RiverWalk CA - Alberta, Canada

Calgary RiverWalk

This project highlight is the first phase of RiverWalk in Alberta, Canada featuring City Elements columns and bollards. It represents a noteworthy milestone in the overall master plan of the area and the heart of the district, making the City of Calgary a riverfront city for the first time in its history. This major revitalization project has already garnered several awards for sustainable and innovative design practices, landscape architecture, and lighting.
Opened to the public in September 2010, this phase of the RiverWalk winds along the Bow River, providing scenic views throughout the six block section. This area includes a promenade with divided bicycle paths, pedestrian walkways, several river outlooks, as well as a large public space known as RiverWalk Plaza, capable of hosting several thousand visitors for festivals and other public gatherings. The new public space has been well received by the public, grateful that the formerly faceless area known for crime is now a safe, secure, and inviting place to visit day or night. When completed, the RiverWalk will span 2.5 miles along the city's downtown east side.

CITY ELEMENTS | Modular Light Column System

Twenty foot, nine inch diameter columns were specified to provide general area lighting throughout the project. Top elements with asymmetric housings and Type III reflectors were selected for all forty-four columns on this phase and are lamped with 150w T6 ceramic metal halide for warm color temperature and excellent color rendering. Intermediate elements equipped with RGB LEDs and drivers with DMX control capability are centrally located on the column nine feet above grade to provide colored accenting and visual interest. The lower placement of these elements adds a human scale to the tall columns and welcomes patrons into the space. For day to day lighting, the LED accent modules are set to blue, but can be changed to different color schemes through preset programs created for special events. Some of the columns include internal GFCI outlets to provide power for events.
Companion City Element bollards configured with AZ300 top elements and RGB LEDs are also installed throughout the site, playing a role in the overall lighting scheme. Synchronized to match the LED modules on the columns, many of these fixtures were incorporated into the landscape as illuminated barrier bollards at key access points, preventing unauthorized vehicular entry onto the pedestrian pathways. Of the forty-nine bollards installed, fourteen were also configured to include BS300 intermediate elements with pathway optics to provide low-level illumination in selected areas along the river front.


CA - Alberta, Canada

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CA - Alberta, Canada