Newsletter 2012

Featured Project
Fulton Street Mall Brooklyn, New York

The historic Fulton Street Mall recently underwent a major $15 million dollar streetscape renovation to modernize Brooklyn's main shopping thoroughfare. The design objective was to bring "a fresh face to the urban realm and beautify the area" while maximizing community interaction and the role of public spaces for the nearly 100,000 shoppers that visit the area every day. The New York City Economic Development Corporation, AECOM, NYC DOT, and HLB Lighting Design worked together towards this goal, and in the process, added a new streetlight option to the NYC DOT Street Design Manual. Canto G assemblies were selected, making this our featured project.
The main challenge for the eight block corridor was to shed light on both pedestrian pavements and street thoroughfare from a single structure. The solution was an energy-efficient lighting system comprised of one 33' Canto G pole with two heads mounted at different heights. This reduced the pole structure count and produced a cleaner street profile. The gently arching poles, in turn, create a visual portal to frame the mall. In all, forty-seven assemblies line the streets of Fulton Street.
Canto G assemblies at 33' create a visual portal along the retail corridor.
The street side fixture is mounted at 30' above grade and lamped with 250w metal halide to illuminate the thoroughfare to the required light level. The pedestrian side fixture, mounted at 16', illuminates the sidewalk, but also serves to illuminate the facades of the adjacent buildings, highlighting the store fronts. Each pole is equipped with two banner arms to create uniform signage for the streetscape. Other modifications include a turquoise LED marker light mounted on the pole top to provide a sense of rhythm as visitors look down the retail corridor, and GFCI outlets for use with holiday lighting.
Albee Square Public Plaza along Fulton Street encompasses 20,000 square feet and received a major makeover during construction. Within this plaza, Canto 450G assemblies at 17' in standard single mount and custom twin pole configurations provide warm, inviting lighting for the pedestrians during the evening hours.
Canto 450G assemblies in custom twin pole configuration illuminate     Designer's sketch of the Fulton Street lighting system (right) 
Albee Square (left).
With construction completed in 2011, the Fulton Mall is open for business with a fresh new look. Community feedback has been positive, with many applauding the addition of contemporary luminaires as a welcome enhancement to the area. This project is an excellent example of the results that can be achieved through close collaboration among designers, representatives, and the manufacturer. We commend International Lights, the New York City representative for providing the long-term cohesiveness needed to bring the designer's vision to fruition.
For more information on Canto G, click on the link below.

New Sales Management Team

Victor Wittmann - VP Sales                                                                               Cliff Gilbert - Eastern Regional Sales Manager
We are pleased to announce the addition of two new sales managers to the HessAmerica team. Terry O'Toole has appointed Victor Wittmann, a long-time lighting industry veteran, to the position of Vice President of Sales, and Cliff Gilbert as Eastern Regional Sales Manager for the company. Both bring unique skill sets to the company that will guide HessAmerica to future growth and opportunities.
In his new role, Victor Wittmann will be responsible for the growth and management of sales and specifications across North America. In his capacity, he will oversee the entire network of agencies, and guide the strategic efforts of regional sales management. Concurrently, Victor is available to work with architects, landscape architects, and lighting consultants to specify HessAmerica lighting and site amenity products. Victor may be reached by cell phone at 908-692-5441 or by email at
Cliff Gilbert will be responsible for agencies along and near the Eastern seaboard. He has extensive background and training from a major lighting conglomerate with experience in all aspects of the specification and ordering cycle. As the Eastern Regional Sales Manager, he will be responsible for growing sales within his territory, travelling frequently for product training and sales calls. Cliff can be reached by phone at 203-788-0814 or by email at
Please join us in welcoming Victor and Cliff to the HessAmerica team.

Light + Building Highlights

Hess exhibited at Light + Building in Frankfurt this past April, introducing a wide variety of new products, including new offerings from its subsidiaries; Lehner, Emdelight, and Vulkan. New products ranged from pole mounted and catenary suspended LED luminaires to a new line of architectural lighting products that includes small and large scale in-ground luminaires and architectural floods. Click on the link for a short video of the booth activity from the show floor.
Terry O'Toole attended the fair to provide North American interface for the many specifiers and representatives who visited from the U.S. One group, hosted by Tony Meyer with Envision Lighting Systems (Tampa/Fort Myers), made the trek to the Hess facility in the Black Forest to tour our facilities before returning to the states.
Several new products were shown that should be introduced to the U.S. market within 12 months.

