Newsletter 2011

Project of the Month

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

The latest project of the month is the first phase of RiverWalk in Alberta, Canada featuring City Elements columns and bollards. It represents a noteworthy milestone in the overall master plan of the area and the heart of the district, making the City of Calgary a riverfront city for the first time in its history. This major revitalization project has already garnered several awards for sustainable and innovative design practices, landscape architecture, and lighting.
Opened to the public in September 2010, this phase of the RiverWalk winds along the Bow River, providing scenic views throughout the six block section. This area includes a promenade with divided bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, several river outlooks, as well as a large public space known as RiverWalk Plaza, capable of hosting several thousand visitors for festivals and other public gatherings. The new public space has been well received by the public, grateful that the formerly faceless area known for crime is now a safe, secure, and inviting place to visit day or night. When completed, the RiverWalk will span 2.5 miles along the city's downtown east side.
City Elements columns and bollards come to life as the sun sets over RiverWalk Plaza. Image: courtesy of CMLC
Twenty foot, nine inch diameter columns were specified to provide general area lighting throughout the project. Top elements with asymmetric housings and Type III reflectors were selected for all forty-four columns on this phase and are lamped with 150w T6 ceramic metal halide for warm color temperature and excellent color rendering. Intermediate elements equipped with RGB LEDs and drivers with DMX control capability are centrally located on the column nine feet above grade to provide colored accenting and visual interest. The lower placement of these elements adds a human scale to the tall columns and welcomes patrons into the space. For day to day lighting, the LED accent modules are set to blue, but can be changed to different color schemes through preset programs created for special events. Some of the columns include internal GFCI outlets to provide power for events.
Companion City Element bollards configured with AZ300 top elements and RGB LEDs are also installed throughout the site, playing a role in the overall lighting scheme. Synchronized to match the LED modules on the columns, many of these fixtures were incorporated into the landscape as illuminated barrier bollards at key access points, preventing unauthorized vehicular entry onto the pedestrian pathways. Of the forty-nine bollards installed, fourteen were also configured to include BS300 intermediate elements with pathway optics to provide low-level illumination in selected areas along the river front.
Single purposed bollards with color-changing LEDs act as illuminated barrier bollards preventing unauthorized vehicular entry onto the pedestrian and bicycle paths.
Special acknowledgement goes to the Optics Lighting in Calgary for their efforts in supporting the designers during the specification process for this on-going project. We expect this project will become the pride of the city as the project continues to grow.

2011 LightFair

HessAmerica will be exhibiting at LightFair in Philadelphia on May 17-19. We will have new and popular products on display in a large format 40'x20' booth space, so please be sure to visit and learn about our new offerings. Look for us at Booth# 3001 near the front entrance of the hall. With floor space already sold out, we look forward to heavy booth traffic for this venue. Mark your calendars and give your specifiers details if they plan to attend.
VIP passes will be available electronically from February 9 through April 22 which allows the holder free admission to the exhibit hall for the duration of the venue. A general email announcement will be made to all agency principals and specification sales people when they become available.
We will also be exhibiting at the LEDucation 5 in New York City on March 16. Hosted by the Designers Lighting Forum of New York, this is its fifth year with a focus on LED technology. More than 1000 members of the lighting design community are expected to attend seminars and see LED product offerings from ninety-six different manufacturers. Exhibit hours are from 12:00 PM through 9:00 PM. Additional information on this show is available at the or

Tree Grate Sample Program

Much interest has been generated since we introduced our expanded line of architectural tree grates at the national sales meeting last October. During this short period of time, specifications have been generated, orders have been received, and the Verona was selected by a jury of design professionals for inclusion in Architectural Record's 2010 Product Reports. That's a great start!
MARINO tree grates define this pedestrian space, along with Hess pole mounted luminaires, benches, barrier bollards, , and bicycle racks.
To support your sales efforts for these new products, we have developed a program that will allow agencies to order a case with three tree grate samples. The compact case includes 8" x 12" sections of three different tree grate models (Marino, Piceno, and Vincenze) to effectively communicate the breadth of the line to specifiers in a succinct and impactful presentation. The samples are cast aluminum to minimize weight for easy transport for sales calls and accurately represent the finish quality and design features. Specification sheets with comprehensive product information are currently being written and will soon be on-line.
The primary focus of the product and the program is the landscape architecture community, although architects are also a viable target. Sample cases will be made available to agencies focusing on those market segments. So we can assess the quantity needed, please contact Wes Lane by email at if your agency is interested in participating.
For information on the new tree grate products online, click on the following link

City Elements Configurator

The City Elements Configurator was launched in early November as an on-line support tool for specifying the popular modular light column system. With already several hundred visits to the site, however, we are not seeing widespread usage among agencies when requesting quotations. We encourage your salespeople and quotations personnel to make use of this tool as a helpful aid throughout the specification process.
Developed to support the recent expansion of the City Elements modular light column system to include 7", 8", and 9" diameters, it allows users to quickly configure a light column tailored to specific requirements based on the product's capabilities. The software guides you through logical steps in making housing and optical system selections in a building block format but from top to bottom. It is designed to prevent errors when developing a column configuration, ensuring accuracy for its users. The program will not allow you to develop a configuration that is mechanically not possible to build.
Once a column or bollard has been configured with the desired options, a PDF document can be generated with details of the system, complete with catalog numbers and product specifications. The PDF file can be used for submittal purposes, specification development, and quotations. At your next internal sales meeting, please encourage people to use the Configurator instead of calling Becky to work up standard configurations.
The City Elements Configurator may be accessed by going to the City Elements article on the HessAmerica homepage or by clicking on the following link: City Elements Configurator. Contact Wes Lane on ext. 225 or by email at should you need assistance in using or navigating the Configurator.

LINEA LED Bollard Performance

The LINEA LED bollard has become a popular product for low-level lighting. Since its introduction, the light engine has been further refined to include medium and high-output models consisting of five LED arrays with three high-power diodes each. Additionally, the selection of color temperatures has been expanded with 3000K, 4000K, and 5000K offerings. Lighting performance has improved, providing uniform illumination with very wide spacings and zero uplight suitable for use in all LEED lighting zones.
For most applications, the medium output light engine easily meets IESNA standards for pathways and bicycle paths, which recommends an average light level of 0.5 FC with 10:1 average to minimum uniformity. With 428 delivered lumens at 350mA, LINEA bollards can illuminate a 12' wide pathway when placed on 28' centers exceeding the target light levels and uniformity as shown in the example below. Total power consumption is only 19 watts per luminaire.
For applications with high ambient light conditions or where path of egress illumination is desired, the high-output model can provide the required light levels while still maintaining wide spacings and uniformity. Using the same example and replacing the luminaires with the high-output model as shown in the next illustration, average light levels of 1.2 FC are achieved with an average to minimum ratio of 3.1 to 1. Producing 728 delivered lumens at 700mA, the total power consumption remains low at only 38 watts per fixture.
This exceptional performance is well above any similarly styled bollards on the market delivering better spacing and thereby lower overall cost. With companion pole mounted luminaires now available in LED sources, the LINEA product family offers designers with viable options to provide a comprehensive LED lighting solution for site lighting. Click on the links below for additional product information.

Uptown Houston Feature Story in LD+A

We are pleased to announce featured editorial coverage of the Houston Uptown project in the January 2011 issue of LD+A (Lighting Design and Application). The article details an interview with the landscape architect who selected FARO pole mounted luminaires. Click on the link to view the story.
LD+A Houston Uptown (PDF, 926.68 KB)