2014 IESNA Progress Report

FARO LED Pole Mounted Luminaire

Selected for 2014 IESNA Progress Report

FARO LED has been selected for inclusion into the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) 2014 Progress Report. The selection was made by the Progress Report Committee, whose mandate is to report on developments and advancements in the art and science of lighting based on uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the industry.
The sophisticated optical system of FARO LED enhances pedestrian spaces with glare-free illumination and high visual comfort. It is the only outdoor indirect post top luminaire on the market to offer a G0 rating under the BUG classification system while offering a unique Type V Square distribution. The luminaire produces higher illumination levels with superior uniformity and greater pole spacings than indirect LED luminaires with traditional flat panel secondary reflectors.
FARO LED is available in two sizes with pole heights scaled accordingly for overall heights of 13' and 16', respectively. The LEDs are available in a choice of 3000K or 4000K color temperatures. Power consumption is 56 watts.
LED retrofit kits are available to convert existing metal halide installations to the latest technology.