Project of the Month | Midfield Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport

The Midfield Terminal at Indianapolis International Airport went into operation November 12, 2008 and is the latest project of the month. It is one of the nation?s newest terminals and the first to be designed after the September 11 terrorist attacks. It balances the traveler?s need for comfort and convenience with today?s requirements for safety and security. The $1.2 billion project features Hess products in prominent outdoor and indoor locations.
Photo: Sam Fentress
Single mount Pollux 900 luminaires using 150w ceramic metal halide lamps line the opposite side of the main roadway leading to the terminal. Mounted on 35? poles, they provide the illumination levels and uniformity required on the road while complimenting the soaring architecture of the building.
After travelers pass through ticketing and security, they enter into the focal point of the building, a 30,000 square-foot piazza known as Civic Plaza. This interior space provides visitors with their first and last impression of Indianapolis, serving as a venue to showcase the city?s culture and local artwork. Campo 450 luminaires mounted in a bi-level back-to-back configuration on custom poles dot the interior, adding to the visual interest of this space.
Click on the link below for further information on the Pollux and Campo product families.