LightFair Highlights

In May, HessAmerica exhibited at LightFair in Las Vegas to record breaking attendance. The show was a great success on several fronts. In addition to exhibiting a number of new products, we increased the booth size to present Thorn Lighting as a potential joint marketing venture in the U.S. - see related article below. In doing so, we garnered an award in the LightFair Innovation Awards program.
HessAmerica exhibited new products this year including a selection of architectural outdoor lighting products from Thorn.
New products introduced by HessAmerica included the following products:
  • Tensso - LED pole mounted luminaire utilizing the LEVO module
  • Novara OVS - redesigned pole luminaire with in LED and HID
  • Cento 780 LED - pedestrian scale LED column (also available as a bollard)
  • Cento 900 LED - updated with LED sources in all models within the Cento product family
  • Livorno - LED pole mounted luminaire in two sizes using the LEVO module
Tensso                                                                      Livorno XL                                                               Novara OVS
Several products recently introduced were also displayed. The Sierra Q square column, new variations of the City Elements (three diameters), as well as Pasadena, and Tokyo pole mounted luminaires were shown.
The highlight of the show was the Adelie indirect LED post top luminaire, which captured "Best in Category for Roadway and Parking Garage" at the LightFair Innovation Awards. Many visitors came by for a first-hand look at the winning product, increasing booth traffic as a result.
We appreciate all of you who took the time to stop by, say hello, and see the new products.
Adelie from Thorn by Hess won best in category for Roadway and Parking Garage
Follow the link below to see an overview of the new products shown. Should you have any questions, please contact Wes Lane on ext. 225 or by email at

Hess and Thorn Marketing Agreement

The response to Thorn products at LightFair was very positive from both design professionals and you, our field marketing partners. As a result, Hess AG and Thorn Lighting have agreed to move forward with a marketing partnership for North America. Under this agreement, HessAmerica will market selected architectural outdoor luminaires to the specification community in the United States. The new line will be branded as Thorn by Hess.
Work has already started on product selection, which will be followed by testing and certification of products to U.S. and Canadian safety standards (UL/CSA). Concurrently, marketing literature, product information, and programs will be developed to support the new venture. Look for future announcements later this year as we draw to completion of this initial introduction stage.
A sampling of the products that will be coming are shown here and includes area lighting, bollards, LED floodlights, illuminating columns, and specialized luminaires for street lighting. Additional products may be available, but we are finalizing plans. More information will follow.

Featured Product

Cento Series Now Available in LED & Pedestrian-Scale Column
Cento has been a very popular product. A clean, architecturally neutral product with great versatility. Beginning with the Cento 150 head for surface mounting and base bollard, the range has expanded to its current breadth. With its recent conversion to LED plus additional configurations, its appeal promises to increase.
The first conversion to LED was the Cento 780 with full length lens. Subsequently, the natural extension of the product line was the addition of a small diameter column in overall heights of 8' or 10', driven by a client's request. The Cento 780 bollard and pedestrian-scale columns add ambience to pathways and smaller scale spaces with soft, diffused illumination, capturing visual interest with an even, low-brightness distribution of light across the entire lens surface. The luminaires are machined from heavy-wall aluminum extrusions, giving the luminaires a stylish, but sturdy presence.
The Cento 360 bollard followed to address the need for symmetrical illumination. As with the original Cento bollards, the Cento 360 is available in heights of 11", 20", and 36".
LED lamping for the Cento series is available in warm or neutral color temperatures of 3000K and 4000K, respectively. CRI is 80+, suitable for all architectural lighting applications. Power consumption ranges from 16 watts to 26 watts depending on the model. The LED source combined with the translucent acrylic lens provide comfortable, glare-free illumination with high visual comfort.
For further product information, click on the links below.

