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November 2014

  • Featured Project:
    CAC Waterfront Park
  • 2014 IESNA Progress Report
  • 5 Year LED Warranty
  • Gallery Visits
  • LED Product News

  • International Project: Hamburg, Germany
  • Project News

Featured Project:
County Administration Center Waterfront Park, San Diego, CA

Photo Credit: San Diego Board of Supervisors
The San Diego County Administration Center building was built in 1938 during the Great Depression and dedicated to the public by then President Franklin D Roosevelt. During his grand opening speech, he remarked, "I hope that you of San Diego keep your waterfront and develop it so that it may add beauty to your city". At the time, a beautiful outdoor public gathering place along the San Diego Bay was envisioned for the site, but it was never built. That is, until May of this year when the vision became a reality. The vibrant 12 acre waterfront park replaces eight acres of surface parking lots and an old building that was demolished to make room for the new venue. Agena pole mounted luminaires provide illumination throughout the park, while Toro utility bollards supply power for outdoor events, making this our featured project.
Single mount luminaires illuminate entrance paths leading to the historic County building.
The designers were able to triple the size of the grounds by replacing two existing surface parking lots with an underground parking structure. With the space greatly expanded, plazas, promenades, civic greens, themed gardens, and children's play areas were incorporated into the master plan. An expansive interactive fountain serves as the focal point of the park.
Agena luminaires line the walkway along the iconic water feature.
Agena pole mounted luminaires enhance the evening experience for visitors with soft diffused illumination. The fixtures are lamped with 150W T6 ceramic metal halide, delivering glare-free indirect lighting with a pleasant warm color temperature. The luminaires line the granite seeded concrete walkways along the fountain, as well as along the meandering trails linking the children's play areas, themed gardens, and picnic areas.
Agena luminaires illuminate the winding paths in the garden and play areas during evening hours.
Designed with the needs of the community in mind, the layout of the $50 million park was developed to accommodate various activities and events such as a farmer's market, weddings, and festivals. Toro utility bollards, installed at strategic locations in the park, are equipped with convenience outlets to provide a power source for events.
Special recognition goes San Diego Lighting Associates for their efforts in contributing to the success of this project.
For additional product information, follow this link:
AGENA Pole Mounted Luminaire
TORO Utility Bollard

2014 IESNA Progress Report

FARO LED has been selected for inclusion into the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) 2014 Progress Report. The selection was made by the Progress Report Committee, whose mandate is to report on developments and advancements in the art and science of lighting based on uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the industry.
The sophisticated optical system of FARO LED enhances pedestrian spaces with glare-free illumination and high visual comfort. It is the only outdoor indirect post top luminaire on the market to offer a G0 rating under the BUG classification system while offering a unique Type V Square distribution. The luminaire produces higher illumination levels with superior uniformity and greater pole spacings than indirect LED luminaires with traditional flat panel secondary reflectors.
FARO LED is available in two sizes with pole heights scaled accordingly for overall heights of 13' and 16', respectively. The LEDs are available in a choice of 3000K or 4000K color temperatures. Power consumption is 56 watts.
LED retrofit kits are available to convert existing metal halide installations to the latest technology.
For more information, follow these links:

5 Year Warranty on LED Products

Effective November 1, the warranty period for LED luminaires has been extended to five years reflecting industry standards and longevity of solid state sources. The updated policy warrants LED products against defect in materials and workmanship under proper usage for a period of five years. The electronic driver will be covered under the manufacturer's warranty.
Lighting products with traditional light sources and site amenities will continue to be covered under the standard three year limited warranty. Online specifications and pricing guide will be updated to reflect the change.

