Project | Uptown Houston

Uptown Houston is a vibrant and modern business district located approximately six miles west of downtown, and home to the prestigious Galleria shopping mall. Rich in architecture and home to numerous upscale retail establishments, restaurants, and hotels, it ranks 17th among business districts in the United States. Faro 720 pole mounted luminaires line the sidewalks throughout the area providing warm and glare-free illumination at night for pedestrians in a subtle unobtrusive fashion.
The owners, Uptown Development Authority, worked closely with prominent landscape architecture firm, SWA Group in Houston, to develop an improved pedestrian system for the district. The goal was to transform ten miles of "harsh" vehicular-dominated streets into walkable, accessible, pedestrian-friendly environments. Elements of the project included six-foot wide concrete sidewalks, fully accessible street corners, shade-producing trees, and a district-wide pedestrian lighting system all combined to promote urban living.
The design team selected the Faro 720 luminaire and pole based on three criteria; an elegant and contemporary form to complement the general architectural context of the area, glare-free illumination with a warm color temperature, and lastly, the product had to be durable and able to withstand environmental conditions over a long period of time. These requirements were satisfied by the Faro 720 with its high-performance facetted indirect optical system and ceramic metal halide lamp source.

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