heights. The rectangular profile pole is crafted with subtle design features such as concealed anchor bolts and an absence of visible welds. It is available in three heights and now features a companion LED bollard.
For additional product information and downloads, follow this link to the product webpage.

New Regional Sales Manager
Southeast Region

We are pleased to welcome Fred Butler to the HessAmerica team as the Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast region, reporting directly to Victor Wittmann, VP of Sales. In his position, he will be responsible for growth and management of specifications and sales in his territory.
Fred has a unique perspective in that he started his career in architecture before transitioning to the lighting industry. He progressed into sales with manufacturer's representative agencies, then lighting manufacturers, most recently with Philips. Fred earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Architecture from the Georgia Institute of Technology. He is Lighting Certified (LC) and Construction Document Technology Certified by the Construction Specification Institute.
Fred has completed his product familiarization and has already started making visits to agencies in his territory. He is strategically based in Atlanta and well positioned for travel to all states within his region. Expect to hear from him soon. He may be reached at fred.butler@hessamerica.com or by cell phone at (404) 455-0199.

Nordeon Group
Factory Trip

The Nordeon Group recently hosted grand prize winners of the European Tour from the USA Launch Party raffle held during LightFair earlier this year. Geoffrey Goral with Lighting Design Alliance in Los Angeles, and David Ziolkowski with HOK in
St Louis were the lucky recipients. The winners selected individual visits to the Hess and Nordeon facilities in Germany, respectively, culminating with a tour of the Griven facility in Italy.
Trent Walker with David Silverman & Associates, accompanied Geoffrey Goral to Hess in Villingen. Upon arrival, the group experienced a night time viewing of the Schauplatz outdoor lighting showroom, followed up the next day with presentations from Hess employees in marketing, R&D, and engineering. While there, they had the opportunity to observe the fabrication, production, and automated warehousing facilities, seeing first-hand the craftsmanship and attention to detail integral to every Hess product. The visit concluded with a luncheon with Detlef Mikulsky, Hess Managing Director. Finn O'Brien, Business Development for Griven USA, joined the Villingen group for the trip to Griven.
Trent Walker (l) and Geoffrey Goral (center) witness pole and column fabrication work in process at Hess.
Concurrently, David Ziolkowski and Charlie Unterreiner with the St Louis Lighting Group traveled to the Nordeon operation in Springe, one of the largest LED manufacturing facilities in Europe. The vertically integrated factory employs lean manufacturing techniques, adaptable work cells, and makes use of sophisticated robotics and machinery. All facets of luminaire manufacturing, ranging from cable handling, roll forming, bending, pressing, and welding to fully automated coating systems for wet and powder coat finishing, are handled in house.
Extensive in-house capabilities allow Nordeon to react quickly to market needs.
The Nordeon factory tour also included a visit to the laboratory, where they learned about the extensive product testing capabilities available and took an in-depth look at company's portfolio of products. The product review included the trunking system known as Baldur, an innovative LED light line system, among other products for retail, commercial, and industrial applications manufactured there.
The group had the opportunity to take in the scenery at San Bernardino Pass in Switzerland along the way.
Following the separate German factory visits, the two groups travelled to Northern Italy, rendezvousing in the town of Sirmione, before heading to the Griven facilities in Castel Goffredo. As before, the visitors were treated to gracious hospitality and a personalized tour of the operation. They had the opportunity to see the latest offerings in dynamic RGBW, white high-power illumination, accent, and media products, as well as learning about the technology behind them. The group gained a deeper insight into the thoughtful engineering, quality, and performance behind Griven products through presentations from key personnel, leading to a better understanding of the company's capabilities.
A panoramic glimpse of production and testing facilities at Griven.
Following the factory visits, the group was able to take time for sightseeing. Highlights included a water taxi ride in Venice, a night-time tour of the world-famous Duomo Cathedral and surrounding neighborhood in Florence, then back to Milan for the return trip to the US.
Left photo (left to right): Geoffrey Goral, Trent Walker, Charlie Unterreiner, David Ziolkowski in Venice.
Associates at Hess, Nordeon, and Griven would like to thank our visitors for spending time to learn about each respective company's background and strengths, while discovering the unique and distinctive lighting solutions that each offers, not to discount the great Italian food!
Vielen Dank! Grazie mille! Thank you!

Romare Bearden Park on Shortlist for darc award

Romare Bearden Park in Charlotte, North Carolina is on the shortlist for nomination in the category of Best Landscape Scheme - High Budget in the first annual darc award, an international architectural lighting design competition.
Randy Burkett Lighting Design of St Louis, Missouri collaborated with locally based landscape architecture firm, LandDesign, to illuminate Charlotte's unique urban oasis in the city center. Since its recent completion, the project has garnered many accolades throughout the landscape architecture and lighting design circles.
Riva pole mounted luminaires frame the Charlotte skyline at Romare Bearden Park.
Photo: Lem Lynch
In all, there were over 400 entries from lighting design firms throughout the world. The awards program is hosted by mondo-arc, an internationally renowned magazine for designers with light, and is supported by both the International Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) and the Society of Light + Lighting (SLL). The original entries were evaluated by a panel of architectural lighting designers, resulting in a short list of finalists for each of the categories. The remaining projects will be judged by designers in the lighting profession in this first ever peer-to-peer lighting design awards program. Results are expected to be announced soon.

International Project:
Kö-Bogen (King's Bow), Düsseldorf

Urban renewal breathes life into an outdated section of downtown Düsseldorf as time marches forward. By successfully relocating an antiquated rail station hub and rerouting street traffic to underground tunnels, a dynamic new complex encompassing two city blocks rises to fill the space. The award-winning mixed-use development, Kö-Bogen or King's Bow, rejuvenates the site with striking architecture, blending seamlessly with people-centric park like transitions to neighboring green spaces. Ledia recessed inground LED strips accent key outdoor areas, adding a pleasing jewel-like atmosphere at night, while simple, sparsely spaced City Elements columns illuminate walking areas for pedestrian movement.
Pedestrian walkways, green courtyards with ample seating, and soothing water features juxtaposed against the non-linear curvatures of two glass and limestone building facades produce a natural urban setting. The design merges two city blocks into a single unified space for walking, shopping, and working, thus blurring the lines between "urban" and "park".
LEDIA LL OD strips add a visual accent at night to steps and outdoor seating area.
Special care was taken to ensure that outdoor lighting elements blend into the overall architecture without being the focal point. LEDIA LL OD strips with a narrow one inch width were installed on outdoor stair treads throughout the site. They are virtually invisible during the day, yet highlight the risers at night with warm white light. The same 36" linear strips are placed intermittently along meandering cast concrete seating to create inviting pockets of repose.
Elsewhere, City Element columns configured in heights of 16', 23', and 30' allow individual structures to be spaced further apart, minimizing the impact on the visual plane. The columns impart ambience to the contemporary outdoor setting.
Lines of light bordering the base of outdoor sculptures create visual interest for pedestrians in the evening hours.
For further information on Ledia outdoor recessed strips in single and RGB, visit the HessAmerica website at: