Wilmington Waterfront Park

The latest featured project is the Wilmington Waterfront Park, a newly developed section of the Port of Los Angeles seaport that opened to the public in June 2011. The sprawling 30-acre site provides an open public space between the port's operations and adjacent residential neighborhoods. The expansive park includes plazas and pavilions for shows and events, walking and bicycle trails, four pedestrian bridges, and numerous amenities for the enjoyment of visitors. Several Hess lighting and site amenity products are prominently featured throughout the site, including Faro NQ pole mounted luminaires, Canos GK recessed wall fixtures, Ledia LL OD strips, and Serpo R tree grates.
The overall topography of the park is relatively flat, rising up to a 16' high berm on the port side of the park where the El Paseo Promenade is situated. The man-made landform provides a natural noise and visual buffer for the neighboring community, while also allowing views of the massive shipping operation and ocean beyond from atop the promenade. The 3500' long elevated walkway unifies the east and west ends of the park with pedestrian and bicycle paths interspersed throughout the site.
Faro NQ indirect luminaires with 150w ceramic metal halide lamps, provide soft, glare-free illumination along this promenade and other major pathways throughout the park. The pole mounted fixtures are finished in bright red to match the pedestrian bridges and other hardscape items found on the site.

Further Information

The primary specification for the products came out of Sasaki in San Francisco, so congrats to ALR for a job well done. Both Omnilite in Boston and DSA in Los Angeles were crucial to bringing the order in. This is a project in which all participants can be proud of their contribution.


West Pavilion

The park includes three areas set aside for public performances. At the West Pavilion, Canos GK recessed wall fixtures were used in the concrete seating areas of the outdoor amphitheater, providing low-level unobtrusive lighting for safety during events. On adjacent smaller walkways, LEDIA LL strips with red LEDs mirror the Faro NQ luminaires and pedestrian bridges. Serpo R tree grates, measuring 6.5' in diameter, were also incorporated at the main entrance to the East End Plaza to highlight specimen trees as visitors enter this area.