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August 2014

  • Featured Project: SHED
  • Gallery Update
  • Parco
  • City Elements: Configurator Update
  • Best Booth Award

  • International Project: Heiligenhafen, Germany
  • Project News

Featured Project:
SHED - Winnipeg, Manitoba

Milano high-performance indirect luminaires cast soft white light along sidewalks in the SHED district.
Photo: Jing Jia, RD Sales
The City of Winnipeg in Manitoba, Canada is experiencing a renaissance as it rejuvenates its downtown areas. Described as the largest revitalization initiative in the City's postwar history, nearly $2 billion CN will be invested into the vision of creating a distinct and dynamic urban destination, intended to energize the entire city. The plan calls for four separate zones: University of Winnipeg; Retail; Sports, Hospitality, Entertainment; and Commercial. HessAmerica Milano luminaires and Carpo litter receptacles were selected for the streetscapes in the Sports, Hospitality, and Entertainment District (SHED), making this our latest featured project. Encompassing eleven blocks, the SHED district represents the focal point of the City's efforts that will unify all four districts.
The SHED district is fast becoming a hub of economic activity as development continues forward.
Image: CentreVenture Development Corporation
Construction on the first phase of the SHED streetscape project started in 2013 and was completed earlier this year. Improvements included higher illumination levels through new street and pedestrian lighting, wider sidewalks, trees, site amenities, signage, and iconic character elements that bring identity to the district. The first phase represents the prototype which future streetscape enhancements will follow.
The Milano luminaire was selected by the architectural firm for pedestrian scale lighting based on its unique form and glare-free indirect lighting. The high-performance indirect luminaires utilize a secondary reflector panel consisting of 256 individual facets that split the intensity of the single 39w T6 ceramic metal halide source into multiple images of a lower intensity, resulting in illumination with high visual comfort and excellent uniformity. The fixtures were installed on single mount 12' poles and bi-level configurations on taller custom poles. The bi-level poles consist of the Milano mounted at the lower level for sidewalk lighting, and a roadway fixture above at 35' to illuminate the streets.
Left: Milano luminaires in single mount and bi-level configurations line both sides of the streets. Photo: Jing Jia, RD Sales
Right: Twin-mounted Carpo litter receptacles encourage citizens to keep the city clean while promoting recycling.Photo: Stantec
CARPO litter receptacles were incorporated into the streetscape as part of the site amenities package. To maximize open space on the sidewalks, the designers selected the wall mounted Carpo, a standard offering, for customized installation on the bi-level poles. Special stainless steel logos were designed to identify the receptacles for litter or recyclable materials. Receptacles with litter and recycling logos were mounted in tandem on the bi-level poles at street level to encourage use by patrons.
Additional amenities included on the iconic bi-level poles include arm mounted planters installed ninety degrees from the Milano luminaires, 12' tall specially fabricated signs placed on the upper section of the pole, and an illuminated beacon on the pole top which were similar in concept to the Canto G pole assemblies supplied to the Fulton Street Mall in the Bronx.
This project is truly a collaborative process with several participants across the USA and Canada. Recognition goes to The Lighting Agency in Denver, Colorado for their efforts in supporting the specifying A&E firm; to Urbex Innovations in Montreal for assisting the lighting consultant; and to R.D. Sales in Winnipeg for their local efforts during the ordering and installation phase of the project.
Job well done!

