LightFair 2014 Special Edition Newsletter

June 2014

  • LightFair Highlights
  • LightFair Awards
  • Avangardo 2
  • Varedo
  • Parco Debuts at LightFair
  • LED Outdoor Indirect: Faro and Campo
  • Light Columns
  • NORDEON Group Exhibits First Time in USA
  • Thank You from HessAmerica

LightFair Highlights

HessAmerica's presence as an exhibitor at the 2014 LightFair International in Las Vegas proved to be a resounding success on many fronts.
For the market in general, it signaled future stability under our new ownership. For the design community and our representatives, the buzz created by our new products was the storyline. Clearly, the products exhibited were testament to Hess refocusing on our core competency, the design of distinctive architectural outdoor luminaires. Obviously, the exhibition provided a venue to showcase new products to a broad audience, and the results were rewarding!
The HessAmerica booth at LightFair in Las Vegas

LightFair Awards

Best Booth Award
It all started with the attractive and inviting booth design as the backdrop for the products. The open booth design captured visitor attention, yet effectively displayed new products ranging from low-level bollards to pole mounted luminaires and light columns. The striking presentation captured LightFair's Best Booth Design Award for 400-500 square foot displays. The booth design award is conferred upon exhibitors who excel in visual booth display and product presentation.

New Products

Several other new products were introduced at this year's show. The range included a sampling of models from AVANGARDO 2, the VAREDO series of luminaires and site amenities, and PARCO. PARCO seems to have hit a design hot-button so expect to see more on it shortly.
Designed to accent outdoor or interior spaces, the new AVANGARDO 2 series of wall luminaires and bollards consists of four separate models; Carini, Fidenza, Genua, and Padua. The luminaires capture the essence of simple geometric forms, which combine to deliver elegant, yet understated, luminaires that enhance a variety of architectural styles. The LED luminaires are available in warm or neutral white color temperatures. Information for AVANGARDO 2 can be found in the overview of the individual models by clicking on the link.
The VAREDO Series is a new generation of luminaires and site amenities developed to provide landscape architects and lighting consultants with options for designing a comprehensive site package. The range includes LED pole mounted luminaires for area and street, an illuminating and barrier bollard, as well as several site amenities.
VAREDO employs a fundamental profile as the foundation of its design for a cohesive design vocabulary, allowing architects to define public spaces by subtly complementing the architecture. You will find more information on VAREDO in our "New Products" overview, as well as in the video below.
The Varedo D pole mounted luminaire with LED on display.
PARCO Debuts at LightFair
PARCO was well received among specifiers and representatives alike. Positioned side by side at the front of the booth like sentinels, the organically graceful profile generated a lot of excitement.
PARCO stands twelve feet tall and features a semi-regressed, fully shielded LED luminaire emitting zero uplight. The curved pole has a rectangular profile and is crafted with subtle design features such as concealed anchor bolts and no visible welds. This attention to detail makes PARCO well suited for pedestrian spaces where fit, finish, and performance strike a harmonious balance.

LED Outdoor Indirect

LED Outdoor Indirect - FARO and CAMPO
LED versions of the FARO and CAMPO were unveiled at the show. The upgrade to solid state brings with it several positive benefits, including lower power consumption and longer life. The indirect luminaires have been a popular choice among design professionals, so having LED available should help sales.
As an added bonus, LED retrofit kits are now available for both models, giving you an immediate opportunity to offer upgrades for existing applications.

Light Columns

Three illuminating columns including the Sierra 4000 and City Elements columns in two diameters were exhibited at the fair. In particular, the nine inch diameter City Elements 230 column was configured with a special intermediate element developed for a project, which consists of two 6.5 foot tall windows in a back-to-back configuration for 360 degrees of illumination. The RGBW light engines were DMX controlled with several scenes which cycled throughout the day. This is now available as a standard in 4', 5' and 6' tall lenses.
Special City Elements columns with 360° of illuminated windows were on display at LightFair.
Visitor traffic at the booth was steady throughout the show.

NORDEON Group Exhibits at LightFair for the First Time

The NORDEON Group exhibited for the first time at this all-important lighting industry trade show. The exhibition provided an opportunity to meet with numerous people to learn the nuances of the lighting industry here, as well as gain valuable feedback on market expectations for luminaires.

Thank You from HessAmerica

The HessAmerica team in full force: (from left to right) Wes Lane, Ryan Kornblatt, Terry O'Toole, Victor Wittmann, and Becky Smith
The HessAmerica team gratefully acknowledges all who attended and took the time to visit with us to learn about new products. We thank you for your support in helping make the 2014 LightFair International a success! Happy selling!