LED Outdoor Indirect

Outdoor indirect lighting is now available with LED technology. Unlike direct luminaires, indirect fixtures maintain a visual presence in the evening when illuminated, providing designers with an enhanced ability to define outdoor spaces throughout the entire day.


The FARO outdoor indirect luminaire with light beam image splitting technology makes the transition to solid state, taking advantage of the dramatic increases in LED lumen output with the latest COB offerings. The new lumen package makes solid state outdoor indirect lighting viable, bringing additional benefits such as lower power consumption and long service life. FARO is available in two sizes, well suited for pedestrian scale lighting applications.
Contemporary styling and sophisticated optics converge to produce a high-performance architectural luminaire that delivers glare-free lighting, realistic rendering, and uniform horizontal and vertical illumination.
Retrofit kits are available for the FARO 720 and 960 models to convert existing ceramic metal halide systems to the latest solid state technology.


CAMPO 450 is available in LED with a choice of either standard or high-output light engines. The LED model delivers higher output over the traditional metal halide variant with dramatically reduced energy consumption. The standard output LED engine delivers illumination equivalent to the 150 watt ceramic metal halide model, yet consumes only 28 watts. The high-output version at 53 watts generates an additional fifty percent increase in light output for applications requiring higher illumination levels. Color temperatures are available in 3000K or 4000K with a CRI of 80. CAMPO is available in both pole and wall mount configurations.
LED retrofit kits are available.