Gallery Update

HessAmerica Gallery
The Gallery has been undergoing major updates following this year's successful showing at LightFair. With many new products introduced earlier this year, the outdoor showroom provides the perfect venue for design professionals to view the latest outdoor lighting products and site amenities in actual scale. With nice weather in full swing, now is a good time to schedule a specifier visit to the facility. Many representatives who have visited previously have reported stronger relationships with their specifiers, as well as an increase in specifications generated and the resulting business assocated from a visit.
The typical visit begins with late morning arrivals into Charlotte, NC or Greenville, SC airports, followed by lunch, presentations, and an evening viewing of the Gallery. Many visitors choose to include an optional excursion to the Biltmore Estate the next day before departing home. HessAmerica provides all transportation, hotel accomodations, meals, and entertainment while you are with us.
Specifiers benefit from the program as it gives them the opportunity to see the latest products and learn about the latest lighting technologies. The outdoor exhibit demonstrates the scale of the products, allowing design professionals to imagine possibilities of how the products could be incorporated into projects. Additionally, the CEU portion of the program is accredited for five AIA Health, Safety, and Welfare learning units for architects, or five professional development hours for landscape architects upon successful completion of the course.
Contact Terry O'Toole on extension 229 or by email at totoole@hessamerica.com to reserve a time slot for your visit.

New Product Introduction

Since its successful debut at LightFair, PARCO has received many positive comments and interest from specifiers and representatives alike. To maintain that momentum, here is an update on this exciting new luminaire series.
The iconic design of PARCO makes a strong visual statement with its unique profile and graceful organic styling. The curved pole has a rectangular profile and is crafted with subtle design features such as concealed anchor bolts and an absence of visible welds. This attention to detail makes PARCO well suited for pedestrian spaces where fit, finish, and performance strike a harmonious balance. The pedestrian scale pole luminaire is available in three heights of 10', 12', or 14' as the PARCO 300, 360, and 420, respectively.
PARCO features a semi-regressed, fully shielded LED luminaire which emits zero uplight. The light engine is available in standard or high outputs, providing designers with choices in addressing varying project lighting requirements. A dimming option for use with 0-10V controls expands the versatility of the luminaire. Available color temperatures include 3000K or 4000K diodes with a CRI of 80+.
PARCO luminaires have been installed in the Gallery. Schedule a specifier visit today.
To begin marketing PARCO, a modest advertisement will run in the August, September, and November issues of Landscape Architect & Specifier News. You will see the advertisement on page 108 of the current August issue. Leads generated as a result of this advertising activity will be immediately forwarded to the respective sales agencies for follow-up.
The first PARCO advertisement in Landscape Architect & Specifier News.
Product information in the form of catalog sheets and specifications for the PARCO pole mounted luminaires may be found online and are available to download at these links:

City Elements Configurator
Major Update

The City Elements Configurator has been extensively updated to reflect the current offering and is now online. The online tool includes the popular speaker element in the nine inch diameter column offerings, as well as additions to LED lamping options for several of the elements.
The program guides you through logical steps in making housing and optical system selections in a top to bottom sequence when configuring the column. The software is based on the modular light column system's mechanical, optical, and structural capabilities, and is written to allow error-free development of a final column configuration.
Once the desired column has been configured, a PDF document can be generated that includes a visual representation of the column, along with details of the system in the form of specifications and a specific catalog number. This document may then be sent electronically for specification development, quotations, and submittal purposes.
The PDF document includes a cover sheet, specification sheet with visual representation of the column, and optional application photos.
The City Elements Configurator may be accessed by following the link, or by visiting the home page of the HessAmerica website and clicking the link at the lower right hand portion of the screen. Should you have any questions or need assistance in navigating through the program, contact Wes Lane on ext 225 or by email at wes.lane@hessamerica.com and he will be happy to assist you.

LightFair Best Booth Award

Daniel Salinas, IES President (left) and Barbara Horton with HLB Lighting Design, IALD President (right), present the Best Booth Award to the Hess team at LightFair.