Gallery Visits

HessAmerica hosted three groups of design professionals to the Gallery during the month of October. Visitors were greeted with pleasant Fall weather and given the opportunity to see the newest products and latest technologies. Two additional groups are currently scheduled for the month of November as we wind down the visitation program before winter sets in. As you develop your sales planning activities for next year, consider incorporating the Gallery program as a tool for developing specifier relationships, generating specifications, and increasing sales. Gallery visitations have proven to be beneficial to many agencies who have participated in the past. The outdoor Gallery provides designers with an insight into the scale and proportionality of the products, as well as the lighting performance of luminaires.
Omnilite representatives accompanied landscape architects from various firms from the Boston area in early October.
A mid-October visit included landscape architects and lighting consultants from Miami and Chicago.
The CEU portion of the program is accredited for five AIA Health, Safety, and Welfare learning units for architects, or five professional development hours for landscape architects upon successful completion of the course. Additionally, lighting consultants with LC certification may submit the credits earned as part of their required professional development activities needed to maintain their credentials.
CEU Course Summary (PDF, 115.34 KB)

LED Product News

HessAmerica continues integrating LED sources and refining optical systems for numerous products across the range. Here is a summary of the latest developments since our last newsletter.

RIVA LED Bollard

The Riva bollard light engine has been redesigned and upgraded with a new LED and optical package. The luminaire uses a single CoB LED working in conjunction with an internal high-efficiency white polycarbonate reflector. The matte acrylic lens further diffuses light output thereby minimizing brightness. Power consumption is 13 watts. The Riva LED bollard is available in a choice of 3000K or 4000K color temperatures. Visit the product webpage to download the latest LM-79 photometry, located under the "IES / Image" tab.
RIVA Bollard

Avalon, Montego, and Valencia Module 270

LM-79 photometric files for the Avalon, Montego, and Valencia luminaires with the Module 270 LED light engine are now available for download. Module 270 produces an asymmetric distribution pattern for perimeter mounted applications or where the need for reduced house side illumination is desired. The LEDs are available in standard 3000K or 4000K color temperatures, consuming 42 watts of power.
Valencia Wall Mount


Agena LED meets IESNA recommended illumination levels for pathway and pedestrian area lighting applications.
A solid state technology solution has recently been developed for the Agena luminaire. The indirect luminaire incorporates a single CoB LED positioned within an optical assembly consisting of a reflector and diffusing lens. Light projected onto the secondary reflector is effectively diffused, resulting in uniform illumination on the ground. The optical system emits a soft glow laterally from the cylindrical matte glass lens, adding visual interest to the luminaire nightform.
The Agena LED consumes 40 watts and is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures. The luminaire will deliver IES recommended light levels for typical area lighting applications.

International Project
HafenCity University - Hamburg, Germany

HafenCity, a recently formed district of Hamburg, is in the midst of Europe's largest gentrification effort. Encompassing nearly one square mile, the urban revitalization project seeks to transform old port warehouses and surrounding areas into a mixed use destination with residential, business, and retail establishments. Accordingly, HafenCity University was founded in 2006 to meet the demands of this ambitious project, offering degree programs focusing on architecture, civil engineering, and urban planning. The University's new campus consolidates seven locations throughout Hamburg and was completed earlier this year. The exterior grounds of the University feature City Elements columns and Punto litter receptacles.
A landscape architecture firm from Berlin developed an open space concept for the University grounds, paying particular attention to the various uses the campus would see. Landscape features include a seaside promenade and informal amphitheater, a park, and pathways spread over different elevations. The lighting concept was developed to provide "as much light as possible - as little light as required" with emphasis on delivering sufficient illumination for the main pathways and wheelchair ramps around the campus.
The City Elements column was selected by the landscape architect for its ability to provide functional illumination, as well as for its architecturally neutral appearance. The understated design of the light columns, lighting technology, and flexibility of specifying varying heights were all factors in the decision of the luminaire selection. The columns have a single lighting element with 360° cylindrical lenses. All are equipped with two LEVO LED modules with a color temperature of 4000K. Power consumption is only 46 watts per column.
The sidewalks and seaside promenade called for columns with an asymmetric distribution to maximize illumination along these pathways. For open areas, the two LEVO modules in each element were configured in a back-to-back arrangement to provide a symmetric rectangular distribution well suited to the space.
A special design solution was incorporated for the area where the seaside promenade rises up ten feet to meet the elevation of the park. The designer selected 26' tall columns on the lower promenade area and 16' columns for the park above so the viewer would perceive the light sources along a singular visual horizon.
Column heights were varied to maintain the same visual horizon between areas with different elevations.
Additionally, Punto litter receptacles with optional ash urns were selected for locations throughout the campus. The front opening receptacle allows for ergonomic servicing and includes a galvanized steel liner to facilitate emptying. With lighting and site amenities provided by a single manufacturer, the designers were ensured a perfect match in the finishes, as well as design continuity.
City Elements columns and Punto litter receptacles were finished in matte silver grey metallic, complementing the cobblestone pavers.
When construction of the district is finished in 2025, the area will be home to over 600 companies, 6,000 residences, numerous cultural venues, and will have created 45,000 jobs.
For more information, follow these links:
City Elements 180
City Elements 230

