LINEA Bollard Wins Product Innovation Award

The LINEA LED bollard captured Platinum honors in Architectural SSL?s 2011 Product Innovation Awards under the Wallpacks / Bollards category. The goal of the competition was to determine and honor the best solid-state luminaires and supporting components on the market, and promote the adoption of LED products within the architectural and lighting design community.
The selection was made by a panel of fifteen judges, each with extensive backgrounds in the lighting industry. Technical criteria for evaluating product entries included CRI, color temperature, third party certification, and availability of LM-79 and LM-80 reports. The judges were particularly impressed with the optics, which produce a wide asymmetric distribution with zero uplight. In all, over 160 products ranging from exterior and interior luminaires to components were considered.
For most applications, the standard output light engine easily meets IESNA standards for pathways and bicycle paths, which recommends an average light level of 0.5 FC with 10:1 average to minimum uniformity. With 428 delivered lumens at 350mA, LINEA bollards can illuminate a 12? wide pathway when placed on 28? centers, exceeding the recommended illumination levels and uniformity as shown in the example below. Total power consumption is only 19 watts per luminaire.
For applications with high ambient light conditions or where path of egress illumination is desired, the high-output model can provide the required light levels while still maintaining wide spacings and uniformity. Using the same example and replacing the luminaires with the high-output model as shown in the illustration below, average light levels of 1.2 FC are achieved with an average to minimum ratio of 3.1 to 1. Producing 728 delivered lumens at 700mA, the total power consumption remains low at only 38 watts per fixture.
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