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September 2013

  • Nordeon Group Acquires Hess
  • Featured Project:
    Franklin County Courthouse - Columbus, Ohio
  • Product News:
    Amalfi LED
  • First U.S. Adelie Project
  • International Project:
    Testo Building - Black Forest, Germany
  • Project News
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Nordeon Group Acquires Hess

As most of you know, Nordeon has acquired Hess by means of an asset deal reached between the two parties. The acquisition includes the manufacturing operations of Hess GmbH Licht + Form in Villingen, Germany, and HessAmerica in the United States, as well as the sales operation in Stockholm, Sweden. The acquisition is scheduled to close October 1, 2013. Nordeon is owned by Varova, a Dutch-based investment company.
Nordeon was founded in October of 2012 with the purchase of Philip's luminaire manufacturing facility in Springe, Germany. The facility is considered to be one of Europe's largest manufacturing sites for the production of LED luminaires. Shortly thereafter in the same year, Philip's fluorescent lamp manufacturing facility in Chalon-sur-Saône, France was added to its portfolio. Nordeon further expanded their operations group in March 2013 with the acquisition of Vulkan GmbH of Germany, a growing commercial outdoor luminaire manufacturer, formerly owned by Hess AG.
As a result of the strong financial foundation and potential synergies provided by Nordeon, Hess is afforded a high level of stability in which to completely focus on its core competencies as a manufacturer of premium architectural outdoor luminaires. Explains Pierre van Lamsweerde, CEO of Nordeon, "Both Nordeon and Hess are successfully positioned companies in their respective markets. With its product line, Nordeon strongly concentrates on the development and production of luminaires for indoor and outdoor use. Hess mainly focuses on the development and production of decorative and very design-oriented outdoor luminaires".
The Nordeon group will employ approximately 600 employees across four manufacturing sites in Germany, France, and the United States after completion of the acquisition. We move forward with optimism the new organization will bring added strength and flexibility to both the German and U.S. operations.

Featured Project:
Franklin County Courthouse

Columbus, Ohio

The Franklin County Courthouse represents the latest addition to the county complex in downtown Columbus, Ohio, bringing with it a modern visual identity of which local residents can be proud. The contemporary building occupies a corner block at the downtown intersection, forming a "Courthouse Square" with existing county structures. The project was awarded LEED Gold certification and is currently the only county courthouse in the U.S. to achieve this status. Sustainable features, ranging from a green roof with grey water recycling capabilities to extensive use of daylighting combined with energy efficient lighting and control systems, were incorporated into its construction. Full cutoff Linea luminaires in several configurations were selected to provide exterior lighting, making this our latest featured project.
Twenty-six foot tall Linea poles in a bi-level configuration line both sides of the street in front of the new facility. While creating visual interest, this arrangement offers the economy of using a single pole to satisfy both street and sidewalk illumination by reducing the need for additional foundations and electrical infrastructure. The multi-head assemblies consist of a 150 watt T6 ceramic metal halide luminaire at the pole top facing the street, and 70 watt fixtures at fifteen feet above grade on the sidewalk side. Linea 450 poles in single mount configurations are alternately installed between each bi-level assembly to provide increased illumination and uniformity required for this high activity pedestrian zone.
Linea fixtures on twenty foot poles were used around the perimeter of an exterior service area located behind the building. The building was also utilized by adding Linea wall mounted luminaires, reducing obstructions within the constrained space and eliminating the need for additional standards and foundations.
The fixture selection delivered the performance needed to comply with LEED exterior lighting requirements under the Sustainable Site Credit 8: Light Pollution Reduction credit, contributing the applicable point toward the overall project score. The bi-level arrangement provided the lighting designer with the ability to satisfy spill light limits at the property line by capitalizing on the enhanced light control resulting from the lower mounting height of the sidewalk luminaire. The full cutoff Linea fixtures also afforded the landscape architect freedom to incorporate miniature LED accent uplights for trees surrounding the complex and still fall within the LEED LZ2 allowance of 5% total uplight.
Single and bi-level Linea luminaires complement the linear geometry of the building's glass and steel architecture.
The local agency, Lighting Unlimited, is credited with working with the landscape architect in providing ideas for luminaire selection, as well as for their assistance in the lighting design. Their efforts throughout the specification cycle helped realize the successful outcome of the designer's vision. Great job!
For additional information on these products, click on the links below.

Product News

The Amalfi pole mounted luminaire is now available incorporating the latest in LED technology. Offered in either 3000K or 4000K color temperatures with a CRI greater than 80, the luminaire delivers ambient illumination suitable for outdoor spaces where subtle, low brightness lighting is desired.
Rendering of base cover with inverted taper pole
Utilizing a single COB LED with reflector optics, light is projected upward through the domed matte borosilicate glass lens, then directed downward by the indirect reflector, producing softly diffused illumination. Power consumption is only 24 watts.
Amalfi has long been a popular choice for feature spaces where refined styling is desired. Design elements include the precision machined aluminum housing and indirect reflector with satin anodized finish for an elegant presentation. Further attention to detail is evident by its unique mounting method, allowing the pole to be installed flush to grade and secured with visible stainless steel socket head bolts.
A new option for a streamlined base cover will be available soon for designers who prefer the look of a concealed flange base. The new base cover will be available for the Amalfi, Parma, and Riva pole mounted luminaires.
The Amalfi pole mounted luminaire may be specified with either an 8' or 10' inverted taper steel pole. The steel pole is hot-dip galvanized prior to being coated in finely textured paint forming a duplex system of advanced corrosion protection.
The Amalfi product family includes a complementary bollard in halogen or LED sources and two wall models with either a horizontal or 12° tilted bracket reminiscent of a torchiere.
Follow the links below to download additional product information.
Pole Mounted Luminaires:
Illuminating Bollard:
Wall Mounted Luminaires:

First U.S. Adelie Project

We are excited to report our first U.S. installation of the Adelie. While the fixture has generated a lot of interest, as well as a design award at LightFair, getting the first order is always validation of interest. The luminaires have been installed at the University of North Carolina Charlotte Chancellor's residence.
The grounds, a beautifully landscaped area behind the residence, serve as a venue for University social functions and fund raising events, so subtle ambient illumination was the designer's primary objective. After several false starts with fixtures that produced too much brightness from an illumination perspective, our local representative was called to present new ideas, and the first Adelie application was conceived.
Following an onsite mock-up (easily accomplished since it was local), selection of the Adelie was finalized. The designer added dimming, so the lighting could be tailored to a variety of situations. We are pleased to see a local project being the first installation, but we are also looking forward to additional upcoming projects.
Click on the link for more information:

International Project News
Testo Headquarters

Black Forest - Germany

Testo Incorporated, recognized as a world leader in the design and manufacture of portable measuring instruments, recently completed construction of their new corporate headquarters in the Black Forest area of Germany. The building's modern styling is a striking blend of glass and natural stone, designed by a local architectural firm. Notably, it is the first of four buildings planned for the site.
A lighting consultant was engaged to design the lighting for the parking areas based on three criteria.
First, and foremost, the outdoor lighting had to produce ambience while allowing the architecture to remain as the focal point; it had to be energy efficient; and lastly, it had to meet local codes for safety and security without producing glare, particularly toward an adjacent highway. City Elements light columns were selected for their simplicity and performance.
For the first phase, five identically configured City Elements columns were used. Each nine inch diameter column consists of a top AS300 element and three BS300 intermediate elements mounted directly below. Three of the modules used reflector optics in a flood distribution with concentric ring louvers for glare control. The remaining module was equipped with an LED spotlight to form "islands of light" leading to the building. All modules utilize an asymmetric side window configuration for lateral illumination, with house side shielding naturally provided by the back of the housing.
By combining four directional lighting elements into a single structure, the designer was able to effectively illuminate the site from only a few locations, creating an open appearance with a minimum of visual interruptions. The restrained styling of the columns blends into the site, preserving the focus of the architecture. While this unique lighting design approach of using directional sources is not common for the illumination of parking areas, it achieved the vision of the design team.
In the end, the final installation met all of the criteria. Ambience was attained through the use of lower wattage light sources, providing just the amount of illumination, while meeting the local lighting requirements. By selecting the AS300 and BS300 elements, the designer eliminated the issue of stray light or glare directed to the roadway. The successful lighting design solution will no doubt be carried forward when construction starts on the remaining three buildings.
For additional information on the versatile City Elements light column system, click on the links below.

Project News

As regularly featured in our quarterly newsletter, we take a look ahead at significant or notable projects that are currently under construction or nearing completion for which lighting fixtures have been recently shipped. We anticipate featuring some of these projects in future mailings after construction has been completed and the facilities opened.

The Overland Park Regional Medical Center in Kansas is undergoing an extensive expansion and renovation to meet the needs of its growing community. Single mount LINEA LED fixtures on fifteen foot aluminum poles will provide street lighting for the complex. Construction is expected to be finished by early 2014.



In Newport Beach, California, the Irvine Company has commissioned two new buildings within its prestigious 600 acre development known as Newport Center. Linea 800 pole mounted LED luminaires will replace existing lighting along a secondary street to accommodate increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic when completed in 2014.



Situated on 10 acres of city owned property, the Maricopa City Hall Complex in Arizona will be the site of the new municipal building and police station when it is completed in late 2013. Linea 450 pole mounted luminaires with 3000K LEDs were selected to illuminate the streets and driveways surrounding the buildings.



North of the border, the Meadows Community Recreation Center and Edmonton Public Library are on track to open in 2014. The site lighting will consist of Linea 450 and 600 pole mounted luminaires for the parking areas and City Elements 180 columns for the pedestrian areas and pathways surrounding the buildings.





In Tacoma, Washington, construction on the Pacific Avenue Streetscape project is in full swing. Pendo catenary suspended luminaires will extend over a two block section in one of the more historic sections of the street. The upgrades are expected to be done in time for the summer of 2014.


We appreciate the efforts of the agencies involved in these projects and look forward to continued successes in the future. Keep up the great work!


In the previous newsletter, photo credits for the Kissimmee Lakefront Park project were inadvertently omitted. Michael Brown with AECOM is credited for the first two images and was the lead designer and project manager, having assembled the design team for the project. We regret the error. Please click on the link below for the updated article.