2011 IESNA Progress Report

LIVORNO LED Pole Mounted Luminaire

We are pleased to announce the LIVORNO LED pole mounted luminaire was selected for inclusion into the 2011 IESNA Progress Report. This marks the third year in a row that Hess products have been selected for this prestigious recognition by a jury of industry peers, whose mandate is to keep in touch with developments in the art and science of lighting throughout the world. The report is the result of their annual review of achievements prepared for the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America. This year's report will be presented on October 31 at the IESNA Annual Conference in Austin, TX.
LIVORNO combines a unique slender profile with the latest LED technology to craft a luminaire relevant to today's most discriminating architectural requirements. Available in two sizes with pole heights scaled accordingly for pedestrian scale and area lighting applications, the luminaire accommodates two LEVO LED modules in the small model; and up to six modules in the larger size. Two light distributions, achieved through different lens configurations are available to satisfy area or street lighting requirements.
The two distributions, designated as ME and S optics, respectively, tailor lighting to the site. The ME optics provide a wide asymmetric distribution ideally suited for area lighting and illumination of wider streets, while the S optics perform well in narrower applications such as pathways and corporate roadways. Both produce even, uniform illumination as a result of the computer designed single-piece prismatic lens. Results of the ME photometric performance are illustrated below.
Livorno XL on 26' poles incorporating six ME optical modules achieves 0.9 foot-candles average with a max/min uniformity better than 5:1 when spaced 120' apart.

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Livorno Pole Mounted Luminaire