HessAmerica Newsletter

May 2014

  • Featured Project: Lexus Dealership
  • New Regional Sales Manager
  • 2014 Light Fair
  • LED Product News
  • Trade Show Hightlights
  • International Project: Singen, Germany
  • Project News

Featured Project
Park Place Lexus - Plano, Texas

Park Place Dealerships is one of the largest automotive groups in the country, representing over a dozen luxury automotive lines as exotic as Bentley, Bugatti, and Maserati. Their new Lexus showroom and service facility represents the latest effort to address the growing demand in the Dallas-Fort Worth area for high-end vehicles. The sweeping architecture of the new showroom represents a departure from typical automobile dealerships and called for luminaires with a unique design vocabulary to complement the building. As a result, Tanella pole mounted luminaires, City Elements bollards, and Sierra light columns were selected to provide outdoor lighting in key locations on the site, making this our latest featured project.
Tanella luminaires on each assembly are aimed in two directions to illuminate adjoining display areas. (Photo courtesy of Ecosense)
Nearly twice the size of its former location, the new 170,000 square foot showroom and service facility addresses the needs of its expanding business while increasing its visibility. Set on 27 acres near two major highways, the striking architecture draws attention to the dealership from the Dallas North Tollway and Spring Creek Parkway, where tens of thousands of cars pass by each day.
Eight Tanella 2 assemblies add visual impact to the architecture of the building, while highlighting the outdoor vehicle display area. The poles are located in pairs with luminaires aimed to highlight featured vehicles at night. While the standard pole height is 32', the lighting consultant selected shorter 18' poles to concentrate light on the small footprint of the vehicles. The designer specified 39w T6 ceramic metal halide sources with narrow beam optics equipped with special snoots and concentric ring louvers to control the beam angle, enhancing the viewing experience of potential customers.
Along walkways surrounding the building, sixteen City Elements bollards provide illumination for safety. The four foot, nine inch diameter bollards are lamped with 70w ceramic metal halide with Type V optics.
Sierra 4000 columns utilizing 70 watt ceramic metal halide sources prominently line the entry drive as a row of illuminated beacons visually welcoming visitors to the dealership.
Tanella luminaires with shielded optics deliver an enhanced viewing experience for patrons. (Photo courtesy of Ecosense)
Special recognition goes Architectural Lighting Associates, who worked closely with the lighting consultant throughout the project to ensure all product modification details and specifications were communicated to the factory. The results are spectacular!

New Regional Sales Manager
Southeast Region

We are pleased to welcome Ryan Kornblatt to the HessAmerica sales team. Ryan is the Regional Sales Manager for the Southeast region, reporting directly to Victor Wittmann, VP of Sales.
Ryan has an extensive background in the lighting industry, having started his career working in the family owned and operated lighting representative agency. Subsequently, he has held sales management positions in several well-known lighting companies, most recently with Ecosense Lighting.
Ryan has completed his product familiarization and will begin making sales visits to agencies in his territory. He is strategically based just south of Charlotte, North Carolina and well positioned for travel to all states within his region. Expect to hear from him soon. He may be reached at ryan.kornblatt@hessamerica.com or by cell phone at (201) 710-0016. Welcome aboard!

2014 LightFair
June 3-5, 2014, Las Vegas, Nevada

2014 LightFair in Las Vegas will mark its 25th year as the world's largest annual architectural and commercial lighting tradeshow. Once again, HessAmerica will be exhibiting, so be sure to mark your calendars and please visit us at booth # 1316 to see the latest products coming to market. The lighting fixtures will range from pole mounted LED luminaires to a new series of architectural SSL wall mounted luminaires with complementary bollards. Also on display will be several indirect luminaires that have recently been converted to LED.
The 20' x 20' booth will be located near the entrance to the exhibit hall, just behind LightFair's 25th Anniversary Celebration Lounge. The HessAmerica team looks forward to seeing you at the show!
Nordeon, parent company to Hess Licht + Form, will make their first appearance at LightFair with a booth of their own. Nordeon's objective is to become familiar with the U.S. market, get feedback on their product offerings, and to develop contacts to promote products in North America. Visit booth #821 and take the time to introduce yourself. While you are there, you can learn about the company and see a sampling of products they offer.

