Newsletter 2011

Featured Project Wilmington Waterfront Park - Port of Los Angeles California

Angular shapes combine to punctuate the landscape. Photo: Eagle Eye Images
The latest featured project is the Wilmington Waterfront Park, a newly developed section of the Port of Los Angeles seaport that opened to the public in June 2011. The sprawling 30-acre site provides an open public space between the port's operations and adjacent residential neighborhoods. The expansive park includes plazas and pavilions for shows and events, walking and bicycle trails, four pedestrian bridges, and numerous amenities for the enjoyment of visitors. Several Hess lighting and site amenity products are prominently featured throughout the site, including Faro NQ pole mounted luminaires, Canos GK recessed wall fixtures, Ledia LL OD strips, and Serpo R tree grates.
Aerial view of the sprawling 30-acre park which provides a scenic, pedestrian-friendly buffer between the port and neighboring residential areas.
The overall topography of the park is relatively flat, rising up to a 16' high berm on the port side of the park where the El Paseo Promenade is situated. The man-made landform provides a natural noise and visual buffer for the neighboring community, while also allowing views of the massive shipping operation and ocean beyond from atop the promenade. The 3500' long elevated walkway unifies the east and west ends of the park with pedestrian and bicycle paths interspersed throughout the site.
Faro NQ indirect luminaires with 150w ceramic metal halide lamps, provide soft, glare-free illumination along this promenade and other major pathways throughout the park. The pole mounted fixtures are finished in bright red to match the pedestrian bridges and other hardscape items found on the site.
FARO NQ indirect luminaires frame the tree-lined walkway and iconic pedestrian bridge in the distance along the El Paseo Promenade. Photo: Eagle Eye Images
The park includes three areas set aside for public performances. At the West Pavilion, Canos GK recessed wall fixtures were used in the concrete seating areas of the outdoor amphitheater, providing low-level unobtrusive lighting for safety during events. On adjacent smaller walkways, LEDIA LL strips with red LEDs mirror the Faro NQ luminaires and pedestrian bridges. Serpo R tree grates, measuring 6.5' in diameter, were also incorporated at the main entrance to the East End Plaza to highlight specimen trees as visitors enter this area.
The primary specification for the products came out of Sasaki in San Francisco, so congrats to ALR for a job well done. Both Omnilite in Boston and DSA in Los Angeles were crucial to bringing the order in. This is a project in which all participants can be proud of their contribution.
Product Information | Faro NQ
Product Information | Canos GK
Product Information | Ledia LL OD
Product Information | Serpo R
Canos GK recessed wall luminaires installed in risers of the amphitheater seating provide low-level lighting for safety without detracting from nighttime performances.
Photo: Eagle Eye Images
Red LEDIA LL strips add visual accent to one of the many smaller pedestrian walkways.
Photo: Eagle Eye Images

2011 LightFair Highlights

HessAmerica exhibited at the recent LightFair in Philadelphia on May 17-19. The booth was expanded to showcase new in-ground architectural accent luminaires including the Ravenna and Palermo series of projectors, as well as the Teramo series of façade illumination fixtures. All were well received despite the ambient light levels being a challenge to overcome.
Pole mounted luminaires incorporating LEVO LED modules on display included the Novara SAL, Residenza, and the new Livorno which can be fitted with up to six modules in mounting heights up to 26'. HID models were represented by Pasadena, Linea, Campone, and Tokyo, although LED versions of the former are also available.
Illuminating columns included Sierra Q and Reno, as well as all three diameters of City Elements columns. The City Elements 230, the nine inch diameter column, included a special new Gobo element to project graphics seemed to attract interest from visitors and should bring new opportunities.
The Philadelphia experience had some positives, yet to us, New York remains as the best show venue for the East Coast. Sales leads generated from the show have already been sent to each agency's principal specification sales contact. Contact Wes Lane at if you need these resent.

