The Light Tower

The Light Tower from Hess

Light Tower stands an imposing 37' above grade making this functional lighting sculpture visually striking both day and night. Ascending tiers of facetted reflector panels attach to the main structure with slender rods and appear to float around the center shaft. Stainless steel cables run vertically from the ground to the top of the structure to provide both support and punctuate the architecture of the structure.
The Light Tower provides both illumination and accent to the spatial design of entry or pedestrian plazas of convention centers, resort hotels, and stadiums. Functionally, the indirect lighting system uniformly illuminates large areas and may be circuited so light levels may be increased or decreased depending on activities at the venue.

Further Information

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Secondary Reflector Panels

The secondary reflector panels are comprised of 2,200 individual precision facets, which capture and redirect light from narrow beam floodlights mounted below grade in a pit at the base of the structure. Up to thirty-two 150w floodlights with ceramic metal halide lamping, mounted below a protective grate, may be incorporated into the system. Light levels of up to 10-14 footcandles are possible when using the maximum number of floodlights. Area of coverage ranges from 103' square up to 230' square, depending upon the types of facets selected.
Light Tower effectively demonstrates the functionality and design possible from today's sophisticated indirect lighting systems. It may be experienced first-hand by visiting our facility near Spartanburg, South Carolina.