Project of the Month | Midfield Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

The Midfield Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport went into operation November 12, 2008 and is the latest project of the month. It is one of the nation's newest terminals and the first to be designed after the September 11 terrorist attacks. It balances the traveler's need for comfort and convenience with today's requirements for safety and security. The $1.2 billion project features Hess products in prominent outdoor and indoor locations.
Single mount Pollux 900 luminaires using 150w ceramic metal halide lamps line the opposite side of the main roadway leading to the terminal. Mounted on 35' poles, they provide the illumination levels and uniformity required on the road while complimenting the soaring architecture of the building.
After travelers pass through ticketing and security, they enter into the focal point of the building, a 30,000 square-foot piazza known as Civic Plaza. This interior space provides visitors with their first and last impression of Indianapolis, serving as a venue to showcase the city's culture and local artwork. Campo 450 luminaires mounted in a bi-level back-to-back configuration on custom poles dot the interior, adding to the visual interest of this space.
The project was the result of specification influence from St Louis, New York, and Indianapolis. Special thanks go to the reps for their efforts on this striking application of HessAmerica products.

Call for Project Images

We are always looking for projects that feature HessAmerica products for use on the website or for future marketing materials. If you know of any projects in your territory that are worthy of consideration, we would like to hear about them. The project should be architecturally interesting. We ask that you send us images of the project, even if they are low resolution pictures taken on a camera phone or personal digital camera. We can then determine if it warrants a professional photographer. Of course, if you are aware of existing high-resolution photos available from professional photographers, please contact Wes Lane on ext 225 or by email at

New Products On-line

We are already seeing specification activity and orders on new products that were recently brought to market including the LINEA pole mount , LINEA and Taro LED bollards, Athens pole mounted luminaires, and Night Elements modular column systems. Click on the link to see the latest new products. New Products

Gallery Visits & Updates

Recent Gallery visitor groups from Atlanta, Baltimore, Dallas, and St Louis have had the opportunity to view the latest LED products in the HessAmerica product line. Continuously upgraded as new products are introduced, the Gallery now includes examples of LED-based lighting fixtures such as bollards, pole mounted luminaires, and columns. The items include LINEA, TARO, and TORO bollards for pathway illumination, the Sera LED pole mounted luminaire, and color-changing RGB Sierra columns in a 13' wall mount configuration and the 21' tall SE6500 model. This venue allows specifiers to see the performance and scale of these products first-hand. Specifiers have reacted positively to the low lens brightness and uniform distribution of the SERA LED luminaire while citing comparisons to the disabling glare associated with other LED pole mounted products currently on the market. Contact Terry O'Toole at ext. 229 or by email at for available time slots for your next visit.
Wes Lane recently accompanied a group to the Biltmore Estate which included representatives from One Source Associates and their guests from several lighting design, architecture, and landscape architecture firms from the Baltimore-Washington region.
Ben Cantu with agents from Atlanta-based Ardd & Winter and design professionals which included lighting consultants, landscape architects, and an architect.

Product Bulletin: Illuminated Security Bollards

In today's era of heightened security requirements, designers are increasingly seeking ways to combine architecturally styled barrier systems with illumination for safety and security. In the past, utilitarian pipe-style barrier bollards would be installed for protection while lighting was done separately. HessAmerica has provided modifications to standard bollards to satisfy the desire for architecturally integrated solutions by creating lighted security bollards.
The main component is the bollard itself; however certain modifications may be required to make it work. Basically, a handhole may need to be moved or installed to accommodate wiring. The other component needed to create the security bollard is a hot-dip galvanized steel pipe that is embedded into and filled with concrete with accommodations made for electrical conduit. The pipe is sized so that the bollard slips over it like a sleeve with minimal clearance between the two components. The steel pipe may be supplied in advance. Bollard mounting may be flanged or flangeless depending on the model and nature of the modification request.
Examples of bollards that have been previously modified include Night Elements, Cento, and Montego based on appropriate order quantities that were commensurate with the level of engineering and modification required. While these designs are robust in construction, we make no warranties or claims regarding impact resistance or ability to repel vehicular intrusions. Visually, they appear no different than the standard models.
Figure 1 - Night Elements with flangeless mounting is secured to the pipe shaft with three recessed stainless steel setscrews near the base, providing a clean transition to grade.
One of the potential benefits of specifying Night Elements or Montego is that it can open the door to include additional site lighting on a project since they are part of a complete family. For instance, the Night Elements security bollard was selected for a corporate campus project to provide illumination and vehicular barrier protection for the circular driveway at the primary building entrance. Night Elements columns with an overall height of 16' had been chosen by the architect to provide the site lighting in other areas of the campus.
Figure 2 - Montego bollard with flanged mounting and steel pipe with integral mounting plate welded to the midsection.  The pipe assembly is embedded into concrete so that the bottom of the mounting plate is flush to the top of the foundation.  Bollard is secured to threaded holes in the mounting plate with socket head cap bolts.
Figure 3 - Cento bollard with flanged mounting and hot-dip galvanized steel pipe.  The bollard is secured to the foundation with stainless steel socket head cap bolts and concrete anchors.
Since the products discussed here are modified, we require adequate quantities; however it may be viable if the overall project is sufficient to rationalize the changes. Contact Becky Smith for pricing and availability on ext. 225 or by email at

In Memoriam Casey Greene 1981-2009

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of fellow employee and friend, Casey Greene, on July 31, 2009, as the result of a motorcycle accident. Casey joined HessAmerica straight out of high school ten years ago. Starting out with very little experience and a shy demeanor, he possessed a great willingness to learn and do well. In his first position, Casey was mentored by our master painter at that time. Over time, he learned the skills of the trade, progressing to lead painter, then subsequently into a supervisory position. He had become a key member of the HessAmerica team, assisting in many areas. Throughout the years, we had the pleasure of seeing him grow and mature, both as a member of the HessAmerica family and as a person.
He will be missed, but always remembered.