HessAmerica Newsletter

July 2013

  • Featured Project - Kissimmee Lakefront Park
  • 2013 LightFair Highlights
  • LEVO Product Update
  • CAMPO 450 LED
  • International Project News - Donauschingen
  • Project News

Featured Project
Kissimmee Lakefront Park

Kissimmee, Florida

Photography: Michael Brown / AECOM
Kissimmee Lakefront Park underwent a major renovation, officially reopening to the public in April 2013. Bordering streets and utilities around the site were realigned, allowing the existing park to be reconfigured for greater functionality. New amenities include picnic areas, playgrounds, a fishing dock and boat ramp, performance stage, and open grassy areas for events. The centerpiece of the project is Ruby Plaza, which unifies the expansive twenty-five acre park and serves as a gateway to downtown City of Kissimmee. City Elements columns with color-changing LED sources perform an enchanting light show for visitors at night, making this our latest featured project.
Twenty-four City Elements 230 columns are installed throughout the brick-paved plaza and the adjacent waterfront promenade. Thirteen foot tall columns were specified in two basic configurations, with all of the assemblies featuring special seven foot tall intermediate elements developed specifically for the project.
The distinctive semi-cylindrical opal lenses encompass the shaft from two sides, providing a linear lighting element for colored visual accenting. Each column has two color-changing RGBW light engines, powered by electronic drivers with built-in sequencing and DMX control capability. The columns are programmed to predetermined scenes for different events and times of the year.
City Elements columns were programmed with numerous scenes that can be changed throughout the year.
Photography: Michael Brown / AECOM
AR900 top elements with cylindrical lenses and Type V optics were incorporated into the columns located in open, expansive areas to provide uniform illumination throughout. Perimeter mounted columns located along the promenade and other walkways used AA900 elements with asymmetric optics to minimize spill light. Both configurations utilize 70w T6 ceramic metal halide lamps.
Columns placed along the perimeter of the promenade incorporated AA900 top elements to minimize spill light.
Photo: Bob Watson / Landreth Inc.
Agency recognition goes to International Lights in New York for their work with the lighting consultant; and to Landreth, Inc in central Florida for their attentive assistance to the lead designer and project manager throughout the specification and order process, including participation in the on-site programming of the DMX scenes.

2013 LightFair Highlights

HessAmerica exhibited to record attendance at the recent 2013 LightFair International, held in April at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Activity was continuous throughout the three day trade show, with many attendees taking the opportunity to catch up on Hess company news and see the latest products. On display were a variety of products ranging from illuminated columns and pole mounted luminaires to low-level bollards and accent luminaires.
New Hess products included Tensso, Cento 780 LED, Avalon LED, and City Elements 230 with GOBO element (l to r)
New Hess offerings included LED versions of both the Cento 780 bollard and the Avalon 650 post top luminaire. Also shown for the first time, were the City Elements 230 Gobo element and a special variant of the City Elements column highlighted in this newsletter's featured project. Other products included the Sierra RGB column and the seven inch diameter City Elements 180 column with intermediate accent elements.
The show marked the start of the joint marketing partnership with Thorn Lighting of Europe. Select products marketed in the USA under the Thorn by Hess banner were on display, including the Adelie LED indirect luminaire, Avenue Deco series, Alumet Stage LED column, and the StyLED area lighting fixture. Of particular interest to numerous visitors were the unique styling and visual mass of the 10" diameter Avenue Deco and Promenade bollards. Follow the link below for further information.
Thorn by Hess products included Adelie, Avenue Deco, Alumet Stage, and StyLED (l to r)
Finally, a collection of Italian influenced lighting products known as Hess Italia was previewed. Well proportioned for human scale architecture, the luminaires blend contemporary European styling, design, and finish. The luminaires are constructed from a variety of materials including precision die-cast housings, high quality aluminum extrusions, and stainless steel for exacting tolerances and appearance. Many of the luminaires in the collection are LED based, using the latest solid state technology. Response to the line was overwhelmingly positive based on visitor comments. An announcement will be made as we are ready to proceed with the line.
The Hess Italia preview from l to r: Mini One beacon, Micro Spring, 900 Micro.

LEVO Product Update

The versatile LEVO module continues to be integrated into select luminaires across the Hess range. In this issue, the newest LED offerings are presented in the Canto, Sera, and Novara product families. These should provide expanded opportunities for site lighting solutions, especially when both pole and wall mounted luminaires are required.
The LEVO LED module is available in both Type II and III distributions with the choice of 3000K, 4000K, or 5600K color temperatures at a CRI of 80. Multiple modules may be incorporated into a luminaire depending on its size. An individual module consumes 24 watts.


Canto is available in two sizes as pole or wall mounted luminaires. Both will accommodate two or three LEVO modules, consuming 47 watts or 71 watts, respectively. With the luminaire mounted at 26' above grade, as with the Canto 800G, illumination levels of 0.5 FC average are achievable, satisfying most typical outdoor site lighting applications.
Canto 800G luminaires with three LEVO modules illuminate a four lane road to 0.5 FC average from one side when spaced on 108' centers.
Follow the links below to download additional information.


