Project of the Month - Hilton Baltimore

Described as the city's first true convention hotel, the new Hilton Baltimore makes use of HessAmerica outdoor lighting products and site amenities to create an interesting and functional site. Congregation areas between the hotel and the neighboring convention center become inviting spaces with Sidus benches interspersed among Sierra columns. The single and twin bench models are configured with compressed beech seating and double arms. Sierra illuminated columns lamped with ceramic metal halide add ambience to the space day or night utilizing warm diffused illumination.
Sidus Z double benches with compressed beech seats offer an inviting atmosphere for pedestrians. Sierra columns provide softly diffused illumination during the evening hours.
The hotel complex occupies two blocks prominently located within the cultural and commercial heart of the city and adjacent to Oriole Park at Camden Yards, the Baltimore Convention Center, and the Inner Harbor. The architects sought to enhance the pedestrian experience and flow from the hotel to the neighboring venues. They successfully integrated Village catenary luminaires suspended between the hotels two buildings, allowing them to eliminate poles while providing the desired illumination levels for safe passage. These public spaces now have definition and cohesiveness that contribute to the overall sense of place.
Village catenary fixtures span Eutaw Street behind centerfield of Oriole Park at Camden Yards.

Gallery Visits

Numerous agencies have recently taken the opportunity to bring in specifiers to visit the Gallery. In all, seven groups from coast to coast have visited since October. Many of these groups included a side trip to the Biltmore Estate, decorated throughout for the holiday season. Though, we are currently going into the winter months, now is the time to start generating interest for future spring visits. Agencies who have previously taken advantage of bringing specifiers to the Gallery have recorded positive sales results.
Visits may be tailored to meet the needs of your specifiers with sufficient notice. Contact Terry O'Toole to make arrangements at 864-487-3535 ext 229 or by email at
Ben Cantu recently accompanied one of our larger groups to the Biltmore. The Kansas City based visitors included Kate Wimer with Mercer-Zimmerman, along with lighting consultants and landscape architects representing the firms of Yarnell Lighting Design, LightWorks, and Ochsner, Hare, and Hare.

BMW Driving Experience

Gallery visits with your top specifiers can be taken to a higher level with the inclusion of a trip to the BMW Driving Experience. The full-day program in high-performance driving offers hands-on instruction from professional BMW drivers. Training includes car control skills such as accident avoidance, cornering, braking, and driving under a variety of conditions. In addition to building one's personal driving skills and confidence, the program is a great relationship-building event for all who attend.
This program is really targeted to your top specifiers who are BMW or automotive enthusiasts. Reservations must be made well in advance of your anticipated visit and requires a co-sharing of expenses between the agency and HessAmerica.
Contact Terry O'Toole for further details or to make arrangements. He can be reached at 864-487-3535 ext 229 or by email at
Terry O'Toole (left) and Ben Cantu (center) hosted Jordan Cohen from New York-based International Lights and architects from the firms of Thomas Balsley Associates and Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architect for a fun-filled day of camaraderie and team-building.

EISA Update

Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007
Starting on January 1, 2009, new legislation affecting 150w-500w metal halide luminaires will go into effect. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 (EISA) sets minimum efficiencies for both probe-start and pulse-start metal halide ballasts. Many HessAmerica products fall under exemptions of the act and are not affected. These include products rated for 150w that are wet location rated.
For the products that are affected, the following changes will occur:
  • All 175w metal halide products will be changed over to 150w ceramic metal halide
  • Avalon, Montego, and Valencia models calling for 250w metal halide will be changed over to 200w pulse start metal halide.
  • Novara models lamped with 250w metal halide lamping will now use electronic ballasts.
  • Models which use 250w and 400w mogul base lamps will now use ceramic metal halide.
  • The Campo 770 with 250w metal halide will now use 210w ceramic metal halide lamping.

On the models where the lamping is being changed over to 210w, 250w, and 400w ceramic metal halide, several positive benefits result from this conversion. In addition to providing higher lumens per watt, these light sources provide a warm color temperature, superior color rendering, and longer life.
Specification sheets and web pages have been updated to comply with the EISA requirements. On-line catalog sheets will be updated in the first week of January. Contact Wes Lane on ext 225 or by email at with any questions.