LED Product News

With LED chip manufacturers making continuous advances in performance, more HessAmerica products are now available with solid state technology. Increases in lumens per watt and L70 lifetimes occur with regular frequency and we expect this trend to continue. Accordingly, LED lighting products will see regular updates as these improvements hit the market.


The Faro outdoor indirect luminaire with light beam image splitting technology is the most recent product making the transition to solid state. It takes advantage of the dramatic increases in LED lumen output with the latest COB offerings. The new lumen package makes solid state outdoor indirect lighting viable, bringing additional benefits such as lower power consumption and long service life. Retrofit kits are also available for the Faro 720 and 960 models.

CAMPO 450 Retrofit Kit

LED retrofit kits are now available for the Campo 450 pole and companion wall mounted luminaires. The upgrade kits are available in standard or high output models with a choice of 3000K or 4000K color temperatures. The high output light engine generates light levels 60% higher than a 150 watt ceramic metal halide model, while consuming only 58 watts.
The retrofit kit provides you with an additional tool to satisfy customer requests for upgrades. For example, the Port of San Francisco recently ordered the upgrade kit for Campo 450 metal halide luminaires installed along the bay. Click on the links below for more information.

LINEA Bollard

The LINEA high-performance bollard receives an LED upgrade that increases light output by 50% in both the standard and high output models. Bollards equipped with the standard output light engine in 3000K can be spaced on 24 foot centers (8 mounting heights), while providing an average illumination of 1 footcandle for pathways up to 12' wide. The standard output model is now suitable for use when path of egress lighting is required. The high output model is ideal for applications where high ambient light levels exist. Power consumption remains the same at 19 watts and 39 watts for the standard and high output models, respectively. Click on the link and select the "IES / Images" tab to download the latest IES files.

RIVA 260 / 360 Pole Mount

The Riva pole mounted luminaire adds a solid state option with a choice of color temperatures. It is available in 3000K or 4000K, addressing the most common color temperatures being used in lighting applications today. The pedestrian scale Riva 360 provides 1/2 footcandle average illumination when spaced on 44' centers.


The Residenza S with matte acrylic lens uses the same light engine developed for the Riva, sharing similar performance. The series includes pole mounted models in single and twin configurations, as well as a wall mounted option. A 15' column based version is available and will be added to the website shortly as specification and technical details are finalized.

Trade Show Highlights
LEDucation 8 / Light+Building

HessAmerica exhibited at the recent two-day LEDucation 8 trade show in New York last March. Terry O'Toole and Victor Wittmann represented the company at the show, greeting and speaking with many local and regional lighting consultants and designers. Products on display included a modified City Elements column with color changing RGBW, Avalon 650 pole mounted luminaire, Sedi recessed wall luminaire, as well as low-level bollards. While only a table top venue with limited exhibit space, the show continues to provide an intimate forum where designers have the opportunity to spend valued face time with manufacturers to learn about the latest products. Show attendance has grown consistently since its inception, transforming the local one-day show into a two day event that draws attendees from the entire Northeast region and beyond.
Hess returned to the world stage under new ownership in grand form at Light + Building in Frankfurt with a clear focus on urban space and Cityscape design. The booth clearly showed the renewed strategic direction of the company - Hess Designs Cities. Pierre van Lamsweerde, Managing Director of Hess and CEO of the Nordeon Group remarked, "With our products and solutions, we want to design cities, communities, and public spaces, and make them more attractive, thus promote a sense of well-being and create atmosphere. During the day and at night."
Products displayed included Varedo, a complete new family of products including luminaires and site amenities, the Avangardo 2 series of wall luminaires and complementary bollards, and other well established products showing custom capabilities. The exhibit also gave an insight into the future with several luminaire design studies on display to gauge industry reaction and acceptance.
Terry O'Toole, General Manager, and Victor Wittmann, VP of Sales, represented HessAmerica, meeting with visitors from North America and Mexico. The show was heavily attended by U.S designers and representatives, keeping them busy for the entire show. Following the fair, they hosted visitors at the company headquarters in Villingen.

