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New Products

What 's new?

Ambitious design.
LED performance.
Improved energy efficiency.
Modular LED technology.


A circular opening punctuates the slender rectangular form of PORTAL, creating a striking visual. The satin anodized ring featuring a beveled profile houses the clear acrylic band, which distributes light from recessed LED sources. Bollard is available in warm or neutral white color temperatures. Concealed mounting plate assembly delivers a clean, flangeless appearance. All hardware is stainless steel. Standard colors; matte silver grey metallic or graphite grey. Special colors available. CSA Certified for Wet Locations.
Further information:
Product Information | PORTAL


The MOROCCO bollard has been updated with two new mounting heights and the addition of an LED light engine. The new models are 39" and 43" tall and replace the previous version. The bollard is available in both three and four window options for asymmetric or symmetric light distributions. It may be specified with a solid top or with an accent lens. The LED model is available in 3000K or 4000K color temperatures and delivers approximately 30% more light than the 24 watt conventional compact fluorescent model with the same power consumption.
Further information:
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VARESE Pole Mounted Luminaire

VARESE is a contemporary LED post top mounted luminaire with simple flowing cylindrical lines. Well proportioned for illumination of streetscapes and other pedestrian gathering areas, the luminaire exhibits fresh new styling to complement traditional and modern settings alike. The luminaire base with integral fitter tapers gently down, transitioning seamlessly to the pole. The LEDs available in warm or neutral color temperatures with a CRI greater than 80. Round straight poles are available in 12' or 14' heights in steel or aluminum.
Further information:
Product Information | VARESE LEVO
Product Information | VARESE LCV

DALVIK S Pole and Wall Mounted Luminaire

DALVIK S is a contemporary LED pole and wall mounted luminaire for public spaces where clean minimalist styling is desired. Two prominent reveals on the cast aluminum housing add a unique styling cue while highlighting the luminaire's slender profile. The luminaire may be configured with 2 or 3 LEVO C modules in Type II or III distributions to satisfy varying site lighting requirements. Dalvik emits zero uplight and is suitable for all LEED lighting zones and Dark Sky applications. Pole mounted models include single or twin mount configurations on 15' or 20' straight round poles in steel or aluminum.
Further information:
Product Information | DALVIK S Pole Mount
Product Information | DALVIK S Wall Mount

DALVIK R Pole Mounted Luminaire

A brushed stainless steel fascia punctuates DALVIK R, adding a touch of elegance to any installation. The LED pole luminaire may be configured with 2 or 3 LEVO C modules in Type II or III distributions to satisfy most typical site lighting requirements. The single mount Dalvik luminaire emits zero uplight and is suitable for all LEED lighting zones and Dark Sky applications. Straight round poles are available in 15' or 20' heights in steel or aluminum.
Further information:
Product Information | DALVIK R Pole Mount

ACCADIA recessed inground luminaire

ACCADIA satisfies architectural facade lighting and accenting requirements through precision optics and refined styling. Clear tempered glass lens with black screen printing is bonded flush to the stainless steel luminaire housing, showing no visible hardware for an elegant appearance. High power, illumination grade LEDs paired with sophisticated facetted reflectors deliver uniform illumination free of striations. Asymmetric optics may be adjusted to one of four positions for optimal illumination of vertical surfaces and may be factory set on request. Fixed symmetric optics in a choice of beam spreads for uplighting are also available. Luminaire is prewired with cable to allow easy installation into the stainless steel installation box without opening the luminaire. ACCADIA is available in three linear lengths and two diameters.
Further information:
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Product Information | ACCADIA L Symmetric
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Product Information | ACCADIA R Symmetric

PARCO Pole Mounted Luminaire and Bollard

PARCO illuminates with gracefully iconic styling and state of the art LED technology. The fully shielded luminaire is integrated into the pole and utilizes two LED light engines and emits zero uplight. It is suitable for LEED zones 1 through 4 and is Dark Sky compliant. The rectangular profile pole is crafted with subtle design features such as concealed anchor bolts and absence of visible welds, and is available in pedestrian scale heights of 10', 12' or 14' overall. A complementary bollard is also available
Further information:
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VAREDO is a new generation of luminaires and site amenities developed to provide landscape architects and lighting consultants with options to design a comprehensive site package. The range includes LED pole mounted luminaires for area and street, catenary suspended luminaire, and an illuminating bollard. Site amenities include a bench, litter receptacle, bicycle rack, and barrier bollard. VAREDO employs a fundamental profile as the foundation for its design theme. The luminaires and furnishings define public spaces without overpowering the architecture.
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The new AVANGARDO 2 Collection of LED building mounted luminaires and complementary low-level illuminating bollards accent interiors and outdoor areas with simple architectural styling and crisp LED illumination. The series include FIDENZA, GENUA, and PADUA. Each model captures the essence of simple geometric forms to deliver an elegant, yet understated luminaire that enhances a variety of architectural styles. The energy efficient LED light engines consume minimal power, ranging from eight to fourteen watts and provide a long service life. The luminaires are available in warm white or neutral color temperatures.
Further information:
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The FARO outdoor indirect luminaire with light beam image splitting technology makes the transition to solid state, taking advantage of the dramatic increases in LED lumen output with the latest COB offerings. The new lumen package makes solid state outdoor indirect lighting viable, bringing additional benefits such as lower power consumption and long service life. FARO is available in two sizes, well suited for pedestrian scale lighting applications. Contemporary styling and sophisticated optics converge to produce a high-performance architectural luminaire that delivers glare-free lighting, realistic rendering, and uniform horizontal and vertical illumination. Retrofit kits are available for the FARO 720 and 960 models to convert existing ceramic metal halide systems to the latest solid state technology.
Further information:
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CAMPO 450 is available in LED with a choice of either standard or high-output light engines. The LED model delivers higher output over the traditional metal halide variant with dramatically reduced energy consumption. The standard output LED engine delivers illumination equivalent to the 150 watt ceramic metal halide model, yet consumes only 28 watts. The high-output version at 53 watts generates an additional fifty percent increase in light output for applications requiring higher illumination levels. Color temperatures are available in 3000K or 4000K with a CRI of 80. CAMPO is available in both pole and wall mount configurations. LED retrofit kits are available.
Further information:
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