The Sera series also receives an upgrade with the addition of the LEVO module for both luminaire sizes. With the scalability of the LEVO system, the smaller model can be specified with two or three modules, while the larger Sera 740 will accept three to five modules. Sera is available in four pole mounting configurations as well as a wall mounted model. Click on the links below for further information.


Several models of the iconic Novara series now employ the LEVO module. These include the Novara ML, S, SAL, and SL luminaires in pole and wall mount configurations. The extensive product range, defined by its characteristic finned, wedge shaped styling and stainless steel accent components, offers different luminaire sizes and housing profiles. The full range includes pedestrian scale bollards, wall mounts, and pole mounted luminaires in heights up to 20'. Follow the links for further information.


Discovery Green Park, Houston, Texas
Campo 450 is now available in LED with a choice of either standard or high-output light engines. The new LED model actually delivers higher output over the traditional metal halide variant with dramatically reduced energy consumption. For example, the standard output LED engine delivers illumination equivalent to the 150 watt ceramic metal halide model, but consumes only 28 watts. The high-output version at 52 watts generates an additional fifty percent increase in light output for applications requiring higher illumination levels. Color temperatures are available in 3000K or 4000K with a CRI of 80. Campo is available in both pole and wall mount configurations.
Campo's heavy cast aluminum housing provides the ideal platform for incorporating LED technology into the product. The distinctive external fins serve as a functional design element, allowing the housing to act as a heat sink in the thermal management of the LEDs.
A retrofit kit will be offered in the near future to allow existing metal halide fixtures to be converted to LED. To accomplish this, the light engine kit will be going through the UL/CSA listing process. An announcement will be made once completed.
Follow the links below to download the specification sheet and LM-79 photometric files.

International Project News
Donauschingen, Germany Continues with LED Lighting Retrofit Program

The City of Donauschingen, in the Black Forest region, continues to move forward with its successful LED lighting retrofit program. Having already completed the conversion of 1,000 luminaires in the town center, city officials voted unanimously to begin a new phase involving another 500 lighting fixtures. The Residenza post top luminaire with a single LEVO module has been the fixture selected for this program, and will be installed along fifteen residential streets near the center of town.
City leaders have been pleased with the results and positive response from the citizens. The new luminaires provides crisp white illumination with significant savings in energy costs. For every luminaire that is converted to LED, power consumption is reduced from 93 watts down to 24 watts. This represents an impressive 70% reduction in energy usage per head. When the current luminaire conversion is completed in mid-2014, the connected load will have been reduced by 100,000 watts.
Additional reductions in energy costs and consumption will come as a result of dimming and control systems that have been incorporated into the luminaires. After 10PM, every other luminaire will be turned off, with the remaining fixtures dimmed down to 30% of full light output. Motion sensors will increase the light levels to 80% of full power when activity is detected.
The conversion project was partially funded by a LED street lighting program offered by the German Federal Ministry for the Environment, which contributes 20% of the initial investment cost.

Project News

We present a few highlights of projects under construction for which products have recently shipped. As in the past, we anticipate featuring some of these installations in upcoming newsletters when completed.
Rendering of the new U.S. Coast Guard Headquarters building complex.
-The U.S Coast Guard will begin consolidating twenty-four office locations into a single facility in August 2013 as part of the Department of Homeland Security's planned relocation to Washington D.C.'s Anacostia neighborhood. The 176 acre campus will accommodate the 4,000 employee workforce at this location. Nineteen Sidus benches with European ash planking are installed throughout the campus.


-The Gossett Motor Cars dealership is renovating and expanding its standalone Audi dealership for increased inventory capability. Linea 800 pole mounted luminaires will provide the site lighting when it opens to the public at the end of the year. The Linea and City Elements series are approved fixtures in the Audi Design Guidelines for use with new dealerships.


-The new Leonard H.O. Spearman Technology Building at Texas Southern University will be a state-of-the-art facility that will house administrative offices and technology classrooms geared toward collaborative instruction and business research. The new facility will merge three College of Technology locations into a single building. The site lighting will include Sierra 4000 LED columns and bollards, as well as Ferrara 900 bollards on the grounds.

The Lexus dealership in Plano, Texas nears completion for its opening in late 2013.
-The Lexus dealership in Plano, Texas is expected to open in September. The large 27 acre dealership will have Sierra 4000G columns, City Elements 230 bollards, and modified Tanella II assemblies on 18' poles installed at key sales locations throughout the site.


-Meadow Crest Early Learning Center in Renton, Washington will soon be installing sixteen Sierra Q LED columns as part of a joint development project between the City of Renton and the Renton School District. The facility will provide an environment where children, including their families and care givers, can develop themselves by challenging their minds and bodies.


-The Mann Center for Performing Arts in Philadelphia recently installed City Elements as part of a site improvement program. New fixtures for the venue include City Elements 180 bollards and columns, as well as City Elements 230 columns with three lighting modules on individual circuits for accenting, pathway illumination and area lighting.


We appreciate the efforts of the agencies involved in these projects and look forward to continued successes for the future. Keep up the great work!