Newsletter 2010

Project of the Month

Rivers Casino, Pittsburgh, PA

Rivers Casino, a premiere entertainment destination in western Pennsylvannia, is situated within a stone's throw of Heinz Field on the north shore near the confluence of three rivers for which Pittsburgh is so famous. It incorporates 21' tall Sierra 6500G columns in the main outdoor pedestrian plaza area fronting the river and is the latest project of the month.
Open for business in August 2009, the facility is built on a 12 acre tract that formerly housed rail yards and a steel mill. Glass and steel used in the building's architecture display high-style while paying homage to the site's former industrial heritage. Developed to be more than just a casino, it strives to provide a full entertainment experience with nine restaurants and bars, live music, an outdoor ampitheater, with outstanding views of the riverfront and skyline.
Sierra columns provide demarcation between the casino entrance and outdoor ampitheater while complementing the architecture.
Despite the large scale of the Sierra 6500 column with its 10.6" diameter and 21' overall height, the illuminating columns are perfectly proportioned within the architecture of the site. Lamped with 150w T6 ceramic metal halide sources, the luminaires add a subtle accent of warm white light, enhancing the color-changing effects on the building's facade. The ample diameter of the Sierra 6500G was also a perfect fit to accomodate the designer's proprietary sound system within the base of the shaft. An external flange with anchor bolts and base cover were provided as the mounting so that the fixtures could be installed with four inches of clear space above grade to allow sound to be projected from the base of the column.
Thanks to the specifying agency, Gasser Bush, for being involved in this project. Their efforts throughout the specification process ensured that the desired results were achieved with the Sierra columns, but they were also successful in getting Trento illuminating bollards specified around the outdoor cafe. Illuminating Concepts from Farmington Hills, Michigan, did an outstanding job on the casino.
Sierra columns provide subtle warm white accenting to enhance the colorful night time space.

New HessAmerica Catalog

We are pleased to announce availability of the new HessAmerica catalog. Shipments have begun to the main offices of each agency. The new catalog showcases many newly introduced lighting products as well as a greatly expanded site amenities section which includes tree grates, benches, litter receptacles, bicycle racks, planters, barrier, and utility bollards.
The catalog is formatted with the architect, landscape architect, and lighting consultant in mind. Products are conveniently divided into three major categories; Lighting¸Site Amenities, and LED. The graphic design of the layout features new product application photography along with clear, concise, easy to read product details. A color chart page with standard Hess finishes is included to make selection easy and convenient.
The catalogs will ship as separate components due to its weight and will need to be assembled at your office before distributing. A complete catalog consists of the following items
  • Binder
  • Catalog registration card - insert at the beginning of the catalog
  • Catalog page inserts
  • Color chart page - insert at the back of the catalog
As a reminder, please complete and return the catalog registration card when distributing new binders to your specifiers. A spreadsheet of current catalogs registered in each of your territories will be emailed to the principal of each agency to assist you in identifying firms that will need to be updated. Please contact Wes Lane at ext 225 or by email at should you need this list.

City Elements Configurator Now On-line

The City Elements Configurator is now on-line. To support the recent expansion of the City Elements modular light column system to now include 7", 8", and 9" diameters, this new tool allows users to quickly configure a light column tailored to their specific requirements based on the product's capabilities. The software guides you through logical steps in making housing and optical system selections in a building block format but from top to bottom. It will also prevent you from making errors when developing the configuration, by not allowing combinations that will not work together.
Once the desired options have been selected, a PDF document can be produced with details of the system, complete with catalog numbers and product specifications. The PDF file can be used for submittal purposes, specification development, and quotations. As an added convenience, the Configurator also provides you with the ability to email the column details in text format.
The HessAmerica City Elements Configurator may be accessed by going to the City Elements article on the HessAmerica homepage or by clicking on the following link: City Elements Configurator
Should you have any comments or questions, please contact Wes Lane on ext. 225 or by email at

HessAmerica Website Update

The HessAmerica website is undergoing a series of updates throughout November to coincide with the release of the new catalog. These changes will occur in stages, due to the enormous amount of reprogramming required and will for the most part be seamless.
(1) The primary change is currently being implemented in the Products selection menu. There are now three main product category sections to match the layout of the new catalog. The categories are Lighting, Site Amenities, and LED. New products are in the process of being added, so if you don't see a particular offering, contact Wes Lane for immediate assistance.
(2) The Product Search function has now been conveniently relocated to the top right hand corner of each webpage on our site. As before, it will allow you to search for products by name or model number to quickly locate product information.
(3) The City Elements Configurator link is now on the home page so that it is easy to find with fast access.
(4) The new catalog is now available for download in PDF format and can be accessed by clicking on the link below. The files are divided into the three major product categories for convenience.
Look for future announcements as we continue to update the website with new products, articles, and news. Contact Wes Lane on ext 225 or by email at should you have any questions or comments.

2010 IESNA Progress Report

We are proud to announce the LEVO LED module was selected for inclusion in the IESNA 2010 Progress Report. Every year, the IES Progress Committee evaluates submissions based on their uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the industry. Entries are only included into the report if they are considered to be an advancement to art and science of lighting.
The LEVO LED module was developed as a universal light engine that can be incorporated into a wide variety of existing Hess pole and wall mounted luminaires. Two light distributions are available to meet the needs of pedestrian scale and taller street and area lighting applications. Multiple modules may be incorporated into a luminaire depending on the size of the fixture.
The LEVO LED module is available in two light distributions to meet the needs of street, area, and pathway lighting applications.
Products that include the LEVO module include LINEA, City Elements, PASADENA, ALBA, CAMPONE, RESIDENZA, AND TRAPEZ.

HessAmerica Joins ASLA

HessAmerica has joined the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) as a corporate member to recognize the important role that landscape architects play in the specification of our products. As members of this organization, we send the message that we are here to support them in their professional endeavors and acknowledge their ongoing support of HessAmerica.