LEVO module upgrade

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LEVO LED Module Upgrade

[June 2016] HessAmerica LEVO light engines with next-generation LEDs deliver up to 20% more light than previous diodes with only a 2 watt increase per module.

Product Bulletin: LEVO LED Module Upgrade

Product Description: LEVO Module - proprietary-design LED light engines upgraded with higher output LEDS are now available in twelve luminaire families.
Product Applications: Luminaires with LEVO LED Modules are well suited for outdoor commercial, institutional, educational, and retail installations, where low power consumption, long operating life, and uniform illumination are desired.
LEVO LED Modules are now available with the latest generation of high-performance white LEDs, delivering up to 20% more light than the previous generation. The LEDs are available in 3000k or 4000kcolor temperatures with CRI greater than 80. Power consumption has increased slightly from 23 watts to 25 watts per module.
The LEVO LED Module consists of fourteen high output LEDs mounted on an aluminum core circuit board and a single piece prismatic lens. The precision lens is injection molded from optical quality acrylic. The individual prisms capture and redirect light to produce an asymmetric distribution, while reducing the brightness of the individual LEDs. Depending on size of luminaire, up to five LEVO LED Modules may be incorporated when higher illumination levels, or taller mounting heights are required. The LEVO LED Module is available in Type II and Type III distribution patterns. The LEVO LED Module is available in a variety of HessAmerica luminaires. A partial listing of products includes Campone, Canto, Linea, Novara, Residenza, and the City Elements modular light column system.
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