Updated Gallery and Expansion

HessAmerica recently updated and expanded its outdoor exhibit adding several product families. In addition, a variety of new products are featured that were just introduced in November. The Gallery, Hess? state-of-the-art exhibit, showcases products in a natural environment, day or night, providing a unique view of lighting fixtures, poles and site amenities in an outdoor setting.
A centerpiece of the new products is the Light Tower, a 37? tall sculptural structure featuring Hess? proprietary indirect secondary reflector technology. The installation in front of the building attracts attention from visitors and passersby due to its dramatic physical presence and effective lighting performance.
Night Elements, a modular column-based lighting system, are installed in various configurations throughout the site. Examples in the exhibit range from an illuminated bollard for pathway illumination to 16? tall columns fitted with multiple functional elements for area, low-level, and accent lighting.
Several vignettes were added to exhibit product families with pole, wall mount, and bollard models included in the display. The new Sierra SXL, a 21? tall color changing LED powered column, and Sierra 4000 light columns with static colored LED?s are also on display to introduce color into the evening environment.
With the recent expansion, over 200 different products are now on display in a variety of mounting heights and configurations. To arrange a visit and see the new products first-hand, contact your local representative, or email us at info@hessamerica.com for availability.