International Project
Heiligenhafen, Germany

Known to many Europeans as the "sundeck on the Baltic Sea", the historic seaside town of Heiligenhafen attracts many visitors throughout the year as a spa and sailing destination. The picturesque port city sits along an inland lake, where a two mile promenade links the marina to the center of town. The town recently enlisted the service of a landscape architecture firm to redesign the promenade to improve its functionality throughout the day and into the evening hours. The German landscape architecture firm of Siller Landschafts-Architekten was selected, in part, for their creative use of illumination as an integral part of the overall plan.
To accomplish the city's desires of reinventing the promenade as a major attraction for visitors, it was widened and reconfigured with dedicated bicycle and pedestrian foot paths. Avalon pole mounted luminaires in a single mount configuration line the entire length of the promenade for safety and security, taking on the appearance of a jeweled necklace when viewed from a distance.
At key points of interest along the way, wooden decks with revolving lounge chairs extend over the water, providing an island of respite for people to relax and enjoy. Sierra light columns with controllable RGB light engines stand side by side in groups of three at the entrance to the decks. The columns are preprogrammed with eight scenes that cycle throughout the course of the night, adding a touch of ambience to the visitor's vacation experience. The town's mayor remarked, "It's a wonderful thing when the colors are reflected by the water in the evening." In all, twenty-four columns were installed on the project.
Hess also worked with a local metal fabrication company to develop a custom pole lighting solution in the form of "sailing luminaires", which were fashioned in appearance like a sailboat. The custom assemblies provide illumination and zonal identification while doubling as signage to guide visitors throughout the area. A linear LED strip recessed into the horizontal boom illuminates the sail, while a beacon mounted atop the mast aids in wayfinding.
Avalon pole mounted luminaire illuminates a pedestrian intersection near a custom waymarking "sailing luminaire".
The results were well received by the mayor and the town's citizens. The project also demonstrates the engineering and manufacturing capabilities of Hess to deliver standard, modified, and custom lighting solutions to satisfy project requirements.

Project News

Here is a brief look at projects of interest currently under construction or nearing completion, for which lighting fixtures or site amenities have recently been shipped. We start the list with a project that is close to home.

Charlotte Douglass International Airport

Charlotte Douglass International Airport is fast approaching the November deadline for completion of the new Hourly Parking Deck and Rental Car facility located in front of the terminal. Illumination along pedestrian pathways throughout the complex will be provided by 103 Morocco bollards.

Lexington Medical Center

The Lexington Medical Center in Irmo, South Carolina recently finished an expansion to the hospital's campus, incorporating LED powered Residenza pole mounted luminaires. Fifteen twin mount pole assemblies with Type II and Type III distributions in 4000K were installed throughout the grounds.

Bakery Square 2.0

Bakery Square 2.0 is the newest addition to the Bakery Square campus, an affluent mixed-use development located in the heart of Pittsburgh's East End. Twenty-nine City Elements columns equipped with two LEVO modules with in 16' and 20' heights will illuminate outdoor areas throughout.

Fifth Avenue Place in Calgary

The plaza at the ultra-modern Fifth Avenue Place in Calgary, Alberta, Canada will undergo an upgrade which will include eighteen Reno illuminating columns when completed. The columns are lamped with 150w ceramic metal halide to provide both accenting and illumination of the pedestrian space.

United Methodist Church in St Louis

The United Methodist Church in St Louis, Missouri will install twenty-one Linea 450 pole mounted assemblies to illuminate the grounds of the new housing complex. The luminaires are equipped with two LEVO LED modules, each with a Type III distribution and 4000K color temperature.

Elan of Uptown

Fifty-six Valencia bollards with warm white LEDs will illuminate the pool decks and pathways at Elan of Uptown, a new LEED-certified luxury apartment complex in downtown Minneapolis. Completion of phase II construction is expected shortly.

West Side at Disney Springs

The West Side at Disney Springs in Lake Buena Vista, Florida is one phase in a multi-year transformation of Downtown Disney at the Walt Disney World Resort. As part of the largest expansion in Disney's history, this venue will provide an exuberant atmosphere with lively entertainment set against a décor that has an industrial feel, perfect for the sixty-two Campo pole and wall mount luminaire equipped with high-power LED light engines. The entire redevelopment is expected to be finished in 2016. This project represents HessAmerica's first order for the Campo LED luminaire since its introduction less than a year ago.
Special thanks go to the representative agencies that played a role in working with the specifiers in all stages of the project process. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.