Project News

The following is a brief listing of orders that have recently shipped for projects that are under construction or nearing completion. The sites range from medical facilities and office campuses to parks, resorts, and sports venues. We anticipate some of these projects will be featured in future newsletters.

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia is adding a new ambulatory care facility in the city's south side to meet the growing demand for services in this area. Canto 600G pole mounted luminaires will illuminate the expanded campus while providing a memorable visual accent with round tapered curved poles.

Veterans Administration Hospital

The Veterans Administration Hospital in South San Francisco continues to expand and upgrade its existing facilities in the Bay area. Athens luminaires on 15' poles will be installed on the grounds to provide illumination for improved safety and security.

Emancipation Park

Historic Emancipation Park in Houston recently underwent a $33 million site improvement program after an extended period of neglect. Sera 740G LED luminaires equipped with five LEVO modules in single and twin mount configurations illuminate the parking facilities in this reinvigorated neighborhood setting.

St John's Town Center

St John's Town Center, an upscale retail mall in Jacksonville, Florida, will install Positano benches in the courtyard. The benches are illuminated by three blue fluorescent lamps, adding a touch of color and atmosphere to the venue.

Two 14' City Elements - Sports Authority Stadium, Denver

Two 14' City Elements columns illuminate a memorial statue of the former owner of the Denver Broncos in the Ring of Fame Plaza at the Sports Authority Stadium in Denver, Colorado. The columns are configured to include a top element with matte acrylic lens and orange LEDs to match the team colors, and three LED accent modules to highlight the life size bronze statue of Pat Bowlen.

Linea bollards will illuminate pathways at the Rosewood Sand Hill Resort, CA

Linea bollards with neutral white LEDs will illuminate pathways at the Rosewood Sand Hill Resort, a 16 acre retreat nestled in the hills of Menlo Park, California. The exclusive establishment is conveniently located near the heart of Silicon Valley and the Bay Area of San Francisco.

Swift Plaza, CA

Swift Plaza in Concord, California is undergoing an extensive $20 million renovation as it upgrades its facilities and park like campus. Amalfi LED pole mounted luminaires on signature inverted taper poles will replace existing lighting poles on the fifteen acre site. The poles were manufactured with modified flange bases to fit the existing bolt patterns on the foundations.

Google expands their office space in Sunnyvale, CA

Google expands their office space, creating an entire office campus in Sunnyvale, California as the company continues its high rate of growth. The property owner is upgrading the exterior lighting with City Elements columns. Seven and nine inch diameter columns in various configurations will be installed throughout the sprawling 26 acre campus, including 37 columns configured to accommodate security cameras.
We would like to thank all representative agencies involved in these projects, with special recognition going to Associated Lighting Representatives for their success in promoting Hess in the San Francisco Bay Area.