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Stadthalle DE - RottweilBahnhof DE - BarnstorfLandwirtschaftverlag Münster DE - MünsterParkplatz DE - GoslarAltenpflegeheim Martin Andersen Nexö DE - LeipzigParkplatz DE - GoslarParkplatz DE - GoslarArchiv Brugge BE - BruggeArchiv Brugge BE - BruggeArchiv Brugge BE - BruggeArchiv Brugge BE - BruggeArchiv Brugge BE - Brugge
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The simple cylindrical form of RESIDENZA integrates into a wide variety of pedestrian scale applications. Cast aluminum housing with integral fitter houses electrical components. Cylindrical lens is clear acrylic. Luminaire is available in single or twin configurations. Fabricated steel bracket for twin mounting is hot-dip galvanized prior to painting. Stepped pole with double welded transition and flush handhole is available in steel or aluminum. Steel pole is hot-dip galvanized prior to being finished in finely textured paint. Base cover is spun aluminum. All hardware is stainless steel. Standard colors; matte silver grey metallic, dark grey, or graphite grey. Special colors available.

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