International Project
Downtown Pedestrian Zone - Singen, Germany

The town of Singen, Germany is known to many Europeans as a popular shopping venue throughout the year and as a stopping point for tourists travelling to nearby Lake Constance. To further promote its image as a destination, city officials enlisted the services of a lighting consultant to create a cityscape concept that would better reflect the town's image to residents and visitors alike, while replacing decades old mercury vapor lighting fixtures.
City Elements columns provide multi-functional illumination and orientation along the pedestrian zone.
To accomplish this goal, lighting designer Christian Vogt with Vogt & Partner developed a lighting plan that incorporated visual themes using the City Elements modular light column system. Using grass to represent the surrounding country side and water to signify the lake as a community influence, Hess engineers developed the concept into a working solution that achieved the designer's vision. Using a special intermediate element developed for this project, the visual references were successfully integrated into the element that would be visible day or night. The lighting designer specified LEDs in colors that reflected the symbolism that is green for grass, and blue for water.
Custom intermediate element with grass motif is visible both day and night.
The designer employed several column configurations to satisfy varying lighting requirements found throughout the city center. All of the columns have an AR top element lamped with two LEVO LED modules to provide general illumination for pedestrian traffic. In some cases, accent elements were also configured into the columns to highlight facades, statuary, or artwork found throughout the area. On selected columns, convenience outlets are concealed behind hand holes to allow access to power during outdoor events throughout the year.
Some City Elements columns include accent elements to highlight nearby details of interest.
The streetscape program will be implemented in two phases. The first phase involved improvements to the downtown pedestrian zone where shops, restaurants, and hotels are located. The final phase will see City Elements columns with the water motif and blue LEDs installed along the route that leads to the lake. The project is expected to be fully installed by the summer of 2014.
The mayor of Singen reports positive responses from local residents on the new streetscape lighting system. As a bonus, the newly installed fixtures have reduced power consumption by almost 75%, compared to the outdated mercury fixtures they replace, bringing instant savings to the town's operating budget.

Project News

Following are highlights of projects which have recently been shipped. While these projects may still be under construction, expect to see some of them featured in upcoming newsletters once completed.

Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC)

The Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center (ARTIC) will be an expansive transportation gateway and mixed-use activity center when it opens in late 2014. Located on a 16 acre site owned by the City, it will serve as a hub for Amtrak and Metrolink trains, local and express bus routes, tour and charter buses, taxis, and shuttles. City Elements 230 columns in two configurations at 20' and 30' heights will provide site lighting.

County Administration Center Waterfront Park

The County Administration Center Waterfront Park in San Diego is a 12 acre park that will serve as a community and regional open space, complete with large civic greens, children's play areas, and intimate garden rooms. Agena pole mounted luminaires will illuminate the site. Toro power bollards will provide a source of power for outdoor events. The grand opening is scheduled to open in May.

Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale

Seven Seas Park in Sunnyvale, California is a community gathering place for residents in this fast growing neighborhood. The 5.3 acre park will have playgrounds, sports fields, picnic areas, and a jogging/walking trail. Fifteen foot City Elements 200 columns will provide safety and security lighting during the evening hours.

Pinnacle on Adelaide in Toronto

The Pinnacle on Adelaide in Toronto, Canada is an exclusive luxury condominium located along a cultural corridor within the city. Sierra G columns in 13' and 21' tall models with warm white LED sources will highlight the sidewalks surrounding the building when it opens this summer.


The Cortona, a modern 280 unit luxury apartment complex, is the latest addition to the rapidly expanding Highlands mixed-use development near St Louis. Sierra 3200 wall mounted columns with warm white LEDs will accent the façade at the entrance to this five story building. Additionally, Varello wall mounted luminaires and Cento 280 LED bollards will be installed throughout common areas of the complex. The complex is expected to be open for business in June 2014.

Western Illinois University

The Western Illinois University expands its campus with the addition of a new building housing its academic programs in the College of Arts and Sciences, Education and Human Services, and Fine Arts and Communications. Linea 600 pole mounted luminaires will illuminate the grounds of the new addition when completed in late Summer or early Fall.
Kudos go to the sales agencies for their specification efforts and follow-up to make these projects a reality. We look forward to your continued sales efforts in promoting HessAmerica products to the specification community.