Project News

Several interesting projects have been shipped in the last few months. We anticpate some of them may show up as featured projects in the future.
  • Washington Canal Park in our nation's capital nears completion with the installation of City Elements 180 bollards and 230 modular light columns. The seven inch diameter bollards and nine inch diameter columns will be installed throughout the park, which will be the centerpiece of an emerging high-density, mixed use development district that includes the new Department of Transportation headquarters.
    City Elements
  • Building 24 at the Centers for Disease Control, where Campo 450 pole mounted luminaires will be installed on the exterior of the site. This will be the future home for researchers involved with infectious diseases and related subjects. The project represents an expansion to the existing facilities, where many HessAmerica fixtures are already installed.
    Campo Pole Mounted Luminaire
  • Hammond, Louisiana. The North Oaks Medical Center is in its first phase of a major expansion. The project incorporates Reno columns and a Tanella II structure on the exterior grounds, and Bari 220 SLPY pendant mounted luminaires for the interior.
    Reno Illuminating Column
    Bari 220 SLPY Pendant Luminaire
    Tanella II Pole Mounted Luminaire
  • The City of Kansas City will install about two hundred Residenza LED luminaires in two configurations on inverted taper and stepped poles for its Main Street streetscape. The project spans more than ten city blocks and is designed to recreate the area as a destination, rather than simply a conduit to move vehicular traffic.
    Residenza Pole Mounted Luminaire
  • Denver, Colorado. Union Station, a historic train terminal, is currently under major renovation. Residenza columns with symmetric and asymmetric distributions, and Sierra bollards will eventually be installed throughout the site on this active construction project.
    Residenza Illuminating Column
    Sierra Illuminating Bollard
Several projects have also been highlighted by various trade publications in print and online. '
Note the following:
Fulton Street Mall - Brooklyn, NY
"New Streetlight Adopted by NYCDOT" - Illuminating Engineering Society of North America - Feb 2012
Wilmington Waterfront Park - Los Angeles
"Promenading at Wilmington Waterfront Park"
Landscape Architecture & Specifier News - April 2012; Volume 28, Number 04
"Promenading at Wilmington Waterfront Park" - - April 2012
"Power to the People" - Landscape Architecture Magazine - April 2012; Volume 102, Number 04
University of Minnesota - Science Teaching and Student Center - Minneapolis, MN
"University of Minnesota - Science Teaching and Student Center"
Landscape Architecture & Specifier News - June 2012; Volume 28, Number 06
"University of Minnesota - Science Teaching and Student Center" - June 2012
We appreciate the efforts of the representative agencies involved. Keep up the great work!

Gallery Program - Time Slots Available

With beautiful summer weather in full swing, now is the time to consider scheduling a specifier visit to the Gallery. This long-running program has proven to be an excellent tool in communicating the latest product developments and technologies to visitors. More importantly, it has been instrumental in developing stronger relationships with your valued specifiers. Representatives who have routinely participated in the program have experienced positive results in sales.
Now with the program registered with the AIA and ASLA for continuing education programs, the Gallery program awards five AIA Health, Safety, and Welfare learning units for architects, or five professional development hours for landscape architects. The course portion of a visit to the gallery is entitled Luminaires: From Creation to Application - A Tour, and includes a classroom learning activity, as well as a factory tour and viewing the Gallery at night. You may download the CEU program summary at the following link <download> (PDF, 115.34 KB) .
The typical Gallery format begins with arrival late Thursday morning into Charlotte or Greenville-Spartanburg. Lunch is followed by an afternoon of presentations, and concluded with dinner and a viewing of the Gallery in the evening. Most visitors choose to include a Friday excursion to the nearby Biltmore Estate, with departure home the following morning.
Wes Lane accompanied Ryan Clark (Liberty Lighting Associates), architects, and landscape architects from the New Jersey area in March.
Cliff Gilbert, Eastern Regional Sales Manager, and Wes Lane hosted landscape architects and representatives from Houston and Orlando during a recent visit.
Groups up to ten people, such as this group of landscape architects and lighting consultants from Minnesota and Philadelphia, can be accommodated.
To schedule or inquire about a Gallery visit, please contact Terry O'Toole, or one of our sales managers for available time slots.