2010 IESNA Progress Report
We are proud to announce the LEVO LED module was selected for inclusion in the IESNA 2010 Progress Report. Every year, the IES Progress Committee evaluates submissions based on their uniqueness, innovation, and significance to the industry. Entries are only included into the report if they are considered to be an advancement to art and science of lighting.
The LEVO LED module was developed as a universal light engine that can be incorporated into a wide variety of existing Hess pole and wall mounted luminaires. Two light distributions are available to meet the needs of pedestrian scale and taller street and area lighting applications. Multiple modules may be incorporated into a luminaire depending on the size of the fixture.
The LEVO LED module is available in two light distributions to meet the needs of street, area, and pathway lighting applications.
Products that include the LEVO module include LINEA, City Elements, PASADENA, ALBA, CAMPONE, RESIDENZA, AND TRAPEZ. Further information on these products may be found by clicking on this link to LED products currently offered by HessAmerica.
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