Project: Port of Los Angeles

HessAmerica furnished the Port of Los Angeles, featuring site amenities, including benches, litter receptacles, and bicycle racks.
CORVUS benches with custom arms in various configurations were incorporated along the Cruise Ship Promenade, a 1200-foot boardwalk designed to mirror amenities found on cruise ships. Standard SERPO litter receptacles are intermingled with the benches along the walkway. Both were painted in a custom seafoam green finish. Additionally, TENDO bicycle racks were installed in various locations around the area.
Photography: Eagle Eye Images Photography
Custom SERPO litter receptacles were installed at stations along the San Pedro Red Car Line, a 1.5-mile long vintage trolley line that connects the cruise ship terminal to various attractions along the waterfront. The SERPO litter receptacles were fabricated with a custom nautilus design provided by the landscape architect and were modified to a larger 44 gallon capacity. A ?doggie doo? plastic bag dispenser was designed, fabricated, and mounted on the post for civic-minded patrons.
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CORVUS bench    
SERPO litter receptacle  
TENDO bicycle rack
Photography: Eagle Eye Images Photography