KAUST - King Abdullah University of Science and Technology
King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST), set to open in September 2009, is an international, graduate-level research university committed to scientific exploration and achievement, and the latest Hess project of the month.
The new LINEA pole mounted luminaire was selected by the architect for its high efficiency and full cutoff performance, but also to mesh harmoniously with the architecture, contributing to the overall green approach and design language of the master plan. Energy-efficient ceramic metal halide lamping generates warm white color temperature and excellent color rendering for the site.
Work in progress as the project nears completion for its 2009 inaugural academic year.                                 Photo: Laboratoire PCP
Pedestrian scale areas of the campus make use of 70 watt fixtures on 15' poles in single and twin mount configurations, while larger, more expansive spaces use a combination of 25' and 33' tall poles with 150 watt luminaires to provide the needed illumination levels. The taller poles were factory modified to accept field installation of accent floodlights to meet the additional design requirements of the lighting consultant.
LINEA poles were factory modified to accept field installation of accent floodlights providing greater design freedom.
Photo: Laboratoire PCP
The 3,200 acre campus, located 50 miles north of Jeddah in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia along the picturesque shores of the Red Sea, is just a one hour drive north of Mecca. The master planning and architecture blends traditional regional architecture with modern styles and amenities. The physical campus, and its operations, minimizes the environmental footprint through efficient use of water, electricity, and other resources. A coral-reef ecosystem immediately offshore will be preserved as a marine sanctuary and research area.
Traditional regional architecture blends with modern style throughout the new campus.                                    Photo: Laboratoire PCP
HessAmerica provided support to the representative throughout the development of the site lighting specification. Close coordination with corporate headquarters in Germany and the local sales office in Saudi Arabia ensured that the integrity of the specification remained true to the design intent. The project demonstrates the ability of Hess' global sales network to satisfy the requirements of North American specifiers involved in international projects from specification to implementation. Special thanks go to the specifying agency, St. Louis Lighting Group, for their hard work and dedicated efforts on this project. Should your agency need similar assistance, please contact Becky Smith at extension 224 or by email at


2009 LightFair Highlights
HessAmerica exhibited to record-breaking attendance this year at LightFair in New York. Despite the current economic climate, more than 23,000 registered visitors attended the 20th anniversary show held May 5-7. Booth traffic was heavy throughout the show, generating hundreds of leads from high-quality specifiers.
This year's large format booth provided the opportunity to exhibit several products that would normally be difficult to present. These included Sierra SE6500 RGB columns with DMX control, Night Elements in two different configurations, and the Village catenary luminaire. LED pole mounted versions of the SERA and ATHENS, also on display, generated interest among specifiers due to the low-brightness optics.
Special thanks go out to all who stopped by the booth to visit. As a reminder, sales leads generated from the show were emailed to the principal or primary sales contact for your agency several weeks ago. We make a significant outlay to attend so your follow-up and feedback is appreciated. Contact Wes Lane on ext. 225 or by email at if you need them resent.


Athens is a new Euro-style pole mounted luminaire that recently debuted at LightFair. Sharing somewhat similar lines to the Canto series, the architectural grade fixture has a longer, sleeker look. It is available in two sizes in single and twin mount configurations for pedestrian-scale and area lighting applications. Full cut-off distribution makes it suitable for all LEED lighting zones, while sealed optics ensure sustained long-term performance.
The housing, lens frame, and integral fitter are die-cast aluminum, providing sharply defined detailing throughout. Tool-less entry via a single quarter-turner fastener allows easy relamping and access to the electrical gear. Round straight poles are available in hot-dip galvanized steel or aluminum, and finished in finely texture paint to match the luminaire. A wall mount version of the product is also available.
Athens uses ceramic metal halide lamping, providing superior lamp performance, warm color temperature, and excellent color rendering demanded by architectural outdoor lighting applications, difficult to achieve with metal halide or pulse start metal halide technologies. The smaller model is available in 70, 100, and 150 watts, while the larger model is available in 150 and 250 watts. An LED version is also available (see the accompanying article for more information).
Catalog pages, specification sheets, and IES files for this new product may be downloaded by clicking on the follow link.


Sera, Athens, Novara OV
Three new LED pole mounted luminaires are now available - Sera, Athens, and Novara OV. Paired with a 15' pedestrian-scaled pole, the fixtures produce a long and narrow asymmetric distribution well suited for the Illumination of pathways and sidewalks. The optical train consists of two high-power LEDs positioned within the focal point of a parabolic reflector working in concert with an external prismatic lens. Light is reflected outward and refracted by the round prismatic lens, producing a uniform asymmetric distribution with low lens brightness. Specifiers who visited our booth at LightFair and the Gallery have reacted positively, commenting on the absence of disability glare associated with the majority of other LED pole mounted luminaires currently on the market.
Luminaire spacings of 4 to 4.5 mounting heights are possible while meeting IESNA levels of 0.5 footcandles average and uniformity of 4:1 average to minimum for most typical pathways. The luminaires emit zero uplight above 90 degrees horizontal, making them suitable for use in LEED lighting zones LZ2, LZ3, and LZ4 under the Sustainable Site Credit 8 for Light Pollution Reduction. Power consumption is only 34 watts.
Specification sheets and IES files are currently available with catalog sheets and webpages expected to be online within a couple of weeks. Contact Wes Lane on ext. 225 or by email at for more information.


The new Night Elements brochure has really generated a lot of interest. If you need additional quantities of the brochure, please contact Wes Lane on ext 225 or by email at to order more. We have already done several interesting projects and want to encourage your promotion of this item due to its exclusivity.
Limited quantities of the Night Elements presentation CD for specification sales people are also available. This CD includes a PowerPoint presentation, along with the PDF version of the brochure. As a reminder, Ben Cantu is currently traveling with Night Elements samples, so be sure to use his help.
Night Elements with customer-supplied crosswalk signal uses AA top element for general illumination and BS300 element near the base for pathway illumination along Main Plaza in San Antonio, Texas


I just returned from an eight day trip to China; Beijing and Shanghai. The purpose was to help the Hess office there with US design firms that have offices in China. All I can say is Wow ! It is an amazing and vibrant economy. Take your dreams of a construction boom and add a massive dose of steroids. It was a very eye-opening experience as to who is in control of the world economy.
We called on many U.S. firms as well as the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design. While the opportunities are great, there are obstacles, many related to the exchange rate and protective tariffs. I will be following up with some of you personally on meetings and to obtain information on the firms. My request, however, is that you alert us to projects in China where our office might help with solidifying an order. Specifications there are just the beginning!
Contact Terry O'Toole on ext 229 or by email at on this issue.