LED Modules

The Hess philosophy with LED technology is to develop modularized light engines that may be upgraded as technology changes. With that design objective in place, three patented LED modules have been developed as universal solid-state lighting solutions that are integrated into numerous Hess lighting fixtures. Look for future announcements as additional products are updated to include these light engines. For those not familiar with these product developments, read on for technical details.
CLU-Tech system
The CLU-TECH system consists of an LED module, spun aluminum reflector, and prismatic lens. The field replaceable module uses two LED arrays with twenty-five chips each, arranged in a back-to-back configuration. The optical system produces a uniform, long and narrow light distribution pattern that is well suited to illuminating pathways and corporate roadways. Prisms on the inside of the lens minimize the visual brightness of the luminaire and precisely redirect light to where it is needed. Standard and high output light engines with a 5600K color temperature and CRI of 65, consume 39 watts and 50 watts respectively. A new generation of CLU-Tech modules with even greater light output will be added in the fourth quarter. Products utilizing CLU-Tech option include:
The LEVO module consists of an aluminum-core circuit board with fourteen high-power LED's which work in conjunction with a single-piece lens to produce an asymmetric distribution suitable for area and street lighting fixtures. The lens is injection molded from optical quality acrylic and features a complex array of prisms to precisely redirect light from the LEDs. Two distributions, achieved through different lens configurations, are available to meet varying site lighting requirements. Depending on the size of the product, multiple modules (up to six in some luminaires) may be incorporated to provide higher light levels or for use at higher mounting heights. A single LEVO module consumes a total of 26 watts at 500mA for pole mounted products and 37 watts at 700 mA when used in columns, bollards, and post-top luminaires. Color temperature selections include 3000K, 4000k, and 5600K with a CRI of 75. Products which offer the LEVO module option as a light source include:
Pasadena City Elements 230 AR900/AA900
Linea 450/600/800 City Elements 180 AR800/AA800
TrapezCity Elements 180 Bollard
Novara S/SAL
Module 360
Module 360 is an LED version of the traditional vertical lamp source found on many contemporary and traditional post top luminaires. Four vertical linear LED arrays (40 LEDs total) spaced ninety degrees apart provide a symmetrical Type V distribution. The module may also be specified with a 270° asymmetric distribution pattern (30 LEDs) for luminaires located along the perimeter of an area or for pathways. A cylindrical matte acrylic lens surrounds the LEDs and is shielded with louvers to produce diffused ambient illumination. Total power consumption is approximately 40 watts @ 350mA. Color temperature selections include 3000K, 4000K, and 5600K with a CRI of 75. Module 360 is available in the Avalon, Montego, Valencia, and Castor series of pole and wall mounted luminaires.

Gallery Visits & Updates

Since April, HessAmerica has hosted four groups at the facility. Recent visitors from Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Boston, Dallas, and Houston have had the opportunity to see the latest products and major additions to the Gallery including a new tree grate vignette to highlight the new products. Other upgrades include LED products such as the Linea bollard and the Sera luminaire with the CLU-Tech LED module, as well as LEVO and Module 360 products.
Agencies who have regularly participated in the Gallery program have shown continued growth in developing specifier relationships and generating specifications. For more information, contact Terry O'Toole on ext. 229 or by email at for available time slots for your next visit.
Recent visitors in May included representatives from Ardd & Winter (Atlanta), Legacy Lighting (Austin), and Architectural Lighting Associates (Dallas) along with their guests from various architecture and landscape architecture firms.

LINEA Bollard Wins Product Innovation Award

We are pleased to announce the LINEA LED bollard has garnered another award. This time it achieved Platinum honors in Architectural SSL's 2011 Product Innovation Awards in the Wallpacks / Bollards category. The goal of the competition was to determine and honor the best solid-state luminaires and supporting components on the market, and promote the adoption of LED products within the architectural and lighting design community.
The selection was made by a panel of fifteen judges, each with extensive backgrounds in the lighting industry. Technical criteria for evaluating product entries included CRI, color temperature, third party certification, and availability of LM-79 and LM-80 reports. The judges were particularly impressed with the optics, which produce a wide asymmetric distribution with zero uplight. In all, over 160 products ranging from exterior and interior luminaires to components were considered.
Recent visitors to the Gallery have seen the photometric performance firsthand and have been favorably impressed. In our outdoor exhibit, two LINEA bollards have been spaced eight mounting heights (24' on center) along a sidewalk. The bollards produce high quality, uniform illumination with light levels in excess of 0.5 FC average, exceeding IESNA requirements for typical walkways and bicycle paths.