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COLONNADE EX defines outdoor spaces while evoking organic cues reminiscent of woven palm fronds opening as they ascend. The decorative panels impart richness with texture and depth, tied together with extruded aluminum corners and thick fabricated plates for rigid structural stability. The column is constructed from cast, extruded, and machined aluminum components for superior fit and finish to satisfy the most demanding needs of pedestrian scale architecture. A single luminaire inside the column backlights the patterned panels from within. Additionally, up to four accent fixtures may be selected to provide accenting or supplemental illumination. Optics include seven light distributions and optional light control accessories. The LED light sources may be monochrome in white or single color; or available in a choice of RGB, RGBW, or dynamic white to create colorful scenes and effects when using onboard sequencing or external DMX controls. All hardware